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12 Unique Subscription Box Gifts for Your Grandma

Grandma, grams, nana, abuela, memaw…. there are many names for the special women in your life who gives you the best hugs and bakes the best treats. Grandmothers deserve the world and we want to help you give her just that!

A card is nice, but a subscription box full of everything she loves is even better! Here are 12 unique gifts for your grandma to make her feel extra loved on her birthday, or any day!



Price: Starts at $12.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Whether she’s been wearing the same jewelry for years or loves to collect new pieces, this subscription is sure to please. mintMONGOOSE delivers 3 to 4 pieces of high-quality jewelry plus fun accessories (depending on the box you choose). This super affordable and very trendy box will help her feel, and look, young again.

Shipping: Ships worldwide the 15th of every month, first-time orders ship within 48 hours

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2. Senior Delight


Price: Starts at $42.99/mo

What You’ll Get: If your grandmother lives far away, why not give her a care package that you personalized for her? Senior Delight fills her box with personal touches, nicknames, photos, and notes alongside 6-8 items to engage her mind, relax, inspire hope, and promote wellness.

Shipping: Ships worldwide by the 4th of every month

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3. Culinarie Kit


Price: $49.95/3 months

What You’ll Get: You probably still dream about your grandmother’s home cooking and look forward to it when the holidays roll around. This quarterly cooking subscription delivers gourmet ingredients, tips, tools, and more to help take her cooking to the next level (if that’s even possible). Culinarie Kit is a gift that she will love and your family will thank you for.

Shipping: Ships quarterly to select countries

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4. GrandBox


Price: $33.00/mo

What You’ll Get: You can’t go wrong with this subscription box for grandparents. Each box comes with full-sized snacks, activities, bath products, and more to put a smile on her face. What makes this special? You can include 5 photos and a note in every box to added a personal touch!

Shipping: Ships near the 15th of every month within the U.S.

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5. BloomsyBox


Price: Starts at $39.99/mo

What You’ll Get: A bouquet of flowers will light up her home and her heart. Each month, your grandma will receive a fresh, handpicked bouquet at her door. All of the flowers are cut to order and seasonal! You can choose to send small, medium, or large bundles… we suggest you go large.

Shipping: Ships between the 16th and 23rd of every month within the U.S.

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6. Coffee and a Classic


Price: Starts at $25.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Your grandmother will take a trip down memory lane with a reading time filled with classic characters from her past. Each month, this book box will bring her 1 classic book, something warm to sip on, and 2 bookish items. If you want to get the larger box, she’ll also receive a coffee mug and a bookmark!

Shipping: Ships on the 3rd Thursday of every month within the U.S.

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7. Knit-Wise


Price: $29.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Knit wise makes it super easy for you to support your grandmother’s kitting addiction. Each month they ship out plenty of yarn, needles, and fun accessories for her to try new designs and get inspired. Her hands will never be idle with Knit-Wise!

Shipping: Ships within the United States after the 20th of every month

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8. Salty Bath


Price: Starts at $34.95/mo

What You’ll Get: Relaxation and self-care is enjoyed at every age, which is what makes this subscription the perfect gift. She’ll receive 5 to 9 bath and skincare products that bring the spa to home. An example of these all-natural products includes bath soaks, essential oils, small candles, body butters, salt scrubs, and much more.

Shipping: Ships around the 25th of every month to select countries

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9. Tea Box Express


Price: $25.50/mo

What You’ll Get: Tea is the perfect drink to help you feel both refreshed and cozy. Gift her a tea adventure where she can taste brands and flavors she’s never tried before! Each box includes quality loose leaf tea plus accessories such as infusers, measuring spoons, and sweet treats.

Shipping: Ships around the 15th of every month within the U.S.

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10. Urban Organic Gardener


Price: Starts at $9.99/mo

What You’ll Get: If your grandma has a green thumb or simply loves to be outside, then this is the box for her. Urban Organic Gardener delivers 5 seed packs every month that are curated around season and location. This is gardening made easy! She’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors all while growing her very own herbs and veggies.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. on the 5th each month

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11. Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co


Price: Starts at $10.00/mo

What You’ll Get: All of the great smells of cooking, clean laundry, and garden flowers were probably aided by great candles. Help your grandmother scent her home with Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co. Each box comes with a wax melt or candle that is hand-poured and made of soy. You can even choose the scents!

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 1st Monday of every month

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