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The September ConseCrate: Thirty Days of Writing Prompts from ConseCrate Handmade Coasters from Phoenix & Peacock Crafts: Many thanks to Kristen Hydinger who made hundreds and hundreds of coasters by hand for all of you. She writes on her website: I’m Kristen from Boston by way of Mississippi. I’ve done some version of yarn craft for almost as long as I can remember (okay, realistically, probably since age 10-ish), and found the most enjoyment out of knitting, followed by cross-stitching and crochet. I love the challenge of a new pattern and making custom pieces unique to each recipient. Besides crafting, I’m also a spouse, a psychology researcher, a cat mom, a volunteer at my local zoo, an ordained minister, and a lover of animals - especially peacocks and phoenixes! Check out her website at Good Earth Tea – The coasters are so cozy that I tossed in a bag of my FAVORITE tea and hope you will brew up a cup soon some day when the weather starts to cool down. When I was at my first call and came down with a terrible cold on top of crippling homesickness but could not find Good Earth tea anywhere, I burst into tears in the grocery aisle. I remember writing about this to friends back home and before I knew it they were sending me care packages of Good Earth tea. I am convinced that a cup of tea and the support of dear friends can give one strength through anything. Stickers from Illustrated Ministry: Illustrated Ministry is always coming up with new, beautiful items and I wanted to share with you some of their stickers so you could see them. Their prices are always very reasonable if you want to maybe get some for your church kiddos. Check out their website at Grounding Patchouli Aromatherapy Roller from Kanji Naturals: These handmade rollers smell so good and are made with all-natural ingredients – plus they are so pretty! Sass Lip Gloss with Rose Extract: I don’t know about you but I am always in need of lip gloss and also always misplacing different tubes in pockets or bags. I love this color that goes with everything and the faint rose scent of this brand. I hope you love it, too. Buechner Travel Bag - Frederick Buechner’s wisdom has been a comfort and guide for so many years for me. After his death this past month, I wanted to somehow pay tribute to him in this box. I decided to put one of his quotes on this bag as a reminder to you that wherever your journeys take you, and whatever you face, there is no need to fear. You are not alone. You are so loved by God and by so many – including me. I give thanks for your ministry in this world and all the good energy of who you are. Face Mask: Please take some time to pamper yourself with this mask. Maybe you could brew your tea and sit with that while you let the mask work its’ wonders. Ahhh, I think I’m going to go do that right now! Finally, thank you to Sarah Raymond, ELCA pastor and owner of Sunlight Tours who shared info with us about her upcoming tours! Sarah is SO awesome and she has included a QR code on this card for special ConseCrate travel promotions for the month of September! Order yours today - we made just a few extra!