How to Spice Up Your Relationship During Quarantine

Updated by Timothy Paradis

Since none of us live under a rock, it seems safe to assume that coronavirus has managed to throw a wrench into pretty much every aspect of your life, including love and relationships. Whether you’ve been thrust into spending a whole lot of time with your significant other, or quarantine and social distancing has forced you into an impromptu long-distance relationship that's put a damper on your sex life -- change abounds!

Meeting up for dinner and a movie may have swapped places with never-ending Netflix binges, or text messages and phone calls. You may find yourself out of your comfort zone or succumbing to COVID-19 fatigue, and that stress might be interfering with your relationship, bringing out bickering and boredom.

But there’s no reason that you can’t use this unique time to spice up your relationship. Picnics, sunsets and long walks on the beach are making a comeback! Spice up your sex life with some R-rated bedroom escapades , or keep things PG and rekindle the romance with a special at-home date night .

No matter your preference, here are some ways to keep your relationship going strong!

Practice Self-Care Together


Self-care doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor! Keep the stress down and energy up by practicing self-care together. Don’t get hung up on what self-care should be, because it’s a lot more fluid and flexible than you might think -- really, it's anything that nurtures your mind, body or soul. For many couples, this might look like prioritizing their physical health. Prepping healthy meals and working out together can really get the blood flowing, boost endorphins, and lift your moods.

Prefer to get those same effects while enhancing your sex life? Skip the morning run, and raise your heart rate with Xplore, a fun way to try out new sex toys and discover new turn-ons. And, for distanced couples where cuddling is out of the question, set aside some time for a little exploration over FaceTime!

Something Old, Something New


Married or not, near or far, relationships all need a mix of togetherness and "me time." Some of us might find ourselves having just a little too much time together, while others are having forced time apart, making finding balance an added stress. Now might be the perfect time to revisit the past or learn something completely new about your partner.

Take a trip down memory lane, sifting through or texting one another old pictures, reliving fun times and laugh-out-loud memories (or hairstyles). If you’re able to, take a trip and recreate your first date or a favorite date from your past. Pick one that’s filled with good memories and that's social distancing-friendly, like a movie night at the local drive-in, a hike, or a peaceful picnic.

Use this time to develop more intimacy in your relationship by learning new things about your loved one. Those in a long-distance relationship can call up their partner and ask Newlywed Game -style questions, seeing just how many of the details and little things you know about one another. And couples in long-term relationships can see just how well they know their best friend with the enlightening conversation starters packed inside Date Night In or get a little silly with a themed date from Crated with Love .

Explore Your Inner Fantasies


First things first: get out of those PJs and comfy loungewear and slip into something sultry from Empress Mimi or some other suitable attire for the role play du jour. Quarantine has offered us all this extra time to explore new experiences with our partners, so make the most of it!

Away from your partner? No problem. Put pen to paper and instead of writing a love note filled with sweet nothings, write your innermost fantasies, getting specific about just exactly what you’d like to do to one another on your next meeting. Drop it in the mail or use it for some virtual lovemaking, complete with an erotic read aloud over the phone.

Meanwhile, couples who live together can get out of any rut by taking turns coming up with creative ways to explore each other's fantasies, focusing on foreplay or new positions, getting new props and toys from LoveDrop, or trying out other monthly adult toy boxes that aim to spice up your love life and bring your connection to bold new heights.

Dream Big for the Future


When life is full of so much uncertainty and you and your partner are feeling the stress, step beyond today and share your dreams for the future. If you’re the type of couple who likes to have a five-year plan and map it all out, take some time to read some "how to" books, run the numbers, and set yourselves some realistic goals that you can work towards together. Whether you're in a new relationship working out the must-haves of your first place, or you're feeling the work-from-home pressure and prefer to envision your perfect retirement scenario, looking to the future can help you see the opportunities of tomorrow.

Prefer to be more creative and go with the flow? There’s nothing wrong with that! If you're looking to de-stress, try a monthly subscription to The Stoney Babe Box , complete with a glass piece or rolling papers, then get cozy and expand the boundaries of your mind, dreaming about where the future will take you both without any limitations.

Improve Those DIY Skills

Even if you don’t find the paint-splattered, tool belt-sporting look all that sexy, nothing brings couples closer than a little household DIY -- at least once the project has been successfully completed! With more time to spend at home, you can finally start ticking off some boxes on your home improvement to-do list. Just make sure you prioritize each project, and then begin with those that are highest on the list for both of you.

After it’s all said and done, Mystery Pleasure Box can help you both loosen up those tight muscles with a little DIY massage, delivering lotions and accessories (plus a toy or two) for maximum relaxation potential.

Keep your relationship alive and well by reconnecting with a creative night in or spicing things up in the bedroom!