Tee Time 101: How To Hit a Golf Ball

Updated by Sydney Bollinger

Ever wondered how to hit a golf ball ?

Golf is a popular pastime enjoyed by many people in various forms. Of course, there’s traditional golf, but now more than ever you might be invited to play golf in other ways, like TopGolf, going to a driving range, or playing mini-golf.

Wherever you’re teeing up, you’ll need to know how to hit a golf ball in order to succeed in the game!


Hitting a Golf Ball

Learning how to hit a golf ball is one of the most important skills to hone as you perfect your golf game. While it may seem self-explanatory — club to ball — there are ways to improve your swing through bettering your form and aim.

“When it comes to hitting a golf ball, the most important factor is your stance,” says Carter Henderson, founder of Inside the Leather , a golf subscription box containing balls, accessories, and apparel.

“Make sure you have an appropriate setup with your feet shoulder-width apart, your weight towards your toes, and the ball positioned in the middle of your stance.”

Once you’re in the right stance, focus on holding that position to stay balanced when swinging the club.

Henderson also mentions the importance of keeping your arms extended to create a proper angle between your arms and your body when hitting the ball.

“As you prepare for each shot, take some time to adjust your grip and make sure that you are holding onto the club loosely yet firmly enough that it won’t drift downward during the backswing or follow through,” he advises.


Tips for Beginner Golfers

Like with any sport or activity, beginner golfers should remember to practice as much as they can and use the right equipment. “Having the right clubs can make a big difference in your swing, accuracy, and distance. Different clubs are designed for different types of shots and distances.”

Instead of splurging on a new set of clubs when you’re just starting out, you might want to ask friends or family members if you can test out their clubs, ensuring that you’ll be able to find the right fit.

“Additionally, beginner golfers should become familiar with golf etiquette, such as teeing off in order and replacing divots on the course,” says Henderson.

It’s important for beginner golfers to familiarize themselves with the rules of the game. You want to ensure that the sport is a great experience for you, but also the others who are playing with (and around!) you.

Benefits of Golfing

There’s something to be said for the beauty of golf courses — they’re surrounded by nature and provide plenty of fresh air. It’s also a sport that anyone can play and enjoy, regardless of their skill level.

“Golf is also a great way to stay active, as it involves walking long distances between shots,” Henderson says.

The sport is also known to be an incredibly social game. (Ever heard of golf meetings?) While playing, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with friends and family during some much-loved friendly competition.

“I have been playing the game since I was a child and have seen firsthand how it can bring people together and foster relationships,” notes Henderson.


Getting in Gear

Having the proper gear to play golf will make any player's experience more enjoyable — and maybe even help them improve their skill.

The right clothes, especially, will make you much more comfortable when you’re playing the game. Most golf clothes are made for the sport itself — but you don’t have to break the bank on special clothes for the sport. Much golf attire can double as office workwear as well.

Henderson was inspired by his love of golf to start the Golf Gear Box.

“A golf subscription box allows people to receive all their balls, accessories, and apparel in one delivery each month, so they don’t have to worry about shopping around for every piece of gear,” Henderson says.

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