Gift Guide: Boxes That Surprise Your Besties with Care from Afar (2021)

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A best friend has a very special place in your heart. Whether your best friend lives down the street, across the country, or happens to be your coworker, let them know how much you love them with a personalized gift. As someone who knows them best, get them something unique and special that you won't be able to find exploring in the Amazon rabbit hole.

With our curated box of the best gift ideas for – you guessed it – your bestie, we have a little bit of everything to match her eclectic taste and lifestyle. Send her a set of scented bath bombs or a box she can enjoy with her partner, build a box that will let your favorite person know that you're thinking of her this holiday season.

What are the best gift boxes to send to your best friends?


Explore Local Box Monthly

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While getting together with our BFF to drive cross country may be more challenging now with the pandemic or with daily life obligations, explore a new US city together with a subscription box from Explore Local! Enjoy artisan treats like saltwater taffy from San Francisco, fresh coffee beans from Seattle, or culinary hers from Idaho from small businesses from that month's city! This is the perfect gift for travelers who love collecting and trying new things!


Wickbox: Monthly Medium Box

From $26.95 per box
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Who doesn't love some high-quality and fragrant candles that will not only light up your room but have it smell like a luxury boutique? Help your bestie set the vibe with a monthly handpicked candles that match your loved one's scent preferences with quality lead-free wicks, quality wax, and come in a beautiful candle container.


American Cocktail Club

From $38.99 per box
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Treat your bestie to something a little special that will lift her spirits with some spirits! Toast to your friends wherever you are with this fun gift from American Cocktail Club. Available with or without booze, each box will have her crafting cocktails like a pro with syrups, all-natural juices, low calorie, low sugar juice blends that will introduce any newbie to the world of mixology. Each box comes with 4 servings of a delicious cocktail curated by expert mixologists!


Baking fun!

From $49.42 per box
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Send your bestie a sweet DIY gift that’s perfect for any occasion! Red Velvet NYC delivers all the ingredients to bake 2 delicious and picture-ready desserts that you can bake and enjoy right at home! Making matcha swirl cookies and lemon tarts have never been easier with this curated baking giftset with pre-measured ingredients and step-by-step directions!


Crystal of the Month

From $14.50 per box
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Brighten your loved one's day with this curated box of good vibes and energy. Each box includes hand-picked crystals and minerals that not only look pretty along the windowsill but make for intentional and spiritual tools. Each month, they will receive 1 featured crystal or mineral sourced from around the world that's aimed to help with manifestations, intentions, grounding, prosperity, and more.


Vegancuts Monthly Beauty Box

From $26.99 per box
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If you're looking for a vegan-friendly care package to send to the beauty guru in your life, then Vegancuts is the way to go when it comes to clean skincare! This unique gift box includes 4 full-size cruelty-free and 100% vegan beauty items, including superfood serums, make-up wipes, oil cleansers, soap scrubs, sunscreen, facemasks, and more! Send your bestie a box that they can use to pamper themselves and feel good about using it!


Unplugged Adult Fiction Monthly Box

From $42.50 per box
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A digital detox is needed every once in a while. Why not indulge in a bit of fiction or young adult novels with a box from Unplugged Book Box. Unwind with a new book each month and 3-5 self-care products and 2-3 novelty products to curate the perfect atmosphere to help unplug and relax. Each box supports small, women-owned businesses and artists!


TheraBox | Self Care Box

From $35.00 per box
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Give your bestie a "thinking of you" gift with a box curated by those who know mindfulness and self-care best. This subscription box includes 6-8 wellness items such as skin care products, lifestyle goods, organic bath and body products, 1 happiness activity to reduce stress and spark more joy.


Goddess Provisions Box

From $27.75 per box
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Remind her of what a goddess she is with a gift basket filled with spiritually divine items with feel-good vibes for the body and soul. Each box has 5 to 7 full-size and vegan products like superfood snacks, natural beauty products, magical journals, and beautiful crystals. This is a great gift that will inspire her to set monthly intentions and inspire bedside altar.


Hempa the Explorer

From $31.67 per box
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Explore innovative CBD products in one care package. Whether your bestie is a CBD newbie or exploratory user, she'll have a blast unboxing one of Cratejoys best-selling subscription services that provide up to 9 rotating items from tinctures to edibles. Help her relax with the curated CBD products that come with educational material.


Smartass & Sass *SHIRT-ONLY* Subscription

From $17.95 per box
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If there's someone who understands you, it's your best friend. Return the love and let her know that you love all her sassy and witty qualities with a box from Smartass and Sass. Give her a box that will cheer her up when she's over it that includes a candle she can light to sage her ex or a fun piggy bank to help her quit her swearing habits.


Date Night Box Subscription

From $20.00 per box
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Take the night off from "favorite person" duty and give the perfect holiday gift that your best friend can share with their other favorite person – their partner. The Crated with Love Date Box adds that extra fire to date night with 4 to 5 challenges they can enjoy at home. Each uniquely designed activity aimed to strengthen a relationship with a lot of laughter and ways to build on connection.


Scent Club Box

From $29.83 per box
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Smell wicked good with clean and portable perfume rollers that are easy to throw in a purse and have readily on hand. Each consciously crafted fragrance has real flower essences infused with essential oils that are vegan and responsibly sourced. Choose between a handcrafted Scent Box with a new perfume and 2-3 bath and body products or a perfume oil roller only option.


Mix Box

From $29.95 per box
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Make Instagram ready cookies with a homemade treat box that you can bake together. Slip on some comfy sweats and make it a relaxing night in with a box of pre-measured ingredients to make 12 to 32 servings of delicious goodness. Bake the classics like a good 'ol snickerdoodle cookies and cinnamon buns or seasonal delights like St. Patty's cupcakes and pumpkin pie bars with this all-inclusive box.


The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box

From $23.67 per box
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As one of the most popular subscription boxes in the Cratejoy market, spend some quality time with your bestie and unbox a murder mystery box together! Make some hot cocoa and get crackin’ on new cases with this game box filled with immersive scenarios and original investigations that will have you scratching your heads with complex riddles and puzzles! Each box comes with a new theme and stand alone investigations that your bestie can do solo or with a crew of up to 4 people.


Do A Shot Of Yoga Deluxe Box

From $49.99 per box
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If your best friend likes to get up and move, a yoga box is a way to go! Whether they are an all-natural yogi or looking into committing to a daily yoga practice, Do a Shot of Yoga is the motivational partner they need to get them going. Each box includes a yoga lifestyle book or journal, yoga-themed self-care goodies, and access to other yogis in a Facebook community group! This makes for the perfect gift to spend some quality time to help build strength and flexibility in pursuit of spiritual wellness


The Clean Beauty & Skincare Box - by Laurel & Reed

From $43.95 per box
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Splurge-worthy and luxurious, Laurel & Reed is a care package that upgrades any beauty routine in an instant. A 5-star rated box that's made its way onto thousands of wishlists, each box is packed with over $100 worth of top-shelf clean beauty essentials, guaranteed to be vegan and free from harmful ingredients. Bringing a mix of 4-6 full-size uncommon goods, she'll get professional-grade skincare goodies, including serums, facials, masks and more.


Seasonal Earthlove Box

From $74.95 per box
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A great gift for your eco-conscious besties who are determined to prioritize a healthy environment, Earthlove sends an inspired quarterly gift basket that's packed with practical items that support a sustainable lifestyle. Valued at over $100, each box arrives with 6-8 full-size eco-friendly products, including inspiring books, vegan bath and body products, zero-waste accessories, jewelry and a thoughtful guide filled with practical tips and eco-challenges.



From $55.49 per box
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Filled with a themed mix of uplifting handmade goodies, with HopeBox you can send your bestie an instant infusion of love and inspiration. Available in 3 different sizes, each eclectic item is made by an artisan who has an uplifting story of hope and renewal. She’ll enjoy unboxing handcrafted feel-good items like cozy socks, warm beverages and sweets, crocheted amigurumi, all-natural body items, candles, and encouraging words!