Bullet Journal Ideas and Tips To Organize Your Life

Updated by Heather Lefebvre

Looking to get into Bullet Journaling but don’t know where to start? We feel ya.

It’s easy to get lost (and intimidated) by the thousands of drool-worthy bujo ideas on Pinterest and Instagram.

To help you get started, we put together a list of 3 bullet journal spreads that’ll help you organize your life along with a list of  supplies you’ll need to make your own.

Let’s dive in!

###Monthly Bullet Journal Spread (With Goals!)

Consider this spread 1 part calendar, 1 part goal setting, and 1 part to-do list.  We lined our pages with floral washi tape from The Planner Addict Box to easily find this spread in our bujo, and then broke it into 3 sections.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Calendar: I like the month at a glance to pencil in important dates like birthdays and appointments. Nothing too granular, just the main one or two things I need to know about that day.

Goals: One of the biggest flaws I’ve found in goal setting is feeling a jolt of motivation, setting 10-20 complex goals, and fizzling out a week into my efforts. To combat goal-setting overzealousness, I’ve been choosing 3 big things I really want to accomplish in a month and prioritizing those.

To-Do Lists: Unlike goals, to-do lists are mostly filled with tasks you can complete in one sitting. I like to break these up into categories for readability and prioritization.

Bullet Journal Supplies Used:

  1. Washi Tape and stickers from The Planner Addict Box
  2. Black Tombow inking pen from Sparkle Hustle Grow
  3. Black gel roller pen from Pilot
  4. Blue Jelly Roll pen from Sakura
Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

###Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

This is the most traditional planner spread on our list, but it’s also my favorite. Week-at-a-glance bullet journal designs can help you organize your tasks, reminders, and goals by day – perfect for the more urgent to-dos in your life.

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

I like to give each of my weekly spreads a theme, and these succulent stickers and pastel flags were the perfect touch for my mid-summer spread. The motivational quotes were just the cherry on top!

Bullet Journal Supplies Used:

  1. Stickers and flags from Creative Mercantile

  2. Black Tombow inking pen from Sparkle Hustle Grow

  3. Black gel roller pen from Pilot

  4. Blue Jelly Roll pen from Sakura

    Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

###Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Spread

Ready to absolutely crush your top goal? Look no further than our habit tracker spread. This bullet journal fave is ideal for long-term tracking of your most important on-going goals. Whether you’re looking to consistently blog, exercise, practice meditation, or read, this layout will help you monitor your activity for the entire year.

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Spread

This bullet journal spread should be fun, inspiring, and easy to use. My best piece of advice is to use a ruler and pencil for your gridlines to avoid smearing and crooked lines. Most importantly, get creative with stickers like the ones we used from STICKII Club and Pipsticks – I went with a nature theme for the edges and solid circles to track my writing days.

Bullet Journal Supplies Used:

  1. Stickers from Pipsticks and STICKII
  2. Washi tape from Creative Mercantile
  3. Black Tombow inking pen from Sparkle Hustle Grow
  4. Black art marker from Prismacolor
  5. Fuchsia permanent marker from sharpie
Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Spread

###Need more Bullet Journal and Planner Supplies?

Check out our blog on the best bullet journal subscription boxes and our collection of planner and stationery boxes!

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