Get Creative! New Craft Hobbies To Try

Updated by Sarah Baird

There’s something about committing to a new craft hobby that feels wholly reinvigorating: a way to stretch the mind, soothe the soul, and create a one-of-a-kind object that captures the moment from your unique perspective. It’s also a productive, technology-free way to embrace screens-off downtime, reconnecting with a more tangible means of communicating your viewpoint. After all, why simply post on Instagram about loving a new soap when you could make the soap yourself?

Whether you’re a consistent dabbler in new-to-you folk arts or have been dedicated to a single craft since childhood, there’s always room for a novel means of hands-on artistic expression in a person’s life. From natural dyeing a new set of kitchen towels to arranging dried flowers for your next dinner party, get started on a new craft hobby that sparks your imagination and—who knows?—might just become a lifelong passion.


Dried Flower Arranging

Trying to preserve a floral arrangement from a special day or create a natural decoration that’ll last longer than wilt-prone fresh bouquets? Dried flower arranging might be the garden-adjacent craft hobby for you! While** dried pampas grass **has been making the online-rounds recently as the decorative dried botanical of choice, there’s an endless number of grasses and florals that are well-suited to your personal style, from lavender to sunflowers . Trying your hand at dried flower arranging means spending less money on replacing fresh arrangements, but the best part might be that having a green thumb is absolutely not necessary.

Marbled Paper

If you’re looking to impress family with a handmade element this holiday season, consider learning how to make your own marbled paper —and maybe even wrapping presents in it. The crafting supply list for marbled paper might lean a little scientific-sounding , but once you get the hang of it, the swirling, cloud-like colors and designs of** uniquely-you ** marbled paper will have you excited to make marble paper notebooks, lamp shades, and perhaps even step into creating covers for bookbinding!



One thing’s for certain: the type of embroidery embraced by a new generation of needle-and-thread enthusiasts is nothing like its stale-and-musty stigma. From customized crewelwork loungewear to cheeky cross stitch hoops perfect for wink-and-a-nod decorations and gift giving, embroidery’s return to the spotlight has an ** entirely new flavor **while staying true to its homey roots.

Natural Dyeing

It’s been impossible to miss that tie-dye and shibori have found a renewed place of prominence among Gen Z and Online Ceramics fans, but natural dyeing is a way to create one-of-a-kind clothing that takes a more subdued, rooted-in-the-earth approach. There are a number of accessible, fascinating ** wildcrafting books **that will walk you through making natural dyes from food scraps and foraged items (did you know avocado pits make a beautiful, lush pink dye?) and, of course, plenty of Instagram inspiration.

Soap Making

The practice of making soap isn’t anything new, but when “self-care” often means buying an ever-increasing number of grooming products for a 25-step skincare routine, this simple, eco-friendly bath-craft is often forgotten about. After getting the basics of soap making down–cold-process, hot-process, and hand milling are all terms you’ll need to know—there’s practically no limit to the fragrance combinations that can go into your soaps. (Just remember to be careful if you’re using lye!)



Get ready to stock up on a rainbow’s worth of yarn colors—** crocheting is calling ** as your new craft hobby. A meditative, stress-reducing activity that involves using a hook and yarn (or thread) to create loops that form into cozy blankets, warm hats, and cuddle-worthy stuffed animals, crochet differs from knitting thanks to the fact that it’s always done by hand (which requires a great deal of distraction-free concentration!), uses a crochet hook instead of knitting needles, and creates a variety of different stitches.


If you’re a crafty person (or just a maximalist!) who has scrolled through TikTok anytime this year, you’ve undoubtedly come across tufting: a type of rug-making where tufts of yarn are shot through a fabric screen using a intimidating-looking tool called a tufting gun. The oversized, shiny tool might make this craft seem tough (in more ways than one!) at first glance, but tufting everything from rugs and jackets to potholders and wall art is an approachable, fuzzy-and-fun way to add personal touches of color, texture, and design to your living space.


An old-fashioned genre of Italian flooring that’s seen a recent Memphis-style revival everywhere from backsplashes to coffee mugs, terrazzo is a type of concrete or clay flecked with bits of boldly-colored ceramic or natural stone. And while no one is expecting you to go full HGTV and DIY your own terrazzo floor, it’s easy to get into terrazzo-making spirit by starting out with** terrazzo coasters ** or planters . (Bonus: It’s a great way to get used to working with polymer clay, a material that’s growing in popularity among** jewelry-loving crafters **.)

Whether crochet or soap-making caught your eye, there’s a ** crafty subscription box **perfect for expressing your creative side!