Unique Grandma-Worthy Gifts for Mother's Day, Her Birthday, and Beyond

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Whether you call her Grandma, Nana, Mimi, or a nickname as unique as she is, chances are that grandma is one of the most important limbs of your family tree. Whether your relationship with your grandma is long-distance or she's just around the corner, you might find yourself in need of a great gift for grandma all year round. We've rounded up several ideas that can serve as the perfect way to say "I love you" to the best grandma in the world! (That's your grandma, of course.)

A great place to start is the Cratejoy gift shop —there you can find all sorts of ideas for unique gifts for grandma (as well as all of your loved ones). Further refine your search by choosing the self-care category, if grandma needs a treat, or dive deeper into unique subscriptions . If you want a little more grandparent-specific guidance, start with our roundup of the best gifts for grandparents , featuring great ideas for monthly care packages for grandma and grandpa, from a gardening box to the Fresh Baked Cookie Crate.

Perfect Gifts For Grandma's Birthday


A grandma gift should be a special gift—one that honors the wisdom she's acquired and that she so generously shares, alongside her love. When gifting for grandma's birthday, you can consider the classics like jewelry, home decor, or wine—but why not put a unique twist on them with a subscription box? All three options are available, with a twist, in this roundup of unique birthday ideas for her. No matter what you decide to get grandma, it needs to be thoughtful, since Nana is always thoughtful with her grandkids! Jewelry can be thoughtful, of course, but so can, for example, a subscription box that sends goods designed with her pet's face on them! These thoughtful birthday gift ideas and more can be found in this list .

A Handmade Gift or Personalized Keepsake for Grandma Anytime


Maybe you need a great idea for a Christmas gift for grandma (after all, she's given you so many of those delicious family recipes). Maybe you just haven't seen her in a while and are tired of the options on Amazon or Etsy. Why not take it one step further and use a subscription box to make grandma a gift she will treasure, something personalized and truly unique? Grandma and you could try one of these craft kits together. Or if grandma has always been interested in art, she could try her hand at one of these DIY subscription boxes or subscription boxes for arts and crafts (knitting, anyone?).

If grandma is into self-care and wellness, she can DIY her own bath or essential oil scent experience with an aromatherapy subscription box ! No matter what you decide, considering gifting grandma with something that will be truly her own. At her stage in life, she may be looking more for meaning than simply more things . A customizable, personalized gift or something handmade can bridge that desire beautifully!

Best Gifts For Grandma on Mother's Day


Let's not forget the basics, either: Grandma is the original mother, and is well worth honoring on Mother's Day, too. You could start with a classic picture frame, a sentimental gift sure to make her feel loved by the whole family. If she loves to scrapbook , you could get her a gift subscription box to help keep her in stocked in supplies all year long. All of these are just the start of great subscription gift ideas for grandma .

The key is to think about what grandma might need—or want. Maybe her sewing station needs a little extra supplies. Maybe she's more of a gift set kind of grandma, needing to be pampered. Maybe she's a grandma who loves practical gifts—or maybe she's the kind that would love to get a picture of her dog sewn into a pillowcase or tote. If you start with who grandma is, you'll be sure to make her happy with your gift!

Oh, and one more reminder: don't forget about brand-new grandmas, either! Just because she hasn't been a grandma for long doesn't mean she isn't in need of recognition for all of her support and love. She's as comfy with her new grandkids as she once was with you, which means a sentimental gift thanking her and marking the occasion might just be in order.

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