15 Subscription Boxes That Embrace Your Weirdness

Updated by Timothy Paradis

With the recent surge in popularity of the direct-to-you monthly delivery model that is subscription boxes , you can get just about anything your heart desires - and we really mean anything. Want proof? Allow us to offer up this list of subscription boxes that can help you to truly embrace your weirdness!

Available right here on the Cratejoy marketplace, you can get everything from boozy book clubs and curated collections of bones, to paranormal tees and boxes that celebrate all sorts of fandoms. In short, all the good things that let your true self shine.

Maintaining the status quo is overrated. It's time to show off some bold new ideas! So, now that we've got your mind unleashed, if you’re even the slightest bit curious about what you could potentially unbox, scroll on down to check out some of our favorite offbeat options. At the end of the day, there’s no harm in acknowledging your inner weirdness and passions, and you might as well have a little happy mail to match!

Embrace Your Weirdness With Unique Subscription Boxes

Paranormal T-Shirt Puzzle Subscription

Paranormal T-Shirt Puzzle Subscription

From $17.41 per box
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Shipping: If your order is received during the first week of the month, it will ship with the current batch. If it is received after that shipment has gone out, your subscription will start the following month.

Skulls Unlimited's BoneBox

Skulls Unlimited's BoneBox

From $24.99 per box
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What's spookier than adding some real skulls to your home decor? Skulls Unlimited's BoneBox is one of the most unique subscription boxes out there, delivering new osteological specimens every month! This creepy crate brings real, professionally cleaned bones, from skulls, teeth, and claws to baculum and other intriguing finds.

Shipping: New Subscribers: We ship the 1st full week of the month. Please order by the 30th to get the next month's box. Existing Subscribers: Boxes ship the 1st full week of the month and subscriptions renew on the 15th of every month. *Holidays may cause delays*

Customer Review

"I love this box! All of the bones are high quality, and unique. I love the information about the species with each bone as well. I highly recommend!" - Paige W.

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