The Best Geeky Subscription Boxes for a Fandom Fantasy Fix

Here at Cratejoy, you'll find nerdy box subscriptions that cater to a broad selection of franchises and different areas of pop culture with boxes curated specifically for gamers, superhero worshippers, Star Wars fanatics and Disney nuts. No matter where your passion lies, we’ve got a niche geek subscription box to fulfill all your fan wants and needs.

What are the best nerd subscription boxes out there?


GeekGear WIZARDRY Special Edition Subscription

From £44.99 per box
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The wizarding world awaits you at your door each month with a subscription to GeekGear. Created for fans of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, choose from 5 different subscription tiers to get an assortment of licensed products, including an exclusive T-shirt and other wearables, exciting collectibles, prop replicas, original artwork, postcards, and a high-quality tea.


Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly

From $17.00 per box
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Fangirls are loving the curated collections of geekiness sent by Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly. A subscription box that's all about proudly wearing your obsessions, each month's box is centered around a particular fandom, ranging from favorite Disney movies and superheroes, to video game characters and fan-favorite books. Unbox 7-8 unique items, like jewelry, hats, wall art, totes and more.


Mystery Toy Box

From $31.99 per box
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Featuring some of the top collectible toy brands, like Tokidoki, Kidrobot, and Superplastic, each Mystery Toy Box by Mindzai packs in an exciting mix of your favorites in every box. Delivering over $65 in value each month, treat your inner geek to everything from popular Funko pop culture figurines and Kidrobot's Yummy World plushies to some of the most popular collectible mystery packs.


The Heroes Tower Mini Mystery Box

From $16.00 per box
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A little like a choose-your-own-adventure, The Heroes Tower is customized to your preferences and creates a "this is my geek box" type of experience. Choose from 5 different-sized mystery boxes and select a theme that works for you, spanning everything from Star Wars and Anime to Video Games. Unbox comic books, collectibles, stickers, room decor, and so much more.


Dungeon Crate™

From $28.65 per box
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Dungeon Crate is a monthly subscription box that's going to take your tabletop setup to the next level. One of the best subscription boxes for Dungeon Masters and D&D guilds, this box is curated by in-the-know, experienced gamers who handpick and deliver a whole lotta loot, including RPG accessories, miniatures, and dice, plus downloadable adventures, campaigns, and maps.


Air Drop Crates

From $36.50 per box
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Calling all video game lovers! With a subscription to Air Drop Crates, you're in for a gaming grab bag that focuses on gaming-related accessories, apparel, and household goods. From the first box, you'll dive into a themed mix worth at least $40, that includes everything from officially licensed geeky goodies, like patches and jewelry to snacks, collectibles, and more.


Disney Japan Monthly Magic

From $38.99 per box
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Ever wonder what Tokyo Disney is all about? Now you can get in on the action when you subscribe to MyKawaiiMouse Monthly Magic, a box that specializes in sending exclusive items and merch direct from Disney Japan! Enjoy a magical unboxing experience each month with a themed box packed with jewelry, accessories, plushies, stickers, keychains, and other fantastic gadgets.


Puzzle Culture Box (Bi-Monthly Edition)

From $34.99 per box
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For those who prefer to unplug and take your geek fuel at a slower pace, join the Puzzle Culture Box for a limited-edition, high-quality 500-piece puzzle featuring the artwork of an independent artist. But the fun doesn't stop there! The jigsaw artwork inspires a theme for the box, which includes 2 curated gifts, a puzzle challenge card, and a fab art print, too.


Brick Loot Subscription

From $39.17 per box
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Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box for all LEGO-obsessed super fans that makes it a point to bring hard-to-find brick sets, custom kits created by famous designers, and customized mini figs. Curated by fellow brick-building fanatics, subscribers enjoy exclusive sets, cool collectibles, and unique accessories with every box!


Box of Matter

From $37.46 per box
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Find out what the buzz is all about when you subscribe to Box of Matter, a fan favorite that’s ideal for lovers of science, history and all things cool! Part museum and part lab project, each box features a mini collection of curiosities, including natural specimens and artifacts with historical significance. The exclusive items are paired with an info card highlighting the rare and unique properties of each selection.


Manga Spice Cafe Subscription - Month to Month

From $45.95 per box
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Bringing the unique experience of a manga cafe from Tokyo to your front door, Manga Spice Cafe is a fun monthly box that's perfect for lovers of manga, anime, and all things Japanese. Each box delivers 3 newly released manga, suitable for those 15+, along with 3-5 sweet or savory Japanese snacks, 1 cafe drink item, a detailed artist info sheet, and occasional surprise gifts.


Mystery Manga Box

From $50.00 per box
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Because manga nerds aren't all created equal, there's the Mystery Manga Box, a monthly subscription that caters to each subscriber's personal preferences. Simply let them know your likes and dislikes, your favorite genres and series, and the pros will handpick 1 manga (brand-new and Volume 1), a sweet and salty anime snack, and a Japanese soda to wash it down with.


ComicBoxer for U.S. Customers

From $17.99 per box
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Pow! Bam! ComicBoxer packs the perfect punch for comic lovers young and old. Coming at you with subscription boxes tailored to both children and adult comic lovers, subscribers will get 5 or more comics from the best-known publishers, including DC, Marvel and Image. All comics are flat-packed with care, and every box may include firsts, exclusives and even signed editions.