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Mask Box

A box of Korean sheet masks carefully selected by locals and doctors, shipped right to you!

$9.99+ / month

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4.0 of 5 stars
I absolutely love Mask Box!
by Juliet written Jul 18, 2018
A must need for me. The anti aging sheet mask leaves my skin looking younger, refreshed, moisturized and glowing. Great price for excellent facial masks also. You have a life long customer here!!
So nice!
by Sara written Jun 01, 2018
I love Korean masks and often forget to get them. Getting three new ones each month was awesome! I love the minimal packaging too!!!
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wrong recipient
by Linda written May 25, 2018
The box was sent to my 10 year old granddaughter instead of her mother... I have edited the address,,,, and will try for one more month -- But I understand there were only three masks in the box --- if that is typical I will probably cancel the subscription.
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Better Options Available
by Elizabeth written May 17, 2018
I chose the 3-mask/hydration option. In my first box (it was actually an envelope), I received three different masks. All are from the Elensilia IntraCELL line and only one was labeled "hydrating." Super disappointing. I probably would've left a 3-star review. However, my experience with the company (aka the owner) was incredibly DISTURBING and ABUSIVE. A simple request for an accurate tracking number was ignored; a second request was also ignored; meanwhile she accidentally CC'ed me on an unprofessional and flippant email in which she tried to block me from leaving a review by calling me "rude" (because I made it clear to them they were probably getting a bad review based on lack of communication). The company's actions are fraudulent and duplicitous. I suggest Beauteque Monthly, Pibuu Box, or FMT (all available on Cratejoy); or Facetory, PinkSeoul, or KoSkinBeauty. All provide superior variety and selection more tailored to your needs, as well as fabulous customer service. I also suggest Cratejoy reconsider their relationship with the owner, quite probably the most incompetent business owner I've encountered in over four decades. EDIT: My original review was removed. It was 100% true, so I’m just going to have to repost. AVOID THIS COMPANY. My first box contained three masks, all the SAME: the Elensilia-IntraCELL mask. ZERO variety, MEDIOCRE masks. Based on that shipment, I would’ve left a three-star review (it’s the WORST box I’ve ever received). However, the site’s owner, is a fraudulent liar who tries to avoid bad reviews by telling CrateJoy that customers are rude. No, customers are honest when you don’t reply to THREE REQUESTS seeking a simple answer: a correct tracking number. Instead, this joker decided to email cratejoy “preemptively” to avoid the bad review, BUT CC’ed me, like an amateur. The owner proceeded to call me rude, when in fact she was unprofessional, non-responsive, and irrational. Buy BEAUTEQUE PIIBU or FMT (all on CrateJoy) and AVOID THIS TRASH!
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by Sara written Apr 19, 2018
I love receiving this every month! I am a huge fan of masks and l adore getting these. It's been a cool and fun addition to my beauty routine.
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by Holly written Dec 16, 2017
I ordered the holiday box. It was an envelope (not a box as the name mask box would make you think) and did not come with the note card nor ribbon that was listed as the "holiday" box. It included the four masks, one of which was an eye one not a full face mask. Ok value but I was very disappointed it was not holiday in any shape or form.
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OMG!!!! How great is this?!
by Cheryl written Aug 11, 2017
I love this mask box! I just finished using the Coconut Gel Mask w/Tomato and my skin has never looked better or felt softer! I love the variety!
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Best Korean Sheet Mask Box!
by Tammy written Jun 16, 2017
I love the variety and quality of these sheet masks that come from Korea. Customer service is great and my skin has really cleared up, and feels so hydrated and smooth now. Great option to also buy the masks you like in bulk on the site.
Quality Sheet Masks
by Abbie written Sep 10, 2016
Just got my first box...the anti-aging one. It is nicely curated with harder to find masks. I really like that you can specify a skin concern for your box. They are a nice supplement to my sheet masking habit.
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