I Tried Paletteful Packs and Yeah, It's Worth It [Staff Review 2024]

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"This box definitely lives up to the hype."

At Cratejoy, every employee receives a free box of their choosing every month. It's how we learn the marketplace inside-out and more than that, it's just plain fun. With each box is a new corner of the internet full of hobbyists and passionate subscribers to engage with and learn more about.

Instead of keeping the good secrets to ourselves, we're asking our Cratejoy teammates to share their favorites to help you find the right monthly subscription box. Today's review is from Allie Cesario, our Marketing Coordinator, on Paletteful Packs.

About Paletteful Packs

Creativity is one of the most touted forms of self-care and mental relaxation. Giving yourself playtime does wonders, but one of the biggest hurdles in adopting an artistic practice is supplies. Where do you begin? And if you're already a pro, what haven't you seen already? Well, Paletteful Packs knows that the answer to more time spent being creative is in the little things. That's why they make it so easy each month.

Paletteful Packs is a monthly subscription service delivering the best art supplies, no matter your age or expertise. The curated selection of supplies is all you need to create a work of art. There are three box choices to accommodate skill levels: the Young Artist (ages 7+), the Premier Pack, and the Petite Pack.

Allie reviews Paletteful Packs

What's in the box?

The box is filled with art supplies! Depending on the month, they will send paint, pens, paper, pencils, paintbrushes, palettes, etc... I am always very pleased with the number of products they include in their box. Sometimes they will theme the box off specific colors, so everything they provide will be blue. It is always fun to try to make a monochromatic piece of art w/ what they send.

Why'd you pick this subscription?

I initially got this box because I heard great things about it from reviews & friends. I also enjoy art and wanted an easy way to pick up new supplies. I tend to stick to what I know when it comes to art supplies, so it's been a nice challenge to use things I wouldn't initially reach for in an art store. This box definitely lives up to the hype.

What caught your attention the most?

Maybe not a specific product but the quality of the supplies they put in the box definitely stood out. They are providing good brands that I personally love to use.

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Monthly Premier Paletteful Pack

Monthly Premier Paletteful Pack

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Paletteful Packs brings artists open-ended creativity! These monthly gift sets include a curated selection of top-quality art supplies and materials.

Shipping: Orders placed by the 30/31st will ship on the 1st. All boxes ship on the 1st of each month.

Customer Review

“I bought this for my teen who has taken 3 years of art. There was so much in the box!! Supplies are well worth the price, copiac markers in our set and good quality paper. We have now ordered 3 month subscription. Looking forward to creating new art pieces with supplies. Satisfied momma.” – Michelle T.

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