26 Mother's Day Subscription Box Gifts for Every Type of Mom

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Mother’s Day is in a few short weeks and here at Cratejoy we’ve compiled all of the best gift ideas for every type of Mom in your life. Whether you’re shopping for a Mom who raised you, your sweet grandmother, or the mother of your own children, we’ve got you covered with the best subscription boxes.

Monthly subscription boxes are perfect gifts to remind Mom how much you love her beyond the celebrations on May 9th. There’s no one size fits all gift for Mom because there’s no one size fits all way to describe mom. This handy gift guide is separated by the type of Mom you’re shopping for, so let’s find her the perfect gift and order her first box today.

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Gifts For The Nonstop Mom

The Nonstop Mom is always on the go and she has the snacks in her bag to prove it. When you ask your Nonstop Mom about her upcoming plans, she whips out her planner to double-check what she already knows. Without skipping a beat she’ll tell you when her upcoming nail appointment is and her favorite new activities to keep the kids occupied during the day. She doesn’t rely on TV-time but can definitely sing along to all of the latest Disney tunes. Nonstop Mom deserves a break, and we know exactly the boxes that’ll help her stop and spend some quality time with herself.

Perfect Subscription Boxes For Nonstop Moms

The Hopebox


The Hopebox is a special subscription box that’s thoughtfully curated to inspire hope and reduce anxiety through high-quality self-care. Shipments will include 10+ high-quality, full-sized, vegan and cruelty-free treasures like books, aromatherapy, jewelry, candles, organic bath goodies, and more. Products are sourced from the world’s most talented artisans with personal stories of hope and renewal.

Price: Starting at $50.99/month

Shipping Details: New orders ship within 1-2 business days throughout the United States.

Buy The Hopebox

SinglesSwag Subscription Box


SinglesSwag is a Cratejoy Top-Rated box of 2020 and the best-selling self-care subscription box. Don’t let it’s name fool you, it’s not just for single women. This box focuses on empowering and inspiring women to pamper themselves and includes full-sized products like beauty, jewelry, books, treats, and other exciting surprises for Mom. With two sizes to choose from, Mom can enjoy SingleSwag Petite for four to five full-sized products or SingleSwag for seven to eight full-sized products.

Price: Starting at $37.50/month

Shipping Details: Subscriptions can be shipped worldwide and will ship on or before the 1st day of every month.

Buy SinglesSwag

The Adults & Crafts Crate


The Adults and Crafts Crate is sure to be a fun break for any Nonstop Mom and includes trendy craft projects and all of the tools, materials, and instructions. No need for Mom to dig into her own crafting box for any of these fun monthly activities. She’ll make projects like wine caddies, candles, and even clockmaking!

Price: Starting at $30.00/month

Shipping details: Order ship worldwide from the United States around the 20th of each month.

Buy The Adults and Crafts Crate

Gifts For The Career Mom

The Career Mom does it all. Whether she’s leading a Zoom call with important investors or chatting with the kids’ teachers about their upcoming homework assignments, she’s always on her A-game. She lives for calendar apps, planners, and loves reading the latest business coaching books. But Career Moms deserve a break too. Between the back-to-back calls and the constant deadlines, she needs some time to herself. Productivity hacks aside, she is just one woman—albeit an impressively put together one—and we’ve got the perfect gift ideas for her.

Perfect Self-Care Mother’s Day Subscription Boxes For Career Moms

Sparkle Hustle Grow


Sparkle Hustle Grow is a Cratejoy Top-Rated 2020 subscription box that will help Mom grow her business in a way that is supportive and fun. As seen in Forbes, USA Today, Popsugar, and more, Mom will love the gift of a vibrant and safe community with like-minded female-business owners. She’ll enjoy monthly books, business training, chic office supplies, stationery, and tech gadgets. Bonus: if Mom decides she wants to order after the gifted subscription runs out, it’s a tax write-off.

Price: Starting at $43.08/month

Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from the United States on the first few days of each month.

Buy Sparkle Hustle Grow

Cloth & Paper


Cloth & Paper includes luxe organization, planners, stationery, and pens for sophisticated stationery lovers. Mom will be so excited to show off her Cratejoy Editor’s Pick of 2020 subscription box that includes exclusive and unique gifts for paper lovers. Options for this box include a pen option, paper option, or the best of both worlds in a pen and paper option.

Price: Starting at $16.33/month

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from the United States between the 19th-24th of each month except for select countries.

Buy Cloth & Paper

The Paradise Delivered Premium Subscription Box


Paradise Delivered isn’t just a clever name for this gift idea. Treat Mom to a spa-inspired staycation in her own home. She’ll receive seven to eight full-sized, hand-selected, vacation-inspired products in each shipment. Brimming with bath and beauty products, trendy fashion accessories, best-selling books, and other wellness surprises she’ll love.

Price: Starting at $37.50/month

Shipping Details: Boxes ship worldwide on or before the 8th of every month.

Buy Paradise Delivered

Gifts For The Hip Mom

The Hip Mom knows clever acronyms before you do—IYKYK. She’s ahead of trends and can always suggest the best new restaurants for you to take her for brunch. She loves curated experiences and doesn’t get impatient waiting a few minutes for pour-over coffee at the underground coffee shop around the corner from her house. She loves luxurious goods but won’t sacrifice on her morals and won’t buy products that aren’t cruelty-free. We love Hip Moms and they love keeping up with the trends. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Hip Moms

Elements Ritual Box for Self Care & Joy


Help Mom feel fab with this wellness, self-care, and spiritual subscription. This monthly reminder will help Mom take care of her body and mind with tools to build daily her-time routines and rituals. These premium boxes include six to seven clean self-care products like natural beauty and skincare, mood charts, affirmations, and body-care.

Price: Starting at $27.49/month

Shipping Details: All orders placed before the 7th are shipped between the 10th and 15th. This box is available worldwide and is shipped from the United States.

Elements Ritual Box for Self Care & Joy

Fire & Nice


A truly beautiful, luxurious, and artisanal handcrafted self-care box is going to show up monthly for Mom. These boxes include items like candles, soaps, melts, and bath bombs. The perfect gift or fun and relaxation is waiting for Mom.

Price: Starting at $34.92/month

Shipping Details: Boxes ship between the 7th and 12th of every month. Only available in the United States.

Buy Fire & Nice

Modern Skyn Apothecary


Inspire Mom to create her own bath and body ritual with this assortment of handcrafted quality skincare delivered to her with love. This box includes five to eight all-natural and full-sized skin care products for Mom. Best of all, there are newly released products every month!

Price: Starting at $31/biweekly

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from the United States. Starter boxes are shipped two to four days after purchase, the following will be shipped between the 25th and 27th of each month.

Buy Modern Skyn Apothecary

American Cocktail Club


Mom always knows the best happy hour spots but the next hip place on her list can be her own house with this subscription kit. Awarded Cratejoy Best of 2020 boxes, this is sure to be a hit and includes the art of mixology—simplified, unique and low sugar juice blends, and four servings of the specialty cocktails in each box. All-natural and world class cocktails await at Mom’s house!

Price: Starting at $40.99/month

Shipping Details: Only ships within the United States during the third week of each month. They can’t ship to AK, KY, MS, or UT.

Buy American Cocktail Club

Gifts For Outdoorsy Mom

The Outdoorsy Mom loves plants everything about plants and gardening. When your own succulents are struggling, you bring them to her for expert and loving care. Inevitably, she’s able to nurse them back to life with her green thumb. She’ll never say no to fresh flowers (and who can blame her) but she doesn’t just love digging around in her garden. She also loves all things eco-conscious, healthy snacks, and anything that gets your dang phone out of your hands.

Fabulous Gifts For Outdoorsy Mom

My Garden Box


Add to Mom’s impressive plant collection with this creative and crafty garden collection subscription. Each box includes live plants and everything else she needs for fun, easy, and rewarding plant care. The instructions are visually illustrated and helped this box earn it’s Cratejoy Best of 2020 award.

Price: Starting at $35.50/month

Shipping Details: Only ships within the United States but can’t ship to AZ, AK, HI, or PR. Orders will ship mid-month.

Buy My Garden Box

Schmaltzy Box


All-natural, organic, and luxury essential oils, soap bars, bath boms, and other spa items curated from across the United States. Mom will feel seriously pampered, know that she’s using Earth-friendly products, and will appreciate the fresh essential oil scents that remind her of her own garden babies. Bonus: there are vegan options available.

Price: $41.67/month

Shipping Details: Ships by the 4th of each month and only within the United States.

Squish Cuddles

Gifts for Fitness Mom

Fitness Mom is always getting her workout in or planning for her next yoga class. She loves her Peloton and any other fitness equipment she’s got at home. She also knows that sometimes you just need to get out of the house and go for a sweaty run. She’s always been exceptional at opening difficult jars for you and makes sure to read the label of every item she’s putting in her grocery cart. She loves all things health and has dabbled in the latest foodie trends. Whether or not she claims to be a gluten-free foodie, we all love her and her commitment to health.

Fitness Mom Subscription Gifts

My Keto Snack Box


Is Mom on a Keto kick? We’ve got the ultimate Mother’s Day gift idea so put the box of chocolates back on the shelf. This curated monthly Keto snack box includes eight to twelve (or more) keto and low-carb friendly snacks. Gift Mom new and exciting Keto snacks she might not buy herself otherwise!

Price: Starting at $38/month

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from the United States on the 7th of every month.

Buy My Keto Snack Box



The SnackSack is a Cratejoy Editors’ Pick for 2020 and it’s easy to see why. This subscription gift will help Mom try 11 to 15 different snacks every month ranging from sweet and savory but always made from real ingredients and free of any artificial junk. Whether Mom is a vegan, gluten-free, both, or neither there are subscription options available that she’ll love. This box sells out fast so what are you waiting for?

Price: Starting at $24/month

Shipping Details: Only ships within the United States. Ships in the middle of the month.

Buy SnackSack

HealthyMe Living Snack Box


This monthly delivery contains healthy snacks only—seriously, they’re carefully selected by a Certified Health Coach. Each box contains seven to ten individually wrapped items perfect for her to grab on the go. Mom can expect a variety of healthier chips, bars, granola, cookies, popcorn, and even candy.

Price: Starting at $26.99/month

Shipping Details: Ships on the 15th of each month within the United States and select countries.

Buy HealthyMe Living Snack Box

Pinterest Mom

Pinterest Mom loves her crafts. She’s a sucker for learning new skills or hobbies and turning those passions into handmade gifts. There’s no limit to her giving and she’ll also spend her time volunteering—which she keeps track of in her planner next to her reminders to send her loved ones beautiful greeting cards through the mail. Don’t give Pinterest Mom another mug with your face on it this year, give her real home decor or the chance to make her own! She’ll love it.

Crafty Gift Boxes Perfect for Pinterest Moms

Craft in Style DIY Subscription Box


Craft and DIY supplies for Mom to make her own Pinterest goods. Everyone’s craft style, favorite colors, and interests are personal. This unique gift idea includes an invite to a craft club so Mom can select her own boxes from their cool array of kits. These include making terrariums, clay marbling, candlemaking, sun print photography, and more.

Price: Starting at $30.75/month

Shipping Details: Boxes ship worldwide within three to five business days after purchase.

Buy Craft in Style DIY Subscription Box

Paletteful Packs


Mom will create frameworthy works of art with this subscription box. With three subscriptions to choose from (Premier Pack, Petite Pack, and Young Artist Pack), help Mom discover her new favorite art supplies or reconnect with old favorites. Each month has a thoughtfully curated theme like watercolors, markers, acrylics, pastels, and more.

Price: Starting at $33.95/month

Shipping Details: Boxes ship worldwide around the 1st of the month from the United States.

Buy Paletteful Packs

New Mom Gift Ideas

New Moms are, well, new to motherhood. Motherhood can be scary and intimidating. Help her acclimate to her these new challenges and reassure her that she’s the best mom around with these Mother’s Day gift ideas. But first, be sure to let her take an uninterrupted nap.

Gifts For New Mom

Oh Baby Boxes


These pregnancy and postpartum lifestyle boxes are filled with healthy and fun products for Mom. Each box includes six to eight full-size pregnancy and newborn safe products to promote healthy and relaxed mama for pregnancy and beyond. The team behind this box only selects the finest organic, natural, artisanal, and holistic products to pamper Mom. These are tailored toward due dates and once baby is born will include postpartum items to help ease New Mom’s transition.

Price: Starting at $35.99/month

Shipping Details: First box ships within one to three business days of your order, subsequent boxes ship on the 15th of each month. Ships worldwide from the United States.

Buy Oh Baby Boxes

Boxy Momma


This company’s tagline says it all, “Mom life is hard, Boxy Momma understands!” Their boxes—which have been featured in Buzzfeed, Good Housekeeping, and Parenting—are filled with Mom hacks, support, and love for every mama. This box is filled with five to seven self care items, products to help with cleaning, organization, stress, and reminding Mom that she is doing a great job.

Price: Starting at $15/month

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from the United States on the 7th of every month.

Buy Boxy Momma

Cater to Mom


The ultimate postpartum self-care box for Mom, she’ll enjoy six to eight specially curated items that will help aid in recovery and range from bath and beauty products, teas, healthy snacks, self-care tips, postpartum care resources, and so much more. This team prides itself on only including items that are organic, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Mom will also love that you’re supporting a business that is Black-owned and female founded .

Price: Starting at $37.39/month

Shipping Details: First box ships within two to four business days. Subsequent boxes will ship on the 18th of each month. Ships worldwide from the United States.

Buy Cater to Mom

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