12 Simple Friendsgiving Ideas To Throw a Stress-Free Event

Updated by Lyndsay Cordell

Gaining popularity in the past 10 years mostly with millennials (and now Gen-Z’ers) Friendsgiving is a time to unwind and enjoy as much stuffing and cranberry sauce while spending time with close friends and neighbors. It’s a less formal occasion than the family-laden Thanksgiving feasts and is usually celebrated the week before Turkey day. Whether you are hosting or attending, take a look at these 12 Friendsgiving ideas to get the party started.

How to Throw a Friendsgiving Event

friendsgiving dinner

Pick a Date

There’s no official Friendsgiving date, which means you can celebrate it any day you wish. Most Friendsgivings are held the week before Thanksgiving to give guests the opportunity to celebrate Turkey Day traveling home. I suggest giving about a 3-week notice to guests, giving them ample time to add the event to their calendar.

Set up a sign-up sheet for guests

One of the best parts of Friendsgiving is the fact that all guests are usually expected to bring a dish to share. To help this process, set up a sign-up sheet or assign each guest a course to bring. Make sure guests note any allergies they may have so guests can plan accordingly.

The Host Makes the Turkey

roasted friendsgiving turkey

It’s your time to shine and show-off all your cooking skills you’ve learned from Master Chef . Make sure to defrost your turkey a few days beforehand and brine the bird for full-flavored meat. We love to use this** roasted turkey recipe ** from Simply Recipes .

Set the Table

The guests are on the way which means it’s time to set the table and decorate the place from top to bottom. Make decorating easy year round with a subscription to the Monthly Home Decor Subscription , a subscription box filled with 3-5 seasonal home decor items including table decor, accents, and even blankets!

Make a Playlist

Nothing sets up a cozy ambience more than music! Whether you like the aesthetic of vinyl records or the convenience of Spotify and Pandora , choose a playlist that evokes cheerfulness and joy.

It’s All About the Coziness

vegan candles

Thanksgiving is a time of warmth, cheer, and all around coziness. Before guests arrive, light a few candles throughout the home (don’t forget the bathroom!) to add a bit of comfort. We suggest signing up for Purple Vertigo Candle Club . Each month you’ll receive two large 16oz vegan soy candles that are scented with essential oils according to the season.

Start with an Ice Breaker

Whether you are life-long friends or new acquaintances, starting the event with an ice-breaker is a surefire way to get everyone talking. Our favorite game is “Who Am I?”. Before the party, write out the names of notable people on name tags and place one on the back of each person as they enter. Using questions, each person must figure out who they are!** **

Make a Signature Cocktail or NA Drink

Thanksgiving cocktail

Get the party started with a signature cocktail or beverage to hand to guests as they enter. Our friends over at** Box on the Rocks ** provide everything you’ll need to make 10+ signature cocktails that’ll wow all your friends.

Alcohol not included, so make a trip to the liquor store to get a few bottles.

Label the Dishes

Once everything is set up, take a few minutes to label all of the dishes and note any allergies or intolerances. A simple folded up piece of paper can suffice, or if you are looking for something a bit fancier, grab a few place cards from your local craft store.

Start a Tradition

Every Thanksgiving most families take time to share what they are thankful for. Rather than sitting around the turkey sharing your thoughts, get creative and find other ways to share your thankfulness. Set up a greeting card station for guests to write notes and share with others.

Dessert Time

French Macarons

Make serving dessert effortless with Phivi French Macaron Box . Each month you’ll receive 12 delectable macarons in a variety of flavors to enjoy or gift to family and friends. Place these out on the Friendsgiving table and they’ll be gone in seconds!

Send Home the Leftovers

Save everyone the hassle of trying to take dirty dishes home with crusted food by purchasing a few plastic food storage containers to give out at the end of the meal. Guests can divvy up the remaining turkey for sandwiches the next day.


You did it! All that’s left now is to unwind and relax. May we suggest a nice bubble bath using products from** BathBevy ? **Each box comes complete with carefully curated and handcrafted bath items that’ll soothe skin and make you feel refreshed and ready for next year’s Friendsgiving celebration.

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