The Best Food Subscription Boxes That Ship to Canada (2021)

Calling all Canadian foodies! Here’s your chance to expand beyond poutine and butter tarts into a world of global taste sensations with some of the best food subscription boxes shipping to Canada. Whether you’re looking to change things up in the kitchen or send a loved one a tasty gift, we have a food subscription box to meet all your cravings or gifting needs.

Freshly-ground spices, dry rubs, salty snacks, sweets and everything else your taste buds desire, the Cratejoy Marketplace has a food subscription that’s curated to match your individual preferences.

Read on for some of the yummiest monthly food boxes, packed with top-quality ingredients that are sure to hit the spot. Now is the perfect time to enjoy food from all over the world with a dozen monthly subscription services that are just waiting to be eaten up.

1. The Ultimate BBQ Box


Price: Starts at $24.99/month

Whether you're grilling up fresh-caught game or the best grass-fed steak money can buy, Grill Masters Club can help you take your BBQ to the next level. Their award-winning, experienced pitmaster hand-selects an assortment of grilling goodies for every box including spice mixes and rubs, accessories, smoking chips and flavorful sauces and marinades. Plus, you can head into the members-only community for pro tips and recipes.

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2. Brothers Coffee Company


Price: Starts at $19.00/month

Support coffee with a cause by upgrading your morning Timmies' brew with a monthly subscription box from Brothers Coffee Company. This box focuses on single-origin, ethically sourced coffees, and tells the unique story of a different independent roaster and their mission on how to make the world a better place. Choose the single, double or triple for up to 3 bags of fresh coffee roasted to your personal specifications.

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3. Simple Loose Leaf Tea


Price: Starts at $11.00/month

From the first box on, Simple Loose Leaf Tea is dedicated to delivering high-quality, health-promoting tea blends that can do everything from boost your immunity, improve your digestion and help you sleep like a log. Whether you prefer it hot or iced, each box brings a 40g sampler of delicious loose leaf tea blends -- enough to brew 20 cups, including both a black and green tea, a seasonal favorite, and an herbal mix.

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4. The Keto Monthly Box


Price: Starts at $34.00/month

The keto diet depends on low-carb healthy meals and snacks for it to yield results. Set yourself up for success with The Keto Monthly Box, a discovery subscription service that gives you the opportunity to sample a wide range of keto-compliant snacks without the need to commit to large, expensive purchases. Each box brings 10 or more protein-filled snacks, all taste-tested and approved by fellow dieters.

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5. Stick in a Box


Price: Starts at $14.00/month

Stick in a Box isn't your regular gas station or grocery store jerky! Nope, with this monthly subscription, you get high-quality artisanal jerky in both classic flavors, like hickory-smoked or black pepper, and unique flavors, like teriyaki or pho. All jerkies have been carefully selected to be free from fillers and nasty preservatives, while being loaded with flavor. Plus, it's perfect for those living that low-carb keto lifestyle!

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6. Best New York Bagel


Price: Starts at $23.23/week

Since no one in the world does a bagel half as good as the Big Apple (yep, we went there!), ship them in direct from the source with Best New York Bagel. Prepare the cream cheese and dive into one of NY’s famed culinary treats. Delivering premium bagels in your choice of popular flavors, choose from 5 subscription options and enjoy that delicious deli experience with a fresh batch of bagels.

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7. MexiCrate


Price: Starts at $7.99/month

Head way down south to the Yucatan peninsula to try the sweet and spicy flavors of Mexico with MexiCrate! If you have an adventurous sweet tooth, you'll love exploring everything from tamarind taffy to spicy chili-infused lollipops with a monthly candy box that's filled with all the most popular treats. In fact, their curators stock over 150 of Mexico's faves to send you plenty of snacking variety.

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8. Hot Sauce of the Month Club


Price: Starts at $14.99/month

All Canadians who are in love with food that packs a punch will appreciate the spicy experience of becoming a member of the Hot Sauce of the Month Club. Spice aficionados at the Heat Hot Sauce Shop curate 1 or 3 full-size bottles of your choice of classic, mild, or extra-hot award-winning sauces. It's just what grill masters and home cooks need to kick any meal up a notch (or 10)!

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9. Wanderlust Select * Culinary Spice Kits


Price: Starts at $8.90/month

Adventure into a world of good food and bold flavors with Culinary Spice Kits from SpiceBreeze. This monthly subscription box brings freshly-ground herb and spice mixes and illustrated recipe cards, making it easy to prepare delightful dishes from different countries. Enjoy a wide range of authentic global entrees, like African tomato stew, Indian kadhi pakora and Korean bibimbap.

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10. Japan Crate


Price: Starts at $33.45/month

No matter where you are in the world, you can get a taste of Japanese food and culture with Japan Crate. Subscribers can choose from 6 different subscription options to explore everything from the colorful and wacky world of Japanese candy to the umami goodness of pre-packed noodles. But, that's not all! These subscriptions go beyond food to bring cute squishies, mini plushies, beauty products and capsule toys.

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11. Vegancuts Monthly Snack Box


Price: Starts at $23.95/month

Vegan does not equal bland or boring, and the Vegancuts Monthly Snack Box is here to prove it. Not only is it a great way to get delicious tasting veggie-approved snacks and sweets, but each box gives you the chance to sample different brands and try before you buy! Save time and money with this unique discovery box that's packed with a mix of 10+ sweet and savory plant-based treats.

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12. Korean Snack Box - Large


Price: Starts at $35.95/month

Canadian food delivery has just gotten more flavorful thanks to the Korean Snack Box. Thousands of subscribers are salivating over and enjoying all the sweet and salty favorites of their K-pop and K-drama idols. The large box sends a hefty serving of snacks and candies shipped directly from South Korea, allowing you to experience unique flavor combos with a variety of jellies, chocolates, chips and more!

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13. Culinarie Kit


Price: Starts at $56.50/quarter

Culinarie Kit is one of the best food subscription boxes for those who want to experiment in the kitchen and serve up a DIY chef's plate. Each quarterly box is dedicated to delivering exciting new ingredients that are perfect for inspiring kitchen creativity. Cook up the best meal of your life with hard-to-come-by fresh ingredients, useful kitchen tools and a chef-developed handcrafted spice blend.

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14. Sugarbird Sweets


Price: Starts at $30.00/month

Top off a delicious meal or create your own tea time experience with Sugarbird Sweets. This monthly delivery treats you to tea and buttery artisanal scones, shortbread or cookies -- the perfect sweet escape from the daily grind. Plus, there's no need to worry if you have dietary restrictions, because this subscription offers vegan, wheat-free and regular options to satisfy everyone's personal needs.

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15. CLEAN.FIT box


Price: Starts at $29.71/month

And speaking of dietary restrictions, no matter if you're following a gluten-free, vegan, Paleo or low-calorie diet, the CLEAN.FIT box offers healthy snacks that are perfect for helping you stay on track to reach your fitness and wellness goals. Whether you opt for the Regular or SuperSnacker size, each box is packed with wholesome goodies. And, be sure to use the promo code for added savings!

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