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L. Delaney Presents

Mysteries & miniatures mailed from New Orleans...

Plans as low as $9.50 $9.00 / month
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Product Overview
  • We ship in the 1st week of each month. Order before the last day of the previous month to make the cut off.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
For the curious and brave.
From a studio in 1920s New Orleans, L. Delaney solves mysteries, chases ghosts, and makes miniatures. Subscribe to receive or send prettily forged historical documents, and/or tiny curios.
  • Shipped from a secret New Orleans workshop.
  • Each item is carefully designed and handcrafted for your delight.
  • Domestic parcels ship free.

Subscriber Reviews

Not sure what I received?

by Samantha, Jun 11, 2018

I received a tiny book, with plain pink abstract cover, no mystery or anything like that. The artist sells books with actual titles on etsy for $6, a lower price, this one was a premium and isn't a book I have ever heard of or with any story behind it. Disappointed as I was looking forward to this one!

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L. Delaney Presents said...
Jun 14, 2018
Samantha, Greetings from New Orleans! Thank you so much for subscribing and for your feedback. It looks like you are subscribed to Miniature Book of the Month Club, but were expecting to receive Letters from Dead People? I offer two very different subscriptions in my shop, and I can see how they might be confused. Miniature Book of the Month Club is just a straightforward way for collectors to amass a tiny library. Letters from Dead People is more mystery and ephemera based. I hope this helps clear things up! I will take a look at my storefront and see if there is any further way to distinguish between the two experiences. In the meantime, I do really appreciate any feedback which helps me to provide the best possible adventure. Best wishes from NOLA, Lauren

Too Neat!

by Stacey, Apr 12, 2018

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this subscription but I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it very much! Can’t wait for the next one!

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More fun than Scooby-Doo

by Erna, Feb 21, 2018

A monthly mystery full of hints and a touch of the supernatural. Gave as a gift, and my friend and I pour over the fine, detailed and imaginative items that are delivered in a plain brown wrapper. Thoughtful presentation. Love it.

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