Self-Care Sunday Tips to Kiss Those Sunday Night Blues Goodbye!

Updated by Cratejoy Editor

Do you suffer from the Sunday Scaries? You’re not alone. Also known as the Sunday Night Blues, the Sunday Sad, the Dread, and a rattlebag of other doom-and-gloom names, the Sunday Scaries refers to that feeling we’re all familiar with: When Friday night and Saturday have passed in a joyful rush, and suddenly, somehow, it’s Sunday evening and you’re staring down the barrel of another work- or school week.

Yeah. Those Sunday Scaries.

If you don’t fancy spending one night a week biting your nails and fending off existential crisis for the rest of your life, join the Self-Care Sunday movement! People all over the world are reclaiming Sunday as a day to practice self-care : a new bright spot in the busy week to slow down, check in, and make sure your needs are met so you can sail into Monday refreshed and glowing.

Ready to take back your Sunday?

Here are 11 tips to add to your self-care Sunday routine:

So say goodbye to those Sunday Scaries! The Self-Care Sunday revolution starts now.