How to Upgrade Your Self-Care for Mind and Body Wellness

Updated by Jaime Netzer


It might be the oldest advice in the book: to really take time to care for yourself, make sure your self-care routine addresses wellness inside and out. But what does that really mean? What are some of the best and easiest ways to up your at-home self-care game so that your insides are nourished, your outsides are cared for, and your cup is filled, allowing you to show up for your loved ones even more?

We've got some ideas on self-care from the inside out — and tips for what to do with that body once you've nourished it — in order to continue to practice self-care. Yes, sometimes self-care does mean a face mask, a slathering of coconut oil, or even an Amazon splurge. But during these stressful times, Vitamin C, podcasts, or a dance party might not cut it. You might instead need to invest in beauty products and other self-care essentials. Here are some ideas to start!


Support Your Insides

Let's start with the facts: during COVID-19, not everyone is able to maintain the same healthy eating habits they usually adopt. Indeed, the pandemic could be making you eat more out of boredom and stress.

If the last thing you want to reach for is a carrot, consider adding Enrichables to your routine. Enrichables deliver a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals, and veggies to boost your nutrition. Each packet delivers a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals, and veggies so you can boost the nutrition of any meal. Simply stir it in, get a quick boost of protein or kale & fiber, and get on with your day. Each box comes with 12 packets containing 12-13 grams of goodness.

And about those snacks you do want to reach for? Consider swapping them out with healthier alternatives. The HealthyMe Living healthy snack box allows you to change the way you snack — without sacrificing taste.

Curated by a certified health coach, the 7-10 items you get each month are perfect for kids (or kids at heart) and may include popcorn, granola bars, gummy snacks, and more. And in case you needed more convincing? Ten percent of all sales go to No Kids Hungry and will help children without meals during this difficult time.

Also, if they're not already a part of your routine, look into Ayurvedic supplements and essential oils. (Not sure what your Ayurvedic type is? Click here {target="blank"} for a quick, free quiz.) YouVeda offers Ayurvedic supplements and essential oils to support mood, body and spirit. Elevate your mood, help boost your immunity, support healthy digestion and joints — and balance your doshas.

Finally, consider what you're drinking: are you drinking a beverage that hydrates you — or downing another cup of coffee, which will only make you more jittery?


Support Your Outsides

Now that we've got your body well-fueled and your energy back up, what about your skin?

Bath Bevy is the subscription box for the bath lover — and isn't that all of us, now that we're surviving a pandemic? Bath Bevy delivers a carefully curated selection of handmade bath products from indie bath and body brands around a theme to your door every month. All you have to do is add water.


Take Care of Your Spirit

Don't forget — that bubble bath will ease your spirit, but so will some activities, especially those that will take you away from a screen. (Sorry, Zoom!)

And last but not least, there's perhaps nothing more simple and more important that you can do for your self-care routine right now than to add a little nature into it. During stressful times, nature can have a profound impact on our overall wellness: recent studies have found that spending just 20 minutes in a park will make you happier.

The bottom line? The more you can soothe your own self from the inside out, the better family member, friend, and colleague you'll be able to be during these uncertain and stressful times. Stay safe and stay well!