11 Best Mother's Day Subscription Box Gifts for Grandma

You'd never forget gifts for mom on Mother's Day—but are you careful each year to remember and celebrate her mom, too? Whether she's your Gigi, Nana, or Grammy, you can always go with Mother's Day classics like fresh flowers, baked goods, and time with her grandkids. But what if Grandma needs more than the basics this year?

Whether she's been by your side through the pandemic or keeping safe through social distancing, now is the perfect time to send the family matriarch a unique gift to arrive at her front door every month.

We've put together a Mother's Day gift guide that'll help you surprise her with the perfect gift. And remember, the best gifts come from the heart, so see which of these gift subscriptions speaks to yours!

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Grandma


The Clean Beauty & Skincare Box - by Laurel & Reed

From $43.95 per box
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Discount: Use code CRATEJOY10 at checkout for 10% off

What's Included: New grandmas and those with plenty of experience can treat their maturing skin to the best clean skincare products on the market with a gift subscription to Laurel & Reed. This luxury-curated box is filled with cruelty-free and non-toxic beauty products valued at $125+. Each month, she'll get a selection of full-size products including lotions, serums, mists, and more.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. immediately if the current box is available, or on the 15th of the following month and Canada


Once Upon a Book Club Box (Adult Edition)

From $61.25 per box
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What's Included: Reading can provide incredible comfort and escape—even when it doesn't come with presents! In this unique experience, Grandma will receive 3-5 wrapped gifts corresponding to page numbers in each book. As she reads, she'll be directed to open the gifts at the most important moments to bring the book to life!

Shipping: Ships worldwide the 17th-20th of the month; orders placed after the 14th will ship the 17th-20th of the following month



From $49.99 per box
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What's Included: Does anything say "I love you, Grandma" better than freshly-cut flowers? As traditional as keepsakes or birthstone jewelry, you can't go wrong with a bunch of beautiful blooms cut to order! A gift that keeps on giving, BloomsyBox features hand-tied floral bouquets made from sustainably sourced flowers in a variety of different size options.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. between the 16th-23rd every month


Succulents Box

From $4.00 per box
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What's Included: What's organically grown, needs just a little bit of TLC, can improve household air quality, and looks pretty darn cute dotting shelves, countertops, and windowsills? The plants packed into every monthly Succulents Box! Backed by a satisfaction guarantee, choose to send a variety of succulents or air plants, anywhere from 1 to 4 per month, in plastic or terracotta pots.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. 3 business days after ordering, then between the 18th-20th of each month


Scrapbook Kits_002

From $12.00 per box
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What's Included: Now she can put together a collection of family recipes or memorialize some of life's special moments with a subscription to the Scrapbooking Store. This favorite pastime has never been easier or more fun than with this monthly box. A true "one-stop shop" for all things scrapbooking, she'll get a themed scrapbook kit complete with 12x12 double-sided pages, stickers, and other embellishments.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. in 2-3 business days after ordering, then on the same calendar day each month thereafter


Introverts Retreat

From $46.99 per box
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Discount: Use code LEAVEMEALONE at checkout to get 10% off your first box!

What's Included: Introverts rejoice: the Introverts Retreat subscription box allows for relaxation and recharging at home and alone—and in style. Each box features a novel in Grandma's choice of genre and different options offer various add-ons, from skincare to snacks.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. and Canada shortly after order date



From $52.99 per box
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Discount: Use code SPRING10 for a special discount

What’s Included: Described as a "little box of love" month after month, HopeBox is here to help Grandma celebrate motherhood with an assortment of handmade treasures selected to warm the heart and soul. It's the ultimate Grandma gift, complete with an enjoyable unboxing experience that features self-care and artisanal goodies like bath products, wall art, crocheted cuties, candles, and more!

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. within 1-2 business days from ordering


Sips by Box - Personalized Tea Discovery

From $15.00 per box
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What’s Included: If Grandma is a tea lover, she already knows that relaxing at home and sipping a delicious brew is the stuff of self-care dreams! The Sips by Box can help her dive deep and discover her favorite tea flavors and brands. She'll begin by taking an online quiz detailing her likes and preferences, then she'll get a handpicked mix of 4 premium teas from different brands, curated just for her.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. within 2 weeks of ordering


Knit-Wise: Knit Monthly

From $28.00 per box
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Discount: Use code KNITHAPPENS for 15% off your first box of the monthly subscription

What’s Included: The fiber arts aren't just for Grammy anymore –– but if she's an expert in the world of knitting and crocheting, give her a little DIY inspo with a monthly subscription to Knit-Wise. Choose to send a box of top-quality yarn, an advanced project, or a beginner kit, depending on her needs! Filled with all the necessary items, she can open it up and get straight to crafting.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. after the 20th of every month


Craft in Style, Monthly Craft Supply Kit Subscription

From $30.75 per box
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What's Included: What's fun? Crafting. What's more fun? Crafting when you have all of the perfect supplies on hand for each project. Enter the Craft in Style box. Grandma can make stylish DIY projects: each box has new projects, easy instructions, all the supplies, and free gifts along the way, plus crafts vary from terrariums, clay marbling, candles, gold gilding, sun print photography + more.

Shipping: Ships worldwide within 3-5 business days of your order


The Standard - Wine Club (Monthly) By "He Wines, She Dines"

From $50.00 per box
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What’s Included: This Mother's Day, fill her glass with wine that matches her tastes with a membership to the Standard Wine Club. A questionnaire will let the experts know her likes and dislikes –– plus, her adventurousness when it comes to trying something new. Then they'll handpick a trio of the world’s best wines for her drinking pleasure. (Makes a great birthday gift or Christmas gift, too!)

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. within 5 business days of ordering, then on the 21st of each month