The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him, Her, Couples, Kids, & the Community

Updated by Melissa Heichel

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone is thinking about how to find the perfect gift for their valentine, whether that’s their partner, their kids, their pet, or themselves. While a box of chocolate truffles and a flower bouquet accompanied by a Valentine's Day card is always a solid choice for V-Day, this year people really want to give thoughtful gifts to their loved ones that stand out and make the recipient swoon. In 2022, more people than ever are skipping the big box stores and Amazon and instead selecting hand-picked subscription boxes as the perfect gift or for their valentines.

A subscription box makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day for many reasons. When you purchase a high-quality subscription service, you get your valentine unique goodies that can’t easily be found in stores. These curated monthly boxes contain all the ingredients for a fun activity the recipient can enjoy from the comfort of home or uncommon goods they’re sure to treasure. Plus, a subscription box brings a fun new surprise every month, making Valentine’s Day a year-round celebration.

If you’re in search of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that show how much you care, read on to find the perfect gift and make 2021 the year of the best Valentine’s Day ever.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: Sweet Treats She’ll Swoon Over

A thoughtfully selected subscription box can be a memorable way to say “I love you” to the special woman in your life. Ordering a monthly subscription shows that you care about your partner and what they love, and demonstrates that you want to show your love and support by nurturing their interests.

Cratejoy features an impressive variety of subscription boxes that your valentine will fall in love with, whether she’s your girlfriend, wife, mom, or BFF. Read our list of crush-worthy Valentine’s Day gifts for her for an amazing selection of valentine gift ideas. You can choose from succulents, sweets, luxe accessories, date night activities, and much more.

If you want to treat an incredible mother or grandmother in your life to the perfect gift, you’ll want to make sure it’s as wonderful as she is. Peruse this collection of Valentine’s Day gifts that moms will love , and help your favorite mama make some much-needed “me” time for herself.


Does your valentine love to make a statement? She’ll fall in love with a personalized gift . These subscription boxes offer products featuring a monogram, customized selections, or unique keepsakes for a truly tailored gift set that will win her over as quickly as Cupid’s arrow. For a gift that has a more intimate feel, present your valentine with a lingerie subscription box — or treat yourself to one and add some spice to Valentine’s Day and many days after that.

In the last few years, Valentine’s Day has become popular for much more than just romantic gifts. More and more friends are celebrating Galentine’s Day and honoring their besties with thoughtful gifts. Why not treat your BFF or your girl squad to some fantastic Galentine’s Day subscription boxes ? You can indulge in luxurious bath products, start a ladies-celebrating-ladies book club, or dine on tasty treats. Plus, you can unbox your subscription crate goodies together.


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: Share Some Self-Care

When you have the perfect valentine, you want to get them the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. And sometimes, the most thoughtful gift you can give is the gift of self-care. This V-Day, show your love with a self-care subscription box that lets your valentine relax, recharge, and re-invest in herself.

Because there are so many types of self-care, Cratejoy features a wide variety of monthly subscription boxes that make delightful Valentine’s gift ideas. Perhaps your loved one would adore a subscription box for Self-Care Sunday . Or maybe investing in her personal growth and development is a top priority for her this year. Whatever her goals are, you can support them by demonstrating how much you care with a cozy self-care subscription box that supports a happy mind, body, and soul.


Bath and spa subscription boxes also make great gifts for valentines who need a little “me” time. One extremely popular Valentine’s Day gift idea this year is the spa day in a box. (Think body care, but also candles, diffusers, essential oils, and more to pamper and create a sacred space.) If your valentine loves luxurious bath bombs , sign her up for a subscription box that will give her a one-of-a-kind spa experience from the comfort of home.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him: Gifts in Great Taste

If the man in your life is hard to shop for, don’t worry — Cratejoy is here to help. By signing up your man for one of the best men’s subscription boxes , you’ll give him a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift now and the anticipation of waiting for another awesome gift next month. Our selection of unique Valentine’s Day gifts that guys will actually like features the perfect Valentine’s gifts for boyfriends and dads, whether they’re fitness fanatics, vinyl lovers, foodies, or escape room fans. If you’re shopping for a Valentine’s Day present for your husband, make sure you check out our curated list of popular subscription box gift ideas for husbands .


According to our customers, many of 2021’s best subscription box gifts for men involve food...and way beyond gift sets to satisfy his sweet tooth. If your valentine is an aspiring cook, a grillmaster, a hot sauce fan, or a lover of jerky, he’ll love a thoughtfully selected monthly subscription from our list of the best food gifts for men . He also might love proposing a toast to one of our booze subscription boxes ; wine aficionados, craft beer fans, and master mixologists-in-training love opening and enjoying them.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples: Two Can Play at That Game

Whether they’re just crushing on each other , smitten from Cupid’s arrow, or celebrating another anniversary, couples at all stages are looking for Valentine’s Day activities that they can unbox and enjoy together. Subscription boxes make some of the best gifts for couples , as they deliver a fun and memorable activity or collection of samples that can spark conversation, set the right vibe — and make the sparks fly on Valentine’s Day. Plus, if the one you love is far away, you can send a crate full of love with a subscription box for couples in long-distance relationships .

Cratejoy’s date night in a box monthly subscription services bring couples all the ingredients for a game or activity, letting them focus on their time together — and each other — without having to decide what to do for the evening or falling into the trap of watching TV yet again. Our selection of romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day will bring your loved one a bevy of sweet surprises this February — and keep delivering beloved gifts every month, giving the two of you something to look forward to. Want to make the holiday a little steamier? Take a peek at sexy subscription boxes to set the mood , as well as lingerie subscription boxes to turn up the spice level in the pajama department.


Want to play around with a captivating game on Valentine’s Day? Unlock an unforgettable night with the best DIY escape room puzzles and give your night all the thrills of an escape room game. By surprising your loved one with one of Cratejoy’s board game, mystery, and escape room subscription boxes , the two of you will share a unique and one-of-a-kind experience together, giving you delightful new memories that you’ll treasure in the years to come.

However, if you’re reading this post, looking at the calendar, and realizing that it might be too late to have something delivered to your loved one, never fear. Just click on our handy list of great last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts (including a printable Valentine's Day card!)

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids: Surprises Your Little Ones Will Love

Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone, and if you’re a kid, the thrill of getting paper valentines and chocolates can be pretty exciting. But this year, why not surprise your littlest valentine with a fun-filled subscription box?

The best kids’ subscription boxes deliver age-appropriate projects, crafts, books, and games, giving your child the chance to learn while playing and look forward to next month’s exciting surprise. You can choose a subscription box specifically for kids ages 0 to 13 to help them discover and explore new interests, or an arts and crafts subscription box that kids of all ages can enjoy. How about cooking up a special Valentine’s Day or weekend meal together with your kids, thanks to a kids’ cooking subscription box ? You might discover a budding sous chef.


Many parents have discovered that kids’ subscription boxes are a great way to encourage learning and support their little ones’ intellectual development. By providing fun educational gifts that don’t feel like work , families can help nurture their kids’ education and abilities in new and engaging ways.

Whether your kids are stars at school or need a little extra help, a STEM subscription box can inspire a lifelong love of science, technology, engineering, and math. Likewise, monthly book clubs for kids are a delightful option for current and future little bookworms. A truly fantastic Valentine’s Day present would be a monthly subscription for your child and one for their best friend, so they can unbox the gift of learning together.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts That Give Back: Spread Love in Your Community

Socially conscious gifts are a wonderful way to show your loved ones how much you care while also sending love and assistance to causes and communities that really need your help. Cratejoy has an impressive variety of subscription boxes that give back to charities . By becoming a subscriber to one of these monthly services, you can treat your valentine to some unique goodies while also helping to make the world a better place.


If your valentine is passionate about a specific cause, consider giving them a subscription box that supports a good cause . These gifts provide important support to specific causes and nonprofits while delivering a great gift to your loved one — and your valentine will love that you’re helping the causes they care about so deeply.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone: Make Valentine’s Day Happen Every Month

When you order a Cratejoy subscription box as a Valentine’s Day gift, you surprise your loved one with a deluxe selection of handpicked items that truly show you care. Plus, you make every month feel like Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, since your loved one is looking forward to a new high-quality subscription box with excitement. With no extra trips to the mall or the post office needed, you give them a delightful curated surprise that’s delivered conveniently to them. And if you ask us, pairing the convenience of a subscription box with the sweet and thoughtful surprises inside is the perfect match.