What Kind of Couple are You? Gift Ideas for Every Couple

Updated by Jaime Netzer

You already know you're the perfect couple—that is, you know you're perfect for one another. But do you have the perfect gift for one another?

A great gift is a personalized gift, which is why one of the best ways to ensure you're both enjoying the best gifts possible is to start by taking a look at who you are together, to ensure that what you gift one another suits your couple personality.

Consider this your (very) unofficial quiz: self-identify from the options below, whether you're thinking of yourself or your favorite couple! Then avoid the dreaded Amazon last-minute let-down or gift card devoid of personalized intentions by choosing a couple's gift sure to make for a unique gift and a memorable one—whether the present is for newlyweds, long-distance lovers, your in-laws, or the lovebirds you and your significant other are!

For the Couple who Cooks Together


Why stick to movie nights when you can have pasta nights? The couple who cooks together, locking eyes over a recipe book, knows that feeding ourselves doesn't have to be a utilitarian chore; a delicious meal can translate to high-quality couple time!

Plus, now that the holiday season has passed and most of the country is in the last cold months of winter (not to mention the last—we hope—tough months of the pandemic), there's no better time to treat the foodies in your life (including yourself!) to a gift set sure to make them smile.

Looking for something a little more specific? You could pamper their inner chef with monthly cooking inspiration, new kitchen gadgets, or baking kits with our cooking subscription boxes ideas . Or, if you're looking for something to spice up this Valentine's Day in addition to making it sweet, you could peruse our sauce and spice subscription box ideas —love, after all, is the spice of life, so gifting a sauce or spice subscription box makes perfect sense!

For the Couple who Knows All the Best New Places


You know this couple. For now they might be queen and queen of their living room, but pre-pandemic, they were your loved ones who always knew the best places to go to have a good time! Help them make the living room that place—for now, and for later—with a cocktail and alcohol subscription box . Or, if they're not into hard liquor, review our beer and wine subscription box options, instead! Dare we say it? For this happy couple, you can pick your poison!

For the Couple Always Trying New Things


Again, trying new things in a pandemic can be hard—but it's not impossible, if you get creative! This couple may already be the reason why you learned about the hobbies keeping you sane in quarantine; why not return the favor? You could give them a chance at an adventurous game night with an escape room, mystery, or board game box —or, if crafting is more their speed, a great gift could be found inside our collection of arts and crafts subscription boxes .

For the Couple Tired of Netflix


Look, were we excited about using our newfound no-more-commute minutes to squeeze in some more TV hours at first? Yes, yes we were. Have we gone through everything on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu more than once, so that we have completely run out of conversation starters if they aren't about television? We'd prefer not to answer! For this couple, might we suggest adding date night subscription boxes to your Valentine's Day gift ideas? From the seductive to the spooky to the crafty, there's something for everyone!

For the Outdoorsy Couple


We all know this couple: the type that has climbing a mountain—or two—on their bucket list and makes a point to get away from Wifi as much as possible. Skip the cheese board and instead get this couple an outdoor subscription box ! The great outdoors have also been one of the great reliefs of the pandemic, so this gift would be extra special to gift right now, as we make our way through its last months.

For the Couple Settling into a New House or Moving in Together


Whether their home is a DIY fixer-upper or a brand-new dream home, no gift guide would be complete without ideas for the couple just settling into a new house or moving in together! Consider it the ultimate housewarming present— and a great Valentine's Day gift idea.

For the Couple who Loves the Earth as Much as They Love One Another


You know this couple: they would be just as delighted with a biodegradable gift basket as they would anything that came inside the basket. Their bar cart is filled with organic booze and wine, their Christmas gifts were thoughtful and also eco-friendly, and their favorite cutting board is made of reclaimed wood. You could gift this happy couple a unique gift with our gardening subscription boxes , our sustainable subscription boxes , or our herbs and apothecary subscription boxes . No matter which option you choose, you'll be gifting the earth and the happy couple alike!

Happy gifting! What kind of couple are you?

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