Simple Steps for Small-Space Gardening Success

Updated by Timothy Paradis

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean that it’s not full of potential, and when it comes to gardening, small spaces can be just as beautiful and fruitful as any other space. When space is in short supply, all that’s required is a little bit of ingenuity and inspiration.

Whether you’re a gardening first-timer looking for where to begin, or the COVID crisis has inspired you to create a safe and secure indoor oasis or vegetable garden, have no fear! There are plenty of ways for you to take the plunge and start using what indoor or outdoor space you have for growing all kinds of plants.

From veggies potted on patios to herb-filled vertical gardens, there are so many ways to practice and reap the many benefits of small-space gardening.

Plan for Plants


Just like everything else in life, gardening in small spaces requires some dedicated planning. Look around at your space. Do you have some yard space where you could plant a small garden or a few raised beds? Maybe you have a sunny rooftop, or you've found an ideal window for some hanging baskets. Luckily, even if you've just got one good windowsill, you can still pick up a fun plant stand and try your hand at container gardening.

Equally important, when you consider your space, take a little time to get a feel for the quality of your sunlight. Do your spaces get direct sunlight or partial sun and for how long throughout the day?

Having a good understanding of the garden space you're working with will set you off down the right path. That knowledge can help you figure out exactly what types of plants will work for you, and what won’t. From there, you can jump into (and get lost down) countless Internet rabbit holes finding plants that are well-suited to your space, or you could take a step back and leave the plant selections to the pros at Urban Organic Gardener , who are ready to send organic, non-GMO heirloom seeds that are curated to your specific growing space!

Get Inspired


Once you’ve figured out your unique space, whether it’s a single window box, a terrarium on top of your dresser, or a plot in your small yard, it’s time to get inspired! Every popular social media platform, from Pinterest to Reddit, offers veritable fields of #plantspo, including plenty of space-saving gardening ideas. While there’s always a little bit of risk involved with gardening, you don’t have to wing it. You can take your favorite design ideas, and recreate it for your own space, adding in some personal touches or experimental plants, just to see how it goes.

If you’re not feeling confident in your gardening design abilities, My Garden Box specializes in fun DIY gardening projects complete with all the supplies -- plant, potting soil and container! Create living decor, suitable for inside or outside, ranging from bonsai trees to tropical houseplants.

Prep Your Plots and Pots


While it’s true that plants need little more than soil, sun and water, there are a few other things to consider. Your garden ideas do have to align to your garden space.

If social distancing has also distanced you from your plot in the community garden, you can still use a small space to grow some of your usual favorites. No matter what small spaces you're working with, be they a garden bed, a window box or a small collection of terracotta pots, the plants you'd like to grow will have to line up with where you need to grow them!

If you’re looking to grow food you can eat, fruit and vegetable seeds, like those sent from Bloomin’ Bin, typically require sprouting and some growth before they are planted. Some vegetables grow best straight in the ground, while others are well-suited to raised beds or large, deep pots.

Successful growth may depend on frequent watering, and many fruit trees actually need a few growing seasons before they will yield any fruit. This may or may not suit your small space. Other edibles, like the herbs, microgreens, and salad greens packed into Garden Outside The Box, are perfectly suited for a small countertop or shelf-top gardening space, and are ideal for those who are looking for an easier introduction to growing your own food.

Your Own Urban Jungle


In addition to eating fresh from the garden, plants are an excellent way to cheer up any indoor space, boost your mood and even clean the air. Since we're all spending a lot more time indoors, it's the perfect time to bring nature inside, creating an oasis of vibrant greens and colorful flowers. If you've been slowly gathering cute containers to brighten up your living space or home office, the House Plant Box can bring you a wide variety of unique plants, succulents and air plants to help you fill them and create your very own urban jungle.

Remember, with countless container options, so many varieties of plants, and their remarkable ability to grow up, down and all around, even for apartment dwellers with zero outdoor space, there are plenty of options to get a little garden growing!