Best Snacks To Always Keep in the Pantry

Updated by Lindsay Mattison

Everyone has a different reason for snacking. Some of us need a little pick-me-up between meals to curb hunger and replenish energy levels, while others prefer to graze throughout the day instead of eating a big lunch. More often than not, it might just be about liking the flavor of a certain food and finding that you gravitate toward it from time-to-time. No matter your reasons, one thing remains true: You’ll have a hard time snacking if you don’t keep your pantry stocked with the best snacks!

Some snacks require refrigeration, but there are plenty of shelf-stable options that are crucial to have around for the best snack supply. Gathering a good assortment of snacks means having something on hand for any mood. We like to have savory chips, protein-rich nuts, sugary candies, and a high-quality chocolate bar to ensure we can satiate all snack craving for ourselves and our guests. There are even options on this list of best snacks for those following a wellness plan, so you won’t worry about tanking your progress for a tasty bite.

Let’s get snacking!



Having several different kinds of nuts in the pantry is a great way to curb hunger without loading up on added sugars and saturated fat. Your choices are vast, from classic peanuts to spiced almonds, so plan to pick up a few so you’ll have the flavor and texture you need to satisfy your cravings.

Nut Butters

We love adding nut butter to our morning smoothies, but it also makes a fantastic snack option. Spread almond butter or cashew butter on bananas for a deliciously healthy treat, or dunk pretzels and celery sticks into peanut butter dip


Flavored Popcorn

Popcorn can be as healthy or decadent as you want, making it our go-to option for snacking no matter the mood. Air-popped popcorn is a well-loved low-calorie snack, but** flavored popcorn **, from caramel-cheddar mix to pickle-flavored, is a fun choice to mix things up and experiment.


It’s hard to go wrong with a bag of chips. There’s something about the crunchy texture that satisfies snack cravings like no other! It would be impossible to list the best chips because it really depends on your personal preferences, so pick up a variety pack to ensure you’ll have what you need when you need it.


There are two categories of candy that make the best snacks to always keep in the pantry: candy bars (like Kit-Kats or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups) and sugary gummy candies (like Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish). Stock up on both in one fell swoop with a classic** candy box ** subscription.

Low-Sugar Selections

There are plenty of low-sugar options to stock in your pantry, which is essential if you’ve cut down on sugar for wellness reasons. Look for smart sugar options , which may be labeled as keto- or diebetic-friendly.


Is there anything better than cracking open a new box of cookies ? Whether you’re a soft-and-chewy oatmeal raisin lover or prefer a thin-and-crunchy bite-sized chocolate chip variety, there’s something about cookies that never fails to satisfy.



High-protein snacks are always good to have on hand, and jerky is our favorite in that category. Try keeping a variety of jerky in the pantry, as each meat (think: venison, turkey, beef) provides a different textural and flavor profile.


There are a surprising number of health benefits that come from snacking on chocolate, so we like to have a bar in the pantry to take advantage when the sugar cravings hit! There are so many varieties out there, from milk chocolate, to high-cacao dark chocolate, to nut-enriched bars. If you can’t decide, join a chocolate club to explore them all.


Many of our favorite snacks have to be refrigerated—like hummus, cheese dips, and ** charcuterie meats **—but they can’t be enjoyed on their own without a good cracker. Having crackers in the pantry is the best way to be prepared for dip time, and most brands taste great on their own as a solo snack, too.


Protein Bar

Protein bars are one of the best snacks to always keep in the pantry because they’re a guaranteed energy boost. A good protein bar will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and as a bonus, they’re usually flavored to simultaneously satisfy your sugar cravings.

Overseas Options

If nothing on this list sounds good, branch out and try some snacks from other countries! Japanese snacks are a fun way to dive into unique flavors, and you might be surprised at how different Canadian snacks are from American options.

Want to branch out and try new snack foods the next time a craving hits? A snack subscription box is the best way to get started!