Inspirational Gift Ideas That Promote Positivity

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You’re the kind of person who believes in living life to the fullest through faith, hope, and love. For you, every day is a beautiful experience and your friends are truly lucky to have you in their lives! Share your bright outlook on life through these 8 inspirational gifts!


Oola: Find Balance in an Unblanced World by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl – $24.99

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Every self-help book at your local bookstore seems to drone on and on with the same, repetitive advice. Oola: Find Balance in an Unblanced World by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl is a book that redefines self-improvement. Through a collection of heartwarming stories and sincere anecdotes, it inspires you to find balance in your life! By gifting this to a loved one, you are telling them how much you want their lives to be successful! The women’s edition of Oola was so popular that Faithbox featured it in their May 2017 collection!


4Ocean Bracelet – $20.00

You’re grateful for everything this gorgeous Earth has done for us and the 4Ocean Bracelet is a perfect gift for your planet-loving friend! This bracelet is simple, unisex, and is made completely out of recycled materials. With every purchase, it funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean! This inspirational positivity is so powerful that Goddess Provisions couldn’t resist including it in their June 2017 box.


L’Aura Bath Salts – $6.00

To be inspired, soaking in bath salts is one of the best ways to gain some clarity in a time of peace. By giving your bestie L’Aura Bath Salts, you’ll be asking them to take time for themselves and regain an enlightened outlook on life. They’ll be able to soak in the aromatic positivity of Dead Sea salts, essential oils, and botanicals. These salts are amazing enough to be in TheraBox’s April 2017 box!


Mountain Rose Herbs’ Palo Santo Smudge Sticks – $9.00

Expressing personal positivity is wonderful and your space should mimic those glorious feelings! Purify your friend’s environment with Mountain Rose Herbs’ Palo Santo Smudge Sticks! Palo Santo (“holy wood”in Spanish) is a tree from Central and South America. These sticks are ethically sourced from fallen branches and are used to clear any space of negativity. Unlike white sage, it doesn’t need to be lit in order to cleanse! Merkaela, a quarterly wellness subscription, understands their effectiveness and included them in their Spring 2017 box!


Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea – $4.89

Did you know that tea drinks have a lower chance of developing skin, breast, and prostate cancer? It should come to no surprise that giving the gift of nutritious tea is positively inspiring and will put a little pep in your friend’s step! Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea from Yogi combines Green Mate and Assam Black Tea, both of which are traditionally used to uplift the spirits! It is so deliciously impressive that Sparkle Hustle Grow delivered it to their subscribers in June of 2017!


Jessica Rose Stitchery Embroidered “Hope” Hoop – $20.00

As July comes to a close, I think back on my first month with Hopebox and how much this company has helped me out. It has helped me to grow my business and improve my skills, giving me the opportunity to make more hoops within this month than I have ever made, all while helping to spread hope to those who need it! I couldn't be more excited about what's to come with Hopebox. 😄 This little hope hoop has meant so much to me, and hopefully to those of you who received one! I spent hours on each and every one because I know how it feels to receive a truly handmade gift, and that's what this company is all about! 💞 If you haven't already subscribed, head over to and be sure to use coupon code ROSE10 to save 10% forever! 😊 . . . #sendhope #hopebox #sendhopebox #jessicarosestitchery #hope #needhope #hopehoop #hopeembroidery #hopestitch #hoopart #embroideryart #modernembroiderymovement #contemporaryembroidery #modernembroidery #create #makersgonnamake #handmade #handstitched #etsy #etsysellers #nicegirlsneedleclub #subscriptionbox #monthlybox #embroidery #handembroidery #fiberart #dmcembroidery #dmc #couponcode

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Inspiration comes from passion and a hopeful outlook on life. By offering your loved one a Jessica Rose Stitchery Embroidered “Hope” Hoop, you are delivering hope into their everyday life. This handmade product is framed within a 4-inch hoop and 100% cotton! It’s the exact kind of item that anyone would love to wake up and see. Hopebox believes in delivering inspiration and included one in their June 2017 box.


Pintrill’s “Good Vibes Only” Pin – $12.00

Giving off good vibes is as great for your as it is to the people that surround you. With something as simple as Pintrill’s “Good Vibes Only” Pin, your friend can advertise their views on life in an inspirational way. This high-quality pin is in a golden square shape and has a rubber pin clutch. It’s big enough to be noticeable but small enough to be pinned anywhere! If you ever need a dose of positive vibes monthly, The Happy Project Box subscription delivers items similar to Pintrill’s “Good Vibes Only” Pin!


Succulent and Stone Arrangement from Pottery Barn – $34.50

Being inspired in the work environment is important and having plants in the office can reduce stress and clean the air! So by gifting your bestie a Succulent and Stone Arrangement from Pottery Barn, you are helping them remain inspirational during their work day. These kinds of positive products for the workplace are found the Happy Higher Club!

Gifting your loved ones with any of these products is sure to bring a smile to their face, just like any inspirational subscription! If you are looking for monthly boxes that will uplift any spirit, you can find them on the Cratejoy marketplace!


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