10 Unique Subscription Boxes That Inspire You

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We all get into creative slumps or motivational ruts. Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone, trying a new lifestyle, or learning a new skill is all you need to get your creative juices flowing.

If you want to spice up your routine and get excited for a new delivery every month, try an interesting eco-friendly, fandom-inspired, or hobby subscription box.

We’ve rounded up 10 boxes that range from weird and fascinating to inspiring and thought-provoking. Curious? Browse away.



WINEDOG subscription box

Price: $35.00/mo

What You’ll Get: You probably didn’t realize you could drink wine with your dog. Winedog box includes 4-6 doggy treats, toys, and drinks alongside eclectic items for dog lovers too. All proceeds go to dog rescues and shelters, so you know you’re contributing to a worthy cause.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 4th of every month

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2. Slime City Box

Slime City Box

Price: $20.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Slime isn’t just for curious kids these days. It’s a major stress buster, entertaining as ever, and comes in fun colors and textures. Slime City Box features two boxes of scented and themed 4oz slime, a squishy, and candy for all ages.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S between the 18-22nd of every month

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3. Cloth & Paper

CLOTH and paper

Price: Starts at $18.00/mo

What You’ll Get: If you’re a pen & stationery lover who is more into the minimal aesthetic, Cloth & Paper understands you. They include 4-7 beautifully designed pens, planners, paper, stationery, and more luxury organization goods. You’ll actually be excited to make your 5 year plan!

Shipping: Ships worldwide between the 19-23rd of every month

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4. Knit-Wise


Price: $29.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Knitting isn’t just for your grandmother anymore. All those scarves, hipster wall hangings, and beanies are goods you could say you made yourself with Knit-Wise. They include all the yarn, needles, tools, instructions, and project ideas for beginners or expert knitters.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. after the 20th of every month

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5. QuocoNow

QuocoNow Subscription Box

Price: $39.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Did you know there are avocado slicers? Boiled egg cups? Specialty latte frothers? QuocoNow delivers you useful, space-saving kitchen gadgets that will surprise you and make your friends jealous. If you’re an avid cook, you’ll enjoy this cooking subscription box.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 8th of every month

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6. Accio!


Price: $39.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Keep the Harry Potter magic alive with Accio! Accio includes 4-5 pieces of home decor, bath and body products, collectibles, and candles in the Harry Potter theme. This box also makes a great gift for anyone who is just starting to read the series and beginning their magical journey.

Shipping: Ships worldwide between the 8-10th of every month

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7. Farm to People

Farm to People

Price: Starts at $29.95/mo

What You’ll Get: If you’re interested to know where your food is coming from, you know the value of fresh and local foods. Farm to People collect snacks, seasonings, and other dry foods from independent makers across the USA and includes 3-5 of the best pieces in a monthly food box for you.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. in the middle of every month

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8. Happy Project Box


Price: $34.95/mo

What You’ll Get: Live the phrase “Good Vibes Only” with the Happy Project Box. They include positive monthly messages through pins, cards, totes, pillows, journals, and a T shirt. You can use the items during yoga, hikes, coffee chats, and other happy moments in your life.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 1st of every month

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9. Lush Bites

Price: Starts at $19.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Gluten-free cookies never looked so good. Lush Bites makes sure all the celiacs and gluten intolerant eaters out there can still enjoy a delicious cookie. They include 6-12 gourmet cookies of multiple varieties, flavors, and icing colors in each monthly cookie box.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. on the 3rd Monday of every month

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10. Planet Lofire

Planet Lofire

Price: $39.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Zero waste living is attainable with Planet Lofire’s help. They include recyclable or reusable goodies to help transform your morning skincare routine, laundry, and kitchen cleaning items. They replace your harsh chemicals and hard plastic containers with DIY glass products, dryer balls, toothbrushes and pastes, essential oils, air plants, and more goodies that will last you forever. Literally.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. on the 4th of every month

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Need more unique subscription boxes? You’ve come to the right place.

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