Best Crystals for Protecting Yourself From Toxic Energy

Updated by Katie King

Crystals have been part of healing practices across the globe for millennia, and are once again becoming increasingly popular in our fast-paced world. Crystals have served as powerful shields since ancient eras: even Roman warriors would carry hematite into battle for physical protection.

In modern times, people are usually looking to shield themselves from toxic people and bad energies rather than opposing military forces. According to devout practitioners, protection stones will keep you spiritually and emotionally safe by repelling external negative forces while also expelling negative energies in your own body. They are also excellent physical reminders to keep from spiraling into negative thought patterns.

Crystals come in a variety of forms and can be used or adorned in a manner of ways. The ** Manifestation Box **—a unique subscription designed to inspire a deep connection between you and Mother Earth—embeds crystals into jewelry so that you can be protected at all times of day. Designed to be a monthly practice, you receive a gemstone bracelet, necklace, and healing stone along with a personalized astrology forecast to best perform self-care.

Others, such as the Healing Crystals Premium Monthly Box , offer five stones each month designed to help manifest your deepest desires and achieve balance. If you are new to crystals, the Crystal of the Month experience might be a better choice, as you’ll be sent a single crystal in each box that’s been hand-picked for your spiritual journey.

So what are the best crystals for protecting your psychic energy?


Clear Quartz

You may find clear quartz in a variety of shapes and sizes, from rough-cut stones to manicured and polished shapes. However, no matter the form your crystal takes, clear quartz both deflects negativity and attracts positivity. Because it is known to also perform healing functions, many refer to clear quartz as a “master healer” that can bring balance into your body and mind. Some warn, though, that the stone can be “impressionable,” so always be sure to set a clear intention for how you want your quartz to work best for you.

Black Obsidian

Known for being one of the strongest and most absorbent stones, black obsidian must be cleansed often due to how much energy it’s able to contain. This beautiful crystal is made from magma and lava and is also known to attract wealth and prosperity. Because of its immense power, it can block out all sorts of negative energy—from a toxic friend to the negative vibrations emitting from your technological devices.


Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye crystals are visually distinctive as they have a marbled brown and gold appearance. This crystal offers protection by focusing on self-love and self-care, helping you to locate and develop your emotional strength and courage. If you are looking for a stone to increase willpower and reduce self-doubt, this is an excellent choice for you.


Known as the original stone of Venus, this green gem is believed to protect your energy from vices. Additionally, it's one of the crystals that protects love and relationships, promoting both affirmation and patience. Some even say that emeralds bring out any latent clairvoyant aptitude, making you more emotionally open to gathering wisdom and sensing others. Although emeralds can be exquisite and expensive stones, you can easily find affordable options labeled “tumbled” emeralds .


Citrine is often promoted as an excellent stone to protect yourself against EMFs, better known as electric and magnetic fields that are invisible forces of power. Not only does it absorb these fields and other negative energies, but it also transmutes them into positive, calming energy. Beyond its protective properties, it's known to bring abundance and is therefore an excellent crystal to manifest new ideas and new journeys for yourself. Many also say that it enables clear communication with those around you, bringing clarity into all areas of your life.


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