15 Crystals for Good Luck

Updated by Sydney Bollinger

Crystals and gemstones aren’t just pretty things to adorn jewelry: many energy healers and witches use crystals for good luck , healing, and protection. Since they come directly from the earth, crystals harbor all of that grounding goodness we want and need—especially in a digital world.

When you tap into the power of crystals for good luck, it’s like tapping into the power of Tarot . Using crystals for good luck means channeling their energy into your life to remove blockages, gain clarity, and have confidence.

Not sure how to use crystals? Try wearing them in a necklace, adding them to body oils, or meditating with them. At a job interview or other big event, keep crystal on your person (like in a pocket or bag) to help gain the confidence you need to be your best self.

Take the time to determine what type of ritual works best for you and your lucky crystals. Every person is different, and letting the energy of the crystals guide you to the best practice for a specific moment in your life will make a huge difference in using the power of the stones.

Not sure which crystals are best for you? Our list of crystals for good luck should help you find a perfect match!



Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine, both types of quartz. Since there are two types of crystals, that means you get the benefits of both! Pick this crystal to let your luck be guided by self-confidence and clarity.


A gorgeous blue crystal, apatite will look great on your desk or worn around your neck. This crystal will promote luck through centered determination . Working on a big project under a tight deadline? Let apatite guide your way!


Often said to be the stone of communication, this crystal is an excellent choice if you need a little boost for some upcoming conversations. Let chalcedony use its luck to guide you in those hard talks that no one wants to have.


Copper immediately brings to mind the role of conductor. We use copper for everything from jewelry to the miles-upon-miles of copper wire found in our electronics and homes. This healing crystal helps clear blockages in our mind, letting us move forward with manifesting what we deserve.


I might be biased because opal is my birthstone, but I’ve found this crystal to be one of the most powerful! Excellent in chakra work, opal brings luck through transformation and new beginnings. Rest easy knowing that this good luck crystal has your future in mind.


Emerald is not just associated with good luck, but is also a crystal for love. Meditate or bathe with this crystal to help embrace vulnerability and open your heart. Heart-opening activities let us find gratitude in our life and give us the power to say “yes” to the energy of the world.


Green Aventurine

Sometimes luck is all about growth, letting go of the past, and taking on the future with confidence. We have to be open to receive luck and green aventurine is the perfect crystal to use in order to get rid of those bad habits and harmful thought patterns.


Often used in beauty regimens like a jade roller, this crystal can bring the nourishment we need to our spirit and body. Create love and acceptance for your _whole _self in order to gain what the universe has to offer you.


If you’ve been dealing with intense grief or debilitating anxiety, you may want to start your crystal journey with malachite. This healing stone can absorb your pain and anguish , thus bringing about a sense of clarity and calm. How is this related to luck? We often need to free ourselves of pain in order to see good things happen.


Negative energy can prevent you from finding luck in your life, so if you seem shrouded in darkness, I’d consider pyrite to be your best option. Expelling negative energy and protecting you from it creeping back in will help you make your own luck.


Serpentine is not the best crystal choice for beginners in crystal work because it is said to promote divination and spiritual clarity, which can sometimes be too intense for lucky crystal newbies. This clarity through divination and spirituality, though, lets you see into and guide your energy.



This crystal’s colors are reminiscent of the sun with lovely oranges and reds. Sunstone also taps into the sun’s radiance and will let _you _be radiant and confident. Living with this crystal’s power will let good things find their way to you.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Luck won’t always come to you—sometimes it requires work. Tourmalinated quartz is the stone to use if you want to make things happen for yourself. Making your own positive energy is luck, in its own way.


Known for balance, turquoise can quell the emotional ups and downs you may be facing, letting you find that center you need to make good decisions. With turquoise at your side, you can find luck in these calm places and have the intuition to know exactly the right decisions to make.

Whiskey Quartz

Staying grounded is hard, especially when we always have so many things—work events, friends and family, personal projects—pulling us in different directions. Whiskey quartz can keep your feet on the ground and help you find stability in a fluid world, thus letting you attract more luck into your life.

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