10 Crystals To Ease Anxiety and Stress

Updated by Frankie Larson

I have been drawn to crystals and rocks ever since I can remember. As a kid, I used to say that rocks gave me a tingly feeling in my whole body every time I held them. When I started experiencing intense bouts of anxiety and overwhelming stress in adulthood, I turned to my old faithful crystals for extra help. There are many crystals that have been historically used for anxiety and stress, but these 10 are, in my opinion, the best to work with when you feel like stress and anxiety are causing you to vibrate out of your skin.

Always remember, though, that crystals vibe differently with different people, so it’s important to trust your intuition and work with the stones that are calling to you specifically.



The quartz family is a robust set of minerals that I adore working with to ease stress. This is a great place to start if you haven’t worked much with crystals. Rose quartz is great if your anxiety comes from being cruel to yourself as it’s fantastic at enhancing self-love. Clear quartz is protective and draws off negative energy while bringing balance and clarity. I personally don’t work with citrine , as it makes me jittery, but a lot of people love its energy because the crystal brings joy, optimism, and confidence. Smoky quartz helps to shed negative energy and is great with dense feelings like depression. Onyx enhances self-control and grounding, working like a coat of armor against social anxiety and negative people.


Kyanite is a powerful mineral to work with. It is formed deep in the earth and has a strong grounding energy. It has a depth of tranquility to it, promoting clear, calm thinking like a deep, still lake.


Obsidian is a great mineral for protection if you’re dealing with someone who messes with your inner peace. Obsidian works like a weapon, blocking negative energies and helping you protect your boundaries. This stone is often used as a metaphysical way to pierce through energy to get to the truth, which can help with social anxiety.



Agate is a lovely stone made primarily of chalcedony and quartz. It comes in many colors, forms, and patterns and is often used for balance, strength, and courage. My personal favorite is **blue lace agate, which **is great for communication and can help with anxiety around speaking up for yourself, public speaking, and saying what you mean.


Selenite is used quite often in meditation as it is fantastic at clearing energy with its pure and high vibrations. It creates a blank slate and is also often used with technology. Put it next to your computer and see if it helps with work-related stress!


Topaz, although physically a hard stone, is an easy stone to work with. It has mellow, empathetic energy that soothes and heals. It brings about joy, healing, and good luck—especially if you’re born in November.

Petrified Wood

If you find a piece that vibrates with you, petrified wood is unmatched in connecting you back to the earth. Its grounding energy is great for bringing an overactive mind back to the present moment.



Hematite is an iron oxide compound that is electrically conductive, so its connection to blood and the nervous system is clear. Its name is even derived from the Greek word for blood! It can be used to ground your anxious mind back to the body and the physical realm.


Bloodstone is a mixture of quartz mostly appearing as an opaque green jasper with flecks of red. It has a rich history filled with tons of folklore, but is used today for its healing and protective energy as well as its ability to promote strength, courage, and resilience.

Black Tourmaline

In my experience, black tourmaline is undefeated when it comes to swallowing negative energy. I have had friends use this crystal as protection against bad energies in a house and have even seen some pieces split in response! You can also use it to work on yourself, absorbing your anxieties and negative feelings , especially when related to self-deprecation.

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