The Best Subscription Boxes for Preschoolers and Early Education

Bill Gates said in the past, "The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out." Now more than ever, Science has helped us understand how true Gates' words are. According to the CDC, the brain starts growing in the womb and keeps growing in major ways until a little one is 8 years old.

But don't let this fact intimidate you! You can nurture preschoolers and kids in early elementary school with age-appropriate educational tools conveniently curated into monthly subscription boxes. These subscription services are designed to stimulate young minds, taking early explorers on imaginative adventures, and helping them develop reading skills and fine motor skills. Whether they deliver art projects or serve as book clubs, all are packed with fun ways to learn, and take the hard work out of staying creative — saving you time, energy, and a whole lot of runaround.



Monthly Tinkering Toddler Crates for Ages 3-5

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Created by a teacher and mom, Tinkering Toddler Crates is designed to encourage hands-on fun geared toward the 3-5 year-old age group. Each themed box aims to make it easy for parents to prepare their little ones for active learning.

“This box is such a wonderful idea and a hit with my child! It is so put in order, has the greatest activities and I love the holiday activities included. It creates so many memories that are learning experience through this box. Love it!” -Ashley F., December 2018


DIY Kids Crafts Kit – Award Winning Kids Art and Craft Box

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Nothing inspires positive together time like a great craft project! The We Craft Box is curated for young creatives between the ages of 3 and 9, and offers the perfect opportunity for screen-free fun, bringing all the supplies needed to complete an art project of their own.

“This was our first box. I was impressed with the quality of the craft items and loved experimenting with the watercolor crayons! We will have fun all week with this!” -Melinda R., October 2020


Green Kid Crafts STEAM Box

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Foster a love of learning all about art and science with Green Kid Crafts! Thoughtfully curated with environmentally-friendly materials and supplies, each box delivers age-appropriate activities that set the foundation for STEAM learning.

“First box was a complete delight for the two 3-year-olds in my care. They were completely engaged with the art/science/exploration materials for several hours. The families appreciated that everything included is recyclable. I loved that everything I needed was in the box and I could see them learning as they played. It's just what I hoped for.” -Tyra M., December 2021

Interactive Fun


Sensory TheraPLAY Box!

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Designed for children on the autism spectrum or those with sensory processing needs, the Sensory TheraPLAY Box delivers fun, tactile toys that will engage your child in calming, therapeutic playtime and help them develop their sensory motor skills.

“So fun! Many more items in the box than I expected. I have been buying sensory items for my kids for many years and this box surprised me with products I’ve never seen on store shelves.” -Alison C., April 2021


Little Learners Busy Box

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Every Little Learners Busy Box centers around a monthly theme and comes filled with ready-to-go, hands-on activities that help develop the skills your future preschooler needs. Even better —activities are reusable, and can be mixed and matched for more learning for your 2- to 4-year-old.

“We are big fans of Little Leaners Busy Boxes! We love all of the activities - great for preschoolers! The activities are reusable and can be adjusted for different ability levels.” -Devyn S., February 2022


Wiggle Worms Kits

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Kids learn through play! Wiggle Worms Kits bring high-quality crafts and educational STEM activities right to the front door. And, many activities have a live component on Facebook, so your kids can watch before they try for themselves.

“I ordered a Wiggle Worms kit for my 4-year old, and I am so glad that I did! He and I watch the videos on Youtube together, and it helps us complete the activities. He has learned so much with these kits!” -Christina G., November 2021


Little Bookish Wardrobe Book Club

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The Little Bookish Wardrobe doesn’t just engage curious young minds with good reads tailored to your kids’ age ranges and interests. It illustrates and elaborates on the month’s story through costumes and crafts designed to fuel their creative spirits.

“My daughter got her first box and is obsessed with the sloth outfit! So much thought is put into your product and it really shows. The cute little hat and fuzzy jacket wet along perfectly with the story. She also has read the story several times and had so much fun making the little sloth paws too!” -Melanie S., March 2021


VIP BOX of SENSORY TOYS 💛 - Kids 4-9 years

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Self-regulation is a key component for children on (and off) the autism spectrum, and Sensory Toys can help. Tactile stimulation through toys designed to be squeezed, popped and pulled can help kids stay calm and centered.

“Nice variety of products that one can squish, pull, bend, stretch and fidget. Suited my 11yr old girl well. She doesn’t have a disability...just loves the feeling and fun.” -Alison C., April 2021



The Preschool Box

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The Preschool Box is a pre-K and kindergartener subscription that will help your child get excited about school. Featuring hands-on learning activities, stickers and a Parent Guide, each box focuses on developing phonics skills, counting, shapes, colors, and writing.

“I have a daycare, and one of my kids is older than the others. I got this box to give her something special to do. I absolutely love it. I have ordered boxed curriculum before, but this one is the perfect mix of fun activities.” -Kim H., April 2022



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Following the foundational idea of the 5 Building Blocks of Early Learning: Talk, Read, Play, Think, and Do, Get Ready 4 Kindergarten is an educational subscription box packed with high-quality, fun activities that will ensure your little one's kindergarten readiness.

“This box has been a huge hit with my four-year-old, and very much helped me out as I try to work from home and manage a one-year-old! We've enjoyed both the books and crafts!” -Sheila B., October 2020


Baby Bug Box (Curated, 0-30 mos. old)

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Handpicked by the expert staff of an indie children’s bookstore, the Reading Bug Box is a book subscription that’s personalized to your child’s age, interests, and reading level. Start baby off with board books that promote read-aloud parent-child bonding, and extra goodies, too!

“This is a FANTASTIC box and value. I am so, so impressed at how well these books have been selected for what my girls liked. Really fantastic box!” -Sarah A., February 2022


Snail Mail Weekly Letter from Sunny the Mail Snail for ages 3 to 8

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Sunny the Mail Snail is here to promote literacy by making reading fun. Heading off on a global adventure, kiddos can track their special friend’s travels and read a weekly letter that arrives in the mail just for them.

“This was an excellent gift for a 7 and 5 year old. Wonderful customer service, great idea! I was a mail carrier and I love seeing the future generations get excited about the mail. They love it too!” -Angela H., July 2021