Popular Subscription Box Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2021


After the challenging year that was 2020, people everywhere are vowing to make 2021 a truly great year –– and Cratejoy makes it easy to make that happen. You can explore new interests and get unique products with these fun and high-quality subscription box services. But which subscription boxes will be the most popular in 2021? Here are the trends that millennials, couples, families, single women, and more are going to enjoy throughout 2021, from soothing self-care products to mouthwatering treats and conversation-starting, personalized experiences.

With monthly subscription boxes, you can try new items, indulge in luxury experiences, or boost your wellness. Whether by yourself or with a partner, you can try a subscription service that brings you the hottest new snacks, crafts, or deluxe skincare and beauty products. Because they’re delivered safely to your door, subscription boxes are a great way to sample brands and set the stage for new experiences safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you’re someone who always wants to stay on top of the newest trends or just wants to treat yourself to something new once in a while, a subscription box can bring you a crate full of pretty surprises and the supplies for unforgettable memories. Make 2021 the year you make Instagram-worthy crafts, bake Pinterest-perfect desserts, explore your mystical side, or have the best date night ever –– all from your own kitchen or living room!

Subscription Box Trends for the Home: Spruce Up Your Space and Yourself


If you’ve been spending more time than ever at home, you’re probably pretty tired of the same old surroundings and routine. Fortunately, Cratejoy subscription boxes can help you ring in some fresh new decor and activities. You can dig into gardening, get gorgeous new home accents, or cozy up with the books everyone will be talking about this year.

Looking to feel and look better in 2021, even if you don’t join a gym? Commit to stocking your kitchen with the trendiest healthy snacks. Need time to relax, rejuvenate, and reinvest in yourself? Focus on your mental health and me-time. Who needs New Year’s resolutions when you have a subscription box? Every month, you’ll receive curated items that encourage and inspire you to try something new. It’s the resolution that’s fun and simple to keep!

Subscription Box Trends for At-Home Hobbies & Activities: Make Your Move


Want to avoid cabin fever during the winter? A mystery subscription box can give you, or you and your partner, everything you need for an unforgettable night of fun and games. You can choose from the best escape room subscription boxes and banish your boredom. These monthly boxes arrive with all of the instructions and pieces you need for your game, letting you focus on the puzzle at hand from the comfort of home. A mystery subscription box is a delightful and on-trend way to both keep your mind active and help you stay connected and engaged with your partner or a group of friends.

Are you feeling more bookish than usual? The good news is that reading never goes out of style, and there are book subscription boxes for every literary taste. Cratejoy has a great guide to the best subscription boxes for book lovers, featuring page-turning options for budding readers, romance enthusiasts, mystery aficionados, sci-fi and fantasy fans, self-help devotees, and even aspiring authors. How about launching your own book of the month club to spark some great literary conversations and connect with your friends during the pandemic? Order a book box for yourself and a friend, and share your thoughts on the book during a video meet-up or a socially-distanced get-together.


One trend that’s continuing well into 2021 is the trend of arts and crafts. With a craft subscription box, you’ll receive all the tools you need to make a cute project that your social media followers will love. Monthly craft kits for adults offer a delightful way to dip your toes into a hobby you’ve never tried before or practice a technique you’ve always wanted to improve. Check out a craft box subscription and explore calligraphy, painting, sketching, candle-making, fiber arts, jewelry-making, and much more. You can even enjoy a craft box for yourself and send one to a friend for an artistic girl’s night in.

Want to grow a new skill that’s been trending for a few years and shows no sign of stopping? Get rooted in gardening with a plant subscription box. A flower subscription can help beautiful things bloom in your life and your garden while giving you the chance to enjoy the fresh air and the outdoors while you’re planting. If you’re concerned that you don’t have a green thumb, give a succulent subscription a try. A succulent box brings easy-care little plants to your home with all of the planting supplies already included. Don’t have a yard or only have a small space to work with? Our guide to small-space gardening gives you valuable tips and tricks to nurture plants and succulents, no matter where you are.

Subscription Box Trends for Couples and Self-Care: Unbox a Connection


Trying to keep the romance alive while stuck at home during COVID has been a challenge for countless couples, from people still in their honeymoon phase to those celebrating many years together. Finding new things to do (that don’t involve the TV) can be hard, and planning an evening together can get pushed to the wayside for other day-to-day priorities.

Fortunately, date night subscription boxes have become one of the hottest trends of 2021, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down. A date night in a box can help you take the time to reconnect with your partner and rekindle your romance. When you subscribe to a date night at home box, you receive the instructions and items you’ll need for a new game or activity. Share a few suspenseful hours together exploring a mystery box or an escape room box, try a new arts and craft activity, sample wine or liquor, cook a delicious new dish, or satisfy your sweet tooth together. With date night boxes, you and your partner can have a great and unique experience together, creating lasting memories from the comfort of your living room.


Another subscription box trend that’s continuing in 2021 and still growing is the self-care subscription box. A recent Cratejoy survey revealed that 86.5% of people plan to focus on self-care and their mental health in 2021 by pursuing hobbies, interests, and wellness activities. For some, that means finding “more balance” every day. For others, that looks like exploring their spirituality. Others plan to practice self-care by making healthier decisions in general.

That’s why self-care subscription boxes are the perfect gift to yourself in 2021 -- they make it simple and convenient to practice self-care in the way that works best for you. These monthly boxes let you reinvest in your most valuable asset: yourself. For some people, they are a great way to relax and unwind. For others, self-care gift boxes help them grow personally and professionally. You can pursue spiritual self-care, nurture mindfulness, and find inspiration with a subscription box delivered conveniently to your door every month. These personal growth boxes also make great gifts –– one of the fastest-growing trends for 2021 is self-care gifts for men.


Have you ever been curious about crystals, essential oils, or tarot cards? You’re definitely not alone. New age and spiritual subscription boxes have quickly become one of 2021’s biggest subscription box trends. A crystal subscription box or an essential oil subscription box can deliver a curated assortment of natural items and holistic accessories to you, giving you the freedom to explore metaphysical and new age techniques from your home. Invite a friend on your journey of self-care and spirituality by sending them a crystal box or tarot subscription box, and set up a video or get-together to unbox your goods at the same time.

Mental health subscription boxes also continue to be enormously popular for 2021. Because mental health means so many different things to people, Cratejoy is proud to offer a superb variety of subscription boxes that support self-care, mindfulness, personal growth, relaxation, treats, and rejuvenating activities. Explore our thoughtfully curated collection of the best mental health subscription boxes and find a monthly gift box that can comfort and inspire you, or support a good friend by sending one.

One more very popular self-care subscription box trend in 2021 is the CBD and weed subscription box. These monthly boxes provide unique and cool smoking and hemp accessories that let you enjoy your cannabis experience (where it’s legal, of course). Check out a comprehensive list of the best weed subscription boxes you can order to help you relax and unwind.

Subscription Box Trends for the Workplace: Ordering a Better Work-Life Balance


Working from home during 2020 was difficult for many people, even if our pets loved spending more time with us. It was often tough to separate work life from home life when both occupied the same living space. It’s no wonder, then, that employee appreciation gift boxes and snacking subscription boxes continue to be some of the biggest 2021 subscription box trends.

Fitness and health subscription boxes always soar in popularity at the start of the year, thanks to New Year’s resolutions and goals to lose weight, get in shape, and become or stay healthy. However, there’s no question that healthy snack subscription boxes are going to stay on-trend for all of 2021. With monthly snack boxes, you can shake up your daily food routine a little and cut down a bit on the need to cook –– plus, you’ll be able to remove a few things from your grocery list, too.


People who are returning to office workplaces love Cratejoy snack boxes because they get to receive new and delicious treats every month, which are fun to indulge in during the workday. Likewise, people working from home have found that snack subscription boxes are an awesome way to change up their daily snacking habits and try new tastes that they can’t find in their local grocery stores. Whether you have dietary restrictions or are committing yourself to stick to a new diet, there are also subscription boxes for snacks that can help you meet those nutritional needs and goals. Fans of the keto diet will want to check out Cratejoy’s many choices available for a monthly keto snack box.

Workplaces everywhere are finding new and innovative ways to celebrate their employees –– and corporate gift subscription boxes have become a top 2021 trend as a result. These subscription boxes are a fantastic way for companies to show their employees appreciation during difficult times and give gifts that help teams feel more connected. They’re filled with supplies and surprises that make working from home a little easier and bring some brightness to their team members’ off-hours. If you’re interested in learning more about these popular subscription boxes, be sure to read Cratejoy’s gift guide on unique gift subscription boxes that can boost employee morale.

Subscription Box Trends for 2021 and Beyond: Delivering Delight


Monthly subscription boxes experienced a huge surge in popularity throughout 2020, and the numbers are poised to keep climbing through 2021. What’s great about this trend is that it means there truly is something for every subscriber. On-trend tastemakers like social media influencers absolutely love the thrill of unboxing the newest, hottest, and most unique new products in their subscription boxes. But they’re definitely not the only subscribers who love treating themselves to the sweet experience that a month subscription box delivers. That’s why subscription boxes are such a neat, rewarding, and convenient way to give yourself or a loved one a little pick-me-up or show your thanks to a colleague or employee.

Opening gifts on your birthday or Christmas was a big thrill as a kid –– but you can still enjoy that fun as an adult, thanks to the joy of a subscription box. The first time you open a new subscription box brings moments of joy, fun, and delight. No matter what month or day it is in 2021, these boxes can help you make a resolution to change things up and try something that you haven’t tried before. Cratejoy subscription boxes can inspire you to take up a new hobby, meet your fitness goals, explore your spirituality, make your house feel like a home, and connect with the people you care about. While several subscription boxes are going to be trending in 2021, they’re all about taking care of yourself and the people who matter to you –– and that will never go out of style!