Stoner Bundle by Dank Box - 420 Subscription Box

Stoner Bundle by Dank Box - 420 Subscription Box

by Dank Box - Monthly 420 Subscription Box
420 Smoking Accessory Bundles Delivered to Your Door. FREE Mystery Item in Each Delivery

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$104.17/ month

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Waste of Money

Sep 21, 2020
Jessica F.
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Broken box, missing pieces to grinder, bottle of liquid leaked all over everything. No papers at all. Empty sleeve !!! 😡

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Dank Box - Monthly 420 Subscription Box said...Sep 23, 2020

We would be super bummed if we were in your situation. In fact, there was lots of cool gear in that box and we're bummed that USPS dropped your package. There is no reason you should get short changed so we are going to make it right and deal with USPS later. It should be clear that we do not intentionally ship ripped open packages with broken products and missing items. After we ship the box, its delivery is completely out of our hands. We can't guarantee that USPS will deliver your package with care but we can guarantee that we stand behind OUR service and reputation. When we became aware that your package was delivered broken we immediately...

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