11 Awesome Kids Book Clubs to Make Summer Reading Extra Fun

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Ah, summer. The glorious time of year for kids to, well, be kids. While the season represents an important time for youngsters to reset, recharge, and experience life outside the classroom, it’s essential for children to keep their minds and imaginations active. And there’s no better way to foster a child’s love of learning than to establish an appreciation for the written word via some of the best books for kids. Not only does reading reinforce skills learned over the previous school year, it also sets kids up for success in the years to come. But in this digital age, how can parents direct their children’s focus away from screens and back on the page? How can we make reading fun again?

The truth is, reading never stopped being fun. Opening a book is opening a world! As parents, we simply need to introduce the medium to curious minds. The number-one thing to keep kids reading is actual access to physical books. (Yes, it really is that simple.)

At Cratejoy, we offer numerous monthly book clubs for kids that bring the joy of discovery right to your door. To help garner enthusiasm, these children’s book clubs are full of great books tailored to the reader’s ages. But what’s the solution for reluctant readers? How can we turn them into enthusiastic bookworms too? You just have to consider their interests. There’s a monthly subscription for it, right here at Cratejoy.

We’ve gathered some of our best book subscription boxes of new books and more to entice the budding bookworm to look forward to story time. Read on for book subscriptions and reading tips to turn your young ones into enthusiastic readers.

Top 11 Reading Clubs for Young Readers

Music Library

Music Library

From $48.33 per box
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You want your child to have access to the arts, to be surrounded by things like books and music. So what about a subscription box that combines those two things? With the Music Library subscription, each month your child will receive a new children’s book with the intention of introducing them to a wide range of styles of music and different musicians.

Shipping: Orders received after the 5th will ship the following month. If inventory allows, we will ship orders placed after the 5th with the current batch. If we sell out, purchases made after the 5th will ship on/about the 20th of the following month. Shipping, tracking and insurance are included in the cost of your subscription (Within the US).

Customer Review

“I love this subscription so much we've kept it for a couple of years now. Each box comes with an informative and beautiful picture book, instrument, activities, guide pamphlet, and a code to access the online videos and resources related to the subject. We turn it into 3 to 4 days worth of music lessons. I recommend this subscription to all my homeschooling friends. I'm not a musician or music teacher myself, so Ms. Shanan takes the guesswork out of planning a music curriculum.” – Joanne C.

Reading Bug Box for Babies & Toddlers

Reading Bug Box for Babies & Toddlers

From $19.00 per box
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Gift your child the joy of reading with the Reading Bug Box. Each month they’ll receive 3 hardbound children’s books curated by the staff of the award-winning Reading Bug Bookstore.

Shipping: Reading Bug Boxes ship between the 15th-20th of each month. Please email bugbox@thereadingbug.com should you need an earlier shipment and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Customer Review

“I sent this to my niece for our brand new member of the family. She loved it!! Very high-quality items wrapped up beautifully!! It even arrived before Christmas which was an unexpected surprise!! Thank you so much. I’m renewing!!” – J G.

Little Bookish Wardrobe Book Club

Little Bookish Wardrobe Book Club

From $49.00 per box
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Merge reading with imaginative play with Little Bookish Wardrobe, a fun monthly book box that delivers an age-appropriate kids' book to read, character-inspired costume pieces, and craft projects to help your little one bring their favorite stories to life. Packed with hours of playtime fun, sit back and watch your children's imaginations run wild and free.

Shipping: All orders placed between the 1st and last day of the month ship around the 15th of the following Month. For example, an order placed in December will ship around January 15th.

Customer Review

"My 4yr old niece loved this last box! I get her a 3 month subscription every year for her birthday and it never disappoints" - Melinda A.

Snail Mail Weekly Letter  from Sunny the Mail Snail for ages 3 to 8

Snail Mail Weekly Letter from Sunny the Mail Snail for ages 3 to 8

From $15.00 per box
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Along with Sunny the Mail Snail leaving a special surprise in the mailbox every week, Snail Mail for Kids is an affordable educational gift that can enhance literacy competency and help kids develop a love for reading. Fun for the whole family, a welcome kit brings a stuffed Sunny and a map to track his global travels. Then each week afterwards, a letter arrives telling witty and silly snail tales of all of Sunny’s adventures, bringing fun facts about animals and locations from around the world. Each letter also delivers a trading card that will help solve Sunny’s secret code and includes a fun extra that ties into the week’s story. Sunny is guaranteed to become a fast family friend, and leave everyone checking the mailbox in anticipation!

Shipping: First order/letter ships within a week then weekly thereafter.

Customer Review

“My 4 year old loved getting letters from Sunny. She always showed off her stickers and pictures to family that would visit. She also loved her stuffed Sunny and would bring him to daycare whenever she got the chance. Thanks for making lasting memories for our family.” — Alyssa N.

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