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Grow Your Crystal Collection!

Interested in crystals, mineral specimens, & stones? The Crystal Pouch is for YOU! This subscription contains 3 tumbled or raw stones retailing between $1-$5 each and 2 more rare, clusters, OR polished & shaped (ie. pyramids, obelisks, hearts, etc) stones retailing for $5 and up! Grow your crystal collection with the Crystal Pouch!
  • Perfect Gift Idea for that Special Spiritual Person in your life!
  • Beautiful collectible art card in every box!
  • Each theme is intuitively chosen and divinely timed based on what we believe the collective whole (Yes, that means you!) needs most.
  • Contains 3 stones ranging from $1-$5 and 2 stones $5 and up!
  • Our detailed and collectible crystal cards help you gain a wealth of knowledge and delve deeper into the metaphysical properties of crystals.

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