The Best Slime Subscription Boxes for Kids & Kawaii Fans

Sure, we all know that we can grab some borax, bust out an activator and any other necessary slime supplies and create DIY slime right at home, but it doesn't always turn out as expected. Even pre-packaged slime kits can leave slime lovers goo'd in an unexpected way. If you want to ensure you get all the squishy stress relief that you want, here are some of the best subscriptions to get your hands on a wide range of unique slimes.

In fact, getting a slime box or a box of squishies can be even more enjoyable than making your own slime -- whether it's a fail or not! Themed boxes packed with stringy, glittery and crunchy goodies bring plenty of ooey gooey goodness right from the very first box. Dive into days of slurpy, squishy fun with these monthly slime boxes!


Monthly Squishies and Slime

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Monthly Squishies and Slime is curated by a kawaii slime company that sends a box of trending tactile treats! When each box turns up on the doorstep, waste no time getting in on some slappy, sloppy ASMR fun with a handmade Little Rubi slime. And, when you need a break from that, get hands on with a mix of character squishies, squishy keychains, novelty goodies, colorful school supplies, sweet treats and more.