Cratejoy Stands in Solidarity

Updated by Autumn Manning

Like many of you, our team is absolutely heartbroken over the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. These are only a few of the Black men and women who have been met with brutality, oppression, and injustice by systems in our society that are supposed to protect our citizens.

We want to be clear: we stand with the Black community and believe there is no place for racism, hate, and discrimination in our community or elsewhere. Furthermore, we stand against any injustice, police brutality, or systemic oppression of any person anywhere.

At Cratejoy, our mission is to create joy and connection for lives everywhere. Cratejoy was founded on the belief that anyone who aspires to should be able to build a business where they can connect with, and deliver their passion and joy to, people all over the world.

As leaders, I believe we have a duty to set the stage for conversations to be had, so that the right change is achieved. At a minimum, we commit to listening and learning more, so that we can be part of driving much-needed change going forward.

As a start (and only as a start), we will be conducting a town hall this month, inviting our Black sellers to join us for a conversation about race and entrepreneurship, opportunity and the lack thereof, and ideas for positive change from here. While we cannot specify what change will and should come from this, we can promise that we have hearts and minds tuned to listen, learn, and improve together.

In addition, we have already launched a collection featuring boxes from our Black sellers. You can learn more information about these businesses and their subscription boxes here .

For our employees, we encourage and allow any time needed to participate in conversations and activities they feel will drive positive change for the Black community and that support what they believe is right. Cratejoy will also match any donations made by employees to organizations that support Black Lives Matter and equality for all.

As a team, and as a society, we have much work to do. We’re committed to learning, taking action, and making changes.

Here’s to a better tomorrow,

Autumn Manning
President & COO

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