The Best Snack Subscription Boxes for College Students (2024)

Updated by Timothy Paradis

Work hard, have fun and snack often! That pretty much sums up dream life as a college student. Whether you’re gearing up for an online lecture, burning the midnight oil or heading out to a party, snacks can keep you soldiering on. With little time baked into the college experience for just hanging out and relaxing, low-maintenance, grab-and-go snacks definitely come in handy.

What are the benefits of a snack subscription box for college students?

Perfect for cutting down on grocery runs and keeping the dorm room snack supply stocked, monthly snack boxes deliver a much-needed sugar rush or healthy snacks that keep the energy flowing. Snack boxes curated by nutritionists and those who are just in love with food also make great college care packages, helping you surprise your loved ones with a special treat.

Candy clubs, deluxe jerky subscriptions and a food box curated by the King of Ramen all make ideal college snacks. We did our homework and created a list of hoard-worthy snack boxes for hungry college students!

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