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4.8 of 5 stars
by Sheryl written Aug 11, 2018
Not sure if this is worth the $20.00 it cost. I like the amber color of the bottles, but I cannot read the print without really straining my eyes (I wear glasses). Dark print on dark label doesn't work well for the customer. I see no name of the scent inside and I smell nothing, so I am thinking it is Unscented? I would like to know. Also, I thought the ingredients were supposed to be more natural. I am scared of some of the ingredients going into our hair, scalp, body. Not sure if I want to continue this subscription due to factors mentioned above. I will give it one more month to see what the next shipment entails. But, as this was my first shipment, I will be kind and still give this business a positive feedback.
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by Julie written Jun 14, 2018
Beard Care Club is amazing! Their customer service is above and beyond. My husband loved this as a gift, and has loved each scent!
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Best beard products out there!!
by Kory written Dec 20, 2017
Have made multiple purchases from BCC and I have to say they had bent he best products, amazing customer service, and go above and beyond make sure their customers are 100% satisfied. I’d recommend the to absolutely anyone??
by Heather written Apr 12, 2017
I got this subscription for my husband and he loves the beard oil. The smells are really good and it softens the hair!
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by Pamela written Mar 15, 2017
My box was packaged very nice and I love the scent
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Gunslinger Sweetness
by Kylie written Feb 13, 2017
Holy shizz... I'd definitely recommend this subscription box to my people ! I got my fiancé the beard oil & it smells so WONDERFUL.. They curate a different scent every month so no two months are the same ! It's the best idea EVER ! I really enjoy the idea of beard oil coming straight to my house.. Its to die for!
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Wonderful customer service!
by RICHARD written Feb 12, 2017
The Stone Wall Jackson, a subscription & Christmas gift, was the right choice for my husband. Even though he wears a light beard, he enjoys keeping it soft and smelling nice. When our first order came with a fragrance we weren't especially keen on, the BCC replied with a very thoughtful email & suggested we try something else. Fabulous choices that were more to our liking. They quickly got a replacement order out. Totally thoughful service and company! The second order, the Gunslinger fragrance, was just pefect. Who knew a gunslinger could smell so good? Our favorite so far. My husband likes the way the balms and oils blend well into his beard and skin. A plus during the winter especially. Regarding the packaging~ They take the time to pack the items very nicely. It's a treat to a gift. We also like that it is a veteran owned company! Thanks again! SL
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by Kimberly written Feb 10, 2017
I ordered this as a surprise for my husband. He loves it and is excited to see what next month's scent will be.
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Not a fan of the scents
by Teigan written Feb 02, 2017
I ordered the 3 month subscription of beard balm, mustache wax and beard oil. The first scent was okay it was called lumberjack but seemed more floral to me, reminded me of lavender air freshner but I will use it. With lumberjack I would expect notes of pine, and spruce, light and outdoorsy smelling. I was a little disappointed. The second scent that came was supposed to be Tobacco and again I was excited because I have an incense oil that is tobacco which I love. This scent gave me a headache when I used the beard oil. It's a very strong smelling mix of essential oils. To me these scents do not feel masculine and do not make me want to use these products. I am disappointed with these beardcare products, I have tried to adjust to these scents but they are just not pleasing.
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Best bday gift ever
by Jenn written Jan 19, 2017
Got this as a gift for my boyfriend, he loves the scents so far, the size of the tins are amazing, and you cannot beat the price. I little personalized hand written note really shows how much effort you put into your product. Great job, and amazing product. Thanks
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