Popular Subscription Box Trends for Teens & Tweens in 2024

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Subscription boxes are fun for people of all ages but they’re especially fun for teens and tweens . From the delivery of their first box, these subscribers are some of the most excited about what is in store. The process of unboxing a subscription service is fun for the recipient and for their followers watching along on social media. Plus, there’s the additional excitement of waiting for the next monthly subscription box to arrive.

Thanks to Cratejoy, it’s easier than ever to find a huge selection of popular subscription boxes for teens and tweens that are age-appropriate and appeal to different interests—from bookworms to trendsetters to aspiring dancers to STEM superstars.

If you’re wondering how to find the best subscription boxes for the teens and tweens in your life you’ve come to the right place. Cratejoy has you covered. In addition to popular subscription box trends for 2021 , we’ve compiled a list specifically for tweens, teen girls, and teen boys.

Going Out With Friends Again

Now that teens and tweens can be vaccinated, it’s safe for them to get back out into the world and meet up with their friends in-person. Before they hit the streets, make sure they’re ready with fresh clothes that will be the envy of their friends. Bonus: you don’t have to take them shopping or hear any groans about how you don’t know what is cool. The experts putting together these clothing subscription boxes and these jewelry subscriptions will make sure the teens and tweens are wearing totally chic and age-appropriate outfits.


If your teens and tweens are nervous about getting back out into the world where their social media filters aren’t available to help hide any blemishes, they aren’t alone. Cratejoy has them covered. These beauty subscription boxes will get their skin looking great with natural and organic skincare, deluxe makeup, and haircare. Soon, they won’t need their phone’s filters and they can begin filming their own makeup tutorials.

Cratejoy Socializing Tip: Host A Slumber Party

When they’re ready to host slumber parties with other teen girls, they can also explore the landscape of pampering through these popular beauty products . Imagine the fun of unboxing a monthly beauty subscription while eating pizza and watching scary movies with your friends. We particularly love these trendy boxes for slumber parties—but who says these groups only need one? Not us!

Gifts For Every Kind of Teen

No matter what your teen and their friends are into, these gifts for teens and tweens will inspire and entertain them and include options for all of their unique interests. Whether they’re busy decking out their water bottles with stickers or constantly have their nose in comic books, help them get back to hanging out with their friends in style with Cratejoy monthly subscriptions.

Maybe your teen girl and her pals don’t quite fit any of those categories and that’s okay. These gifts for teen and tween girls have more options to choose from. There’s something for everyone on Cratejoy.

Creating Community For Teens and Tweens

During the last year, teens and tweens had a difficult time staying connected to their friends. Many of them turned to social media apps like TikTok to keep up with what was keeping their friends busy. Others found or created their own communities with different interests.

Continuing those like-minded communities in the world can be tough, but not with a monthly subscription box! While they’re looking to nurture their inner geek, these fandom subscription boxes cover a wide range of topics for every type of nerd—from solving mysteries to acquiring new Disney collectibles.


If videos and games are more fitting for your teen and tween, check out these game subscription boxes that will introduce them to new adventures, retro films, and give them a new way to expand their minds.

When they’re ready to escape to faraway lands, there’s also young adult book of the month subscription boxes that will keep them busy all year. They’ll love the opportunity to start their own book club with their friends, you’ll love that they put down their phones to do so. That’s a parenting hack if we’ve ever heard one.

Return of the Classroom This Fall

Whether or not they did in-person learning over the last year, keeping their growing minds engaged through the summer will help them adjust to their return to the schoolyard this fall. Empowering your teens and tweens to be confident isn’t as easy as buying a box. Or is it? With Cratejoy, your teens can build self-esteem just like they build muscles, friend groups, and routines—with practice. Let’s start with building their self-esteem through reading.


Book subscription boxes aren’t just for young people who love to read—though they are a hit with those who do. If your teen or tween is spending too much time online or staring at their phone, encourage them to have a little less screen time without nagging them or arguing. A YA or teen book subscription box is an awesome way to positively encourage a new activity away from the screen.

Help your teen or tween start an online book of the month club by giving them and a couple of their friends subscriptions to a Cratejoy teen and tween book club box . From there, it’s pretty simple to start a book club or a game to see who can finish the book the fastest. While our helpful guide to setting up an online book club is intended for grown-ups, a lot of the guidance can be applied to teens’ book clubs, too.

Unless arts and crafts are more their style, in which case these DIY subscription kits have everything they need to keep their creative minds busy. At first glance, these may seem like boxes of school supplies, but they are anything but. In the hands of a young artist, these themed boxes will help spark creativity from the first month they’re received.

With plenty of box options to choose from like sticker and kawaii subscription boxes , young adult subscriptions for bookworms, and art kits for the best doodles, you can be sure that your teen will be ready to hit the ground running this fall while staying busy for the summer. What’s not to love?

STEM Subscription Boxes

Parents, guardians, relatives, and friends have been supporting and enhancing tweens’ learning—and their grades—by subscribing to educational subscription boxes . Whether your kid’s age is eight or 18, there’s a popular monthly subscription box that appeals to their favorite subjects and makes learning more enjoyable.


Monthly subscription boxes are a great way to spark and nurture an interest in technology, engineering, and other sciences from the comfort of home. If your teen or tween has ever wanted to explore coding or the sciences a monthly STEM subscription box is an excellent option. These subscription boxes can provide kids with hands-on science and technology projects that drive important critical thinking techniques. If you want to help your teen or tween strengthen their math skills or focus on the M in STEM, it’s easy to give them an amazing math subscription box to boost their knowledge and confidence.

Finding The Right Subscription Box Trend for Teens & Tweens

Whether you’re parenting a teen or tween or you’re just related to one, you know they can be hard to shop for. Their tastes can change rapidly as they discover what they love, what their friends are discovering, and the latest trends.

Plus, there’s the added challenge of wanting to give them some fun goodies that they’ll enjoy and some practical items that they’ll actually use. Our solution is simple. The best subscription boxes for not-so-little kids should focus on their main interests. For example, Cratejoy offers great book of the month subscriptions for kids of all ages, including teens and tweens. That way, they can explore trendy new books without having to leave the house.

Because you can choose more than one, it’s easy to support their many interests! If your teen has a passion for fashion, beauty products, jewelry, clothing, or games, you can select a subscription box that really delivers. Once a month, they’ll receive a crate filled with hand-picked, carefully curated treats they’re bound to love. Ordering two (or more) subscription boxes is a wonderful and on-trend way to show love and support to any teenager.

Nurturing Creativity & Self-Care With Gift Boxes

Being a teen or tween is challenging enough, and it was even tougher during the stress and isolation of the pandemic. Many of them missed out on the social education they would normally get in the classroom. Parents, guardians, and family members who want to support their teens and tweens may be wondering how to help them nurture their emotional growth and explore their independence. Empowering kids is easy with Cratejoy.

There are fantastic subscription box options that encourage creative expression in age-appropriate ways for teens and tweens. For example, look at these trendy craft kits just for tweens . These monthly subscription boxes are sure to engage pre-teens, whether they love creating art, making jewelry, or completing a highly Instagrammable project.


While self-care for adults continues to be a major 2021 subscription box trend, it’s also rising in popularity for young people. During difficult times, practicing self-care can bring a lot of benefits to people of all ages, and now is the perfect time for teens and tweens to start developing good self-care habits that they can use all of their lives. Young adults who want to support their personal and emotional growth are finding fulfillment in self-care tips and activities . There are many different kinds of self-care , so make sure to encourage your teen or tween to explore box options and read box reviews to find out what works best for them.

A Crate of Confidence for Teens and Tweens

If the teen girl or tween girl in your life has been more isolated from her social support systems than usual because of COVID, that can be frustrating for her and stressful for the people who care about her. A subscription box of books or crafts might brighten her day, but you also want to help strengthen her inner resilience and have her rebuild her confidence after a tough time.


Cratejoy features several subscription boxes to help boost girls’ confidence . The boxes come filled with age-appropriate activities to help young women develop and sharpen new skills, find new ways to express themselves, develop a strong self and identity, and give their self-esteem a much-needed increase. If you want more thoughts on how to build confidence in girls who might be feeling a bit isolated and get some words of wisdom from incredible role models, read our interview with female entrepreneurs on how they work to support young women’s self-esteem .

Keeping Teens and Tweens Connected

Staying connected was a feat for the young women in your life. Young female friendships rely heavily on in-person learning and interaction. After a year of isolation, it’s time to reward the young women who managed their friendships remotely. The teen girl in your home and her best friend would love the goodies in one of the subscription boxes from our list of gifts every teenage girl will squeal over . They range from sweet to silly to sassy, and there’s sure to be at least one option that will make your teen and her pal smile.

If you’re looking for a way to reconnect the younger teen or tween girls in your life who are a few years apart, like sisters or cousins, check out the best subscription boxes for girls . These cute, crafty, and fun-filled subscription boxes will brighten their day and give them something fun to open and talk about.


While ordering subscription boxes for teen girls and tween girls is a big trend in 2021, there’s something for every teen and tween at Cratejoy. Our exclusive list of the best teen and tween subscription boxes is chock-full of subscription services that younger tweens will be excited to open and older teens will have a great time exploring. If you’re looking to treat the tween boy or teen boy in your life, peruse our list of great and unique subscription gifts for teenage boys , too. It features monthly boxes for fans of sports, professional wrestling, comics, gaming, and so much more.

Unboxing Is In, And Is Perfect For Gifting

As we get further into 2021, it’s becoming clear that the unboxing trend from the last few years is stronger and bigger than ever. Subscription boxes are still one of the biggest trends for teens and tweens, and that trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. Even if your teen or tween isn’t opening their subscription box on a social media channel and exploring its contents with their followers, opening their subscription each month still feels exciting and fun. It’s something neat to look forward to, which is an exciting change of pace from the news cycles they’re consuming.

One reason that parents and relatives love ordering subscriptions through Cratejoy is that there’s something for everybody and every budget. Affordability is a trend that never goes out of style. You can provide your teen with multiple luxury subscription boxes filled with hair care products, clothing, jewelry, and beauty items. You can also find plenty of affordable high-quality subscription boxes for teens and tweens that will delight and engage them. Whether you choose a subscription box filled with stickers or unicorn-themed items, STEM projects, baseball cards, or self-care products, you can find something that’s perfect for the teen or tween in your life at just the right price point.


If your teen or tween kicked off 2021 with lingering feelings of isolation, remember that a subscription box doesn’t just add some sparkle to their day—it also gives them something new to do and something fun and different to discuss with their friends and family. Subscription boxes are a unique way to relearn social skills before returning to the new normal.

Plus, they can help teens and tweens stay connected with friends while also nurturing their own skills, knowledge, and self-esteem. That’s a long list of benefits for your teen or tween to unbox each month. They love Cratejoy subscriptions because they feel like a special care package and you’ll love that it’s an easy and fun way to make their day. Get started and order their perfect gift today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a great gift for a teenager?

Unique, trendy gifts like a YA book subscription, beauty box, and fashion subscription are good gift ideas for any teenager.

What is a good gift for a tween?

A good gift for a tween would be anything trendy and fun, such as a subscription of accessories, fun stationery, clothes, and more.

Where should I get something for a borderline tween?

Since young girls and boys always want to try what the older kids are into, most of these subscription services are great for kids ages eight to 15 , too.