The Best Art Subscription Boxes for a Summer of Inspiration

Long and lovely summer days are full of possibilities! If you're looking to explore new hobbies, find your passion, and fuel your creativity this summer, you’ve come to the right place. At Cratejoy, we have numerous arts & crafts subscriptions that deliver a box of inspiration directly to your door every single month.

Are you looking for a craft subscription you can enjoy on the weekend with friends? Maybe date night ideas? Or perhaps you need screen-free art projects you can do with the kids. No matter who you want to share your art subscription box with, you’re sure to learn new skills, fire up imaginations, and make DIY magic with a Cratejoy craft subscription box. Each one is packed with high-quality materials, handy supplies, and expert instructions so you and your loved ones can easily complete a fun and fabulous project at home...and have a great time while you’re at it!

Whether you and your partners in craft are experienced artists or just starting on your arts & crafts journey, a subscription box is the best way to enjoy your new DIY activity. So what are you waiting for? Your new favorite arts and crafts project is just a subscription box away.

Our Favorite Art Project Boxes & Craft Subscriptions


Paletteful Pack Monthly Premier

From $35.50 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: Whether you and your crew are beginners, pros, or somewhere in between, you’ll all adore Paletteful Packs. This monthly art subscription service brings high-quality art supplies directly to you, plus it has everything you need to create a work of art! Discover new brands and old favorites — without once having to hit a crafts supply store.

What You Pay: Starting at $22.50/month

What Subscribers Say: “This box is definitely worth the price! It is wonderfully, and thoughtfully curated. Such a fabulous way to try out and learn new mediums! Definitely going to be sharing this one around! Thank you for such a great box!” -Jonathan


Your Paint Box

From $40.00 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: Geared especially for beginners, Your Paint Box is an art subscription box curated by an art teacher who’s been in the business for 20 years. Every month you’ll receive everything needed to create two oil paintings: canvases, brushes, essential tools, and paint! And, along with written instructions, you receive access to YouTube tutorials to help you and your craft partners every step of the way.

What You Pay: Starting at $40/month

What Subscribers Say: “This was such a fun project to complete with my niece! She has minimal experience with painting (although she does love it and is wanting to get more into it) and also is only 9, but she was able to pick up the lesson rather quickly! I think the way Kathy talks through the steps is very easy to follow as is the way she instructs mixing the colors, etc. This was such an enjoyable activity for us and my niece has been quick to show everyone who comes to her house her new painting. She is proud of herself- I think she is amazed how well it came together! I am looking forward to completing another paint box with her soon!!” -Laura



From $20.00 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: Similar to Doodle Crate, SketchBox is a monthly art supply subscription box that empowers artists of any age with unique, full-sized art supplies to create a surprise project. It’s the perfect way to spark creativity and keep the inspiration coming!

What You Pay: Starting at $20/month

What Subscribers Say: “I purchased a gift subscription for my daughter a year ago and she has asked for it again for her birthday. Each box that we have received has given her the opportunity to try out a medium she has never used before and convert her into loving charcoal (Sketchbox introduced her to it) and using ink vs. pencil. There have been a couple months where one or two things were not of interest to her, but there was always something in the box that allowed her to explore her love of art.” -Stacy


Nature Sketch Crate

From $43.00 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: With Nature Sketch Crate, learning to sketch is simple. And watercolor painting? It’s as easy as doing an adult coloring book! How’s that possible? This art subscription for nature lovers includes transfer images to guide you and final images to inspire you. You also get step-by-step printed and video instructions, plus all the high-quality watercolor paint and tools you need to complete each project.

What You Pay: Starting at $34/month

What Subscribers Say: "I love this! I’m not the most artistic person but this was a fun way to sketch and paint some really adorable pictures of nature. I was a little nervous at first but the video instructions were very helpful. Once I got started, it was relaxing and fun. I ended up framing my final picture because I love it! The supplies are nice quality, too. This was great and I’m definitely excited to try the next one." -Kati


The Paper Crate - Card Making Kit

From $27.50 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: Master your card-making craft and learn new techniques with this creatively curated art projects subscription box. Each monthly delivery contains kits to make four original, uniquely designed greeting cards including a stamp set, embellishments, tools, instructions, and a variety of items to complete your cards. Some boxes will include a special surprise, too!

What You Pay: Starting at $24.17/month

What Subscribers Say: “This box is a huge hit. Everything you need is in there, and so many extras. My daughters were so excited they actually took my box and surprised me by making their own cards! They have learned a new hobby and are excited. How wonderful a gift to have common ground with my teens and a great way to spend time together. And I can't wait for our friends and family members to start receiving actual handmade cards! I have been terrible at sending cards, but I think this is just the new hobby that is going to turn that around as well and enrich family time. Order a box and you will see how much thought and time they put into making yours a special experience! Thank you!” -Wendy



From $25.00 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: It’s all about discovery! (And amazing art materials.) ArtSnacks’ curators know high-quality art supplies make a huge difference, and their aim with this subscription box is to deliver premium, unique, limited-edition tools you’ll appreciate and really use. All the items are tried and tested by actual artists to ensure they’ll work perfectly. And, you’ll get a menu describing each product, best practices, and new techniques to try.

What You Pay: Starting at $24/month

What Subscribers Say: “I have been an Artsnacks subscriber for about 4 years now and I gotta tell you it's such a delight every month getting some fabulous art supplies which I probably wouldn't have tried out at art stores but given the chance to do so has really made my art go into so many different directions and I LOVE it. Thanks Artsnacks!.” -Liz


The Adults & Crafts Crate

From $32.00 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: Crafting is cheaper than therapy, so get ready to get the serotonin flowing with this thoughtfully curated DIY craft subscription box for adults & teens. Every month is an opportunity to try novel artforms and new techniques: think wood burning, engraving, etching, and more.

What You Pay: Starting at $30/month

What Subscribers Say: “Adults and Crafts is great - it comes with everything you need to complete a project. The tools that come in the box are high-quality and can be used on other things once the project is complete.” -Karen



From $24.32 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: Learn the artistry and imagination behind graffiti art with this subscription for artists and enthusiasts 18 and up. Each month, subscribers receive a delivery of high quality graffiti art supplies, plus stickers and more to make every box extra awesome.

What You Pay: Starting at $24.32/month

What Subscribers Say: “This is the first subscription box I've subscribed to and to be honest, probably the only one I'll ever need. Every month, just as soon as I forget about it, I get a package in the mail full of dope markers and mops, caps, stickers, and cool little toys and do-dads. I have yet to be disappointed as my marker collection keeps growing.” -Harley


Craftee DIY Box

From $42.00 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: Unleash your creativity and get ready to take your social media game to the next level with this subscription of Instagram-worthy DIY arts and crafts projects. With everything you need right in the box, it’s great for girls’ night...and it makes a great gift too!

What You Pay: Starting at $42/month

What Subscribers Say: “I subscribed to Craftee because I needed a pick-me-up. They have not disappointed. Each kit has been something that I’ve enjoyed with easy to follow instructions. The leftover materials can be used to continue practicing the newly acquired skills. The materials are high quality and everything that is needed is included in the kit. I recommend Craftee if you’re looking for a way to try out different crafts that you might not otherwise even know about at an excellent value.” -Jennifer


Adult Coloring Monthly

From $12.50 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: Ready, set, relax! If you’re not ready to embark on a complicated project or passion, this monthly art subscription sends new coloring books directly to your door, plus digital downloads you can reprint and recolor again and again. Color your heart out!

What You Pay: Starting at $12.50/month

What Subscribers Say: “Great wonderful coloring pages. Absolutely love it.” -Tina


Craft Kitsune

From $29.99 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: There’s no need to leave home to learn a new crafting skill with Craft Kitsune. This subscription delivers a box of DIY fun for uncommonly cool crafters — think unique mediums like UV resin, 2-part resin, clay, and more. Everything you need to complete your home decor art projects is included, so you can enjoy the journey of discovery right away.

What You Pay: Starting at $34.99month

What Subscribers Say: “I gave this box a try because I love doing creative projects and this seemed like a great way to try out new techniques. I have not been disappointed. I look forward to each month's new box with all the fun things that you can create. This box is not just a one project and done box like some other craft boxes. It allows you to create multiple items and use your imagination to create outside of the box.” -Becky


Charcoal Expressions Drawing Art Box

From $41.20 per box
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Why You’ll Love It: No experience needed! Curated by an expert charcoal artist, Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box takes the intimidation out of the art form. Everything you need to create two charcoal pieces of art a month is included. And here’s a nice touch: the boxes include mattes for easy framing and displaying of your work.

What You Pay: Starting at $36.20month

What Subscribers Say: “Rob is an incredibly talented artist. His teaching method makes it easy for anyone with no prior experience in charcoal drawing to follow along. He thoroughly and patiently explains every step. I found it to be a very calming experience. The materials in the subscription box are excellent quality. I completed my first subscription box which was great fun and am looking forward to the next one. My husband bought the subscription for me as a mother's day gift and he loves the drawings I've completed so far. A much better gift than the no engine push mower he bought me as a birthday gift one year!” -Cathy