14 Subscription Boxes for Fandom, Geeks, and Gamers

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Searching for the perfect gift for your favorite geek? The one who knows eight million times more than you ever could about Marvel/manga/Harry Potter/D&D/vintage console games and can quote the entirety of Wrath of Khan with their hands tied behind their back?

No nerd to worry: you don’t have to fight this gazebo alone. Step into our secret lair and let our expert team of geek subscription box curators work their magic!


1. Subscriptions by Espionage Cosmetics – Starts at $15/mo.

Subscriptions by Espionage Cosmetics

Over at Espionage Cosmetics, Nerd Misfits are curating packages that fuse the joys of fandom, fashion, and fun. You can choose your own adventure with their geeky, boutique-style BOOM!Box and/or treat yo’ self to their NEXUS subscription that includes TWO new nail wrap designs every month.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States


2. Supply Pod From Outer Places — Starts at $39.99/bi-monthly

Science, meet science fiction. Supply Pod From Outer Places delivers quality items, collectibles, snacks, books and more that correspond thematically with upcoming scientific events or science fiction releases. Recent themes included The Martian and Star Wars—what’s next? Sign up and find out!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries


3. Retro Game Treasure — Starting at $34.99/month

Remember Final Fantasy 7? Tetris? Sonic? Tomb Raider? Unlock those cherished memories with Retro Game Treasure, a monthly treasure chest of vintage video games delivered right to his door. Select your console of choice, and each month your geek will receive three to five games for that console. Talk about infinite replay value!

Details: Ships to select countries from United States


4. Fangirl Monthly – Starting at $18.00/month

Fangirl Monthly

Fangirl Monthly is an anime- and manga- inspired jewelry and accessories subscription box. Each month you will receive 3-5 pieces of fandom inspired designs based on the featured theme, plus a collectible postcard and custom pouch to store your jewelry.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



5. Fandom of the Month Club – Starting at $13/month

Harry Potter. Divergent. Tolkien. Star Trek. Whatever your fandom, Fandom of the Month Club elevates geek to chic. Each monthly box is themed like a different, surprise fandom and contains over $30 worth of thematic jewelry. Whether you wear your [Dr. Who/Star Wars/Narnia/Hunger Games.] pride on your sleeve, or nurture your geek love in secret, Fandom of the Month Club’s box is definitely your OTP.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries



6. The Bam Box – Starting at $29.99/month


The Bam Box is a sheer delight for nerds of every stripe: with limited edition artwork and prints, one autographed item per box, and exclusive items, this subscription box is a hardcore celebration of all things comics collector. Geek up and geek out, comics fans!

Details: Ships to select countries from United States



7. Dungeon Crate – Starting at $33.95/month

A box for high adventure! Dungeon Crate is a monthly treasure chest of tabletop and roleplaying game accessories. Get dice, miniatures, game expansions, and other sweet surprise gaming supplies delivered right to your geek’s door to keep their game going on-table and off.

Details: Ships to worldwide from United States



8. Geek Chic Monthly –  Starting at $15.00/month

Be still, my geeky heart! Every month from Geek Chic Monthly, you will receive a custom designed box and postcard with 3 jewelry pieces and 1-2 accessories (such as candles, keychains, decals, bath products, plush toys, etc.) inspired by a different fandom theme.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



9. ComicBoxer — Starting at $19.99/month

A box for the true comics fan, ComicBoxer delivers 5 or more of the hottest new comic books to your geek’s doorstep every month. Pairing with all major comic book publishers, ComicBoxer guarantees that each box’s value is boosted with the inclusion of variants, #1 issues, signed editions, exclusives and more!

Details: Ships worldwide from Canada except for select countries



10. Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly– Starts at $19/mo.

Kal Elle Fandom Monthly

Just like any good fandom collection, Kal-Elle has a little bit of everything. Jewelry, accessories, art prints, stickers – it’s the ultimate nerd box for the geeky lady in your life. Like most of the boxes featured here, each box follows a monthly theme and has 4-7 fandom goodies.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



11. Game Box Monthly – Starting at $25/month

If you’ve got a board or card game player in your life, you know they’re always on the hunt for the newest, best and most unique. Help them get their game on with Game Box Monthly! The good folks at GBM will send them a brand new board or card game tailored to their preferences every month. Get games from all around the world and never get a game they already own. Game on!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries



12. Charm With Me Club – Starting at $19.99/month

Charm With Me Club

Charm With Me Club will bring you the most unique geeky themed charms so you can build your own bracelet to your liking! They will gift you a starter bracelet when you sign up along with the 2 current charms of the month you signed up.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



13. GeekGear Box — Starting at £19.99/month

Don’t lie: we know you spent years waiting for your Hogwarts invitation to come fluttering down the chimney. Well, wait no longer: GeekGear Box is your entry into the World of Wizardry. Choose your Hogwarts house, and get a personalized mystery box each month including a t-shirt and 5-10 items just for you. Turn away from that Mirror of Erised: all you need is right here.

Details: Ships worldwide from United Kingdom



14. Anime Bento — Starting at $35.00/month

Anime Bento is a treasure chest curated for the true otaku. Each box includes 5-6 anime-themed items, including manga, Japanese snacks and candies, toys, collectibles, and more. Get your geek’s otaku lifestyle delivered right to their doorstep. Sugoi ne!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries



15. Paper Street Books and Comics — Starting at $27.00/bi-month

Scratching your head over the perfect gift for the geeky reader in your life? Look no further—Paper Street Books and Comics has got you covered. This bi-monthly box sends out books and/or graphic novels in the sci-fi, fantasy, horror and suspense genres with thematic goodies like shirts, jewelry, bath and beauty, or art prints.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries



16. Nerdy Post – Starting at $13.95/month

Nerdy Post

Each month Nerdy Post features a different fandom from books, TV, and movies! If you love it, chances are they do, too! Your Nerdy Post will be filled with 5-7 exclusive items featuring original, hand-lettered and illustrated quotes, symbols, images, etc. Nerdy Tees features the same art on a super soft t-shirt each month.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



Looking for more great gifts for your favorite comics or gamer geek?

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