Hunt A Killer Review - Should You Subscribe?

hunt a killer review

When you subscribe to Hunt A Killer , you enter the mind of a serial killer while he taunts you from afar. Clues from a serial killer you can touch. Embark on a journey of deceit, betrayal, and rampage on continuing saga without ever leaving your home. New items delivered each month that tell a story for you to interpret – for you to solve.

Price: Starting at $30.00/month
Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States

I don’t know if I’d call myself a mystery junkie, but if you count it as someone who is obsessed with detective shows and murder mystery documentaries and podcasts…then yeah, that would be me. Just hearing about Hunt A Killer got me so pumped up, because I had never heard of anything like it before. I grabbed my partner for a date night game, and we delved right into it.

hunt a killer review

Introduction and Instructions

When I opened the box, the first thing I had to do was read the introduction to the box, and how to use everything inside. It explained that once you subscribe to Hunt A Killer, you start off with package number one – the beginning of a chronicle that will be delivered every month, each story building off of the last.

The letter also encourages you to join their community of Hunt A Killer subscribers via a private Facebook group. I really love that they have an online community for everyone to discuss their findings, but I’m probably going to wait to join until after the first box or two, for fear of spoilers.

To begin, the note explains that each box will have an envelope from a pen pal, who drives the story. Everything in the envelope will provide you with information for the month’s narrative. The first box also includes an exclusive HAK notebook, which you will use to detail your clues and questions. Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Let’s hunt a killer!

hunt a killer review

The Envelope, Box Number One

Because everyone hates a spoiler rat (they really are the worst ), I’m not going to tell you what the specific story is, but I’ll explain what kinds of things were in the box as best I can without giving the plot away. In the package, I found the letter from the pen pal that the introduction mentioned, a separate letter that ties into the storyline, an excerpt from an article, two card stock images, an illustration that seemed to be a constellation, and two small items that must be a clue to something. I was ready to go!

Item #1: The Pen Pal Letter

Beautifully written, the letter is from someone that I wouldn’t personally know, someone who is reaching out to me. They appeal to my curiosity, and explain that they entrust in me to share information, as they are quite lonely and have no one else worth sharing it with. Intrigued! The letter itself didn’t give me any instructions on where to go next, so I had to move on to the next piece to start to paint a picture.

Item #2: The Article

What seemed like it was going to be simple enough turned out to really catch me off guard. An article explaining what seems to be a normal issue happening in a city, I wondered how it could be of importance to tie into the beginning of the story. What really made it interesting was that there were multiple words blacked out, like names of city officials, dates, and street names. At this point, my interest really piqued!

Items #3, #4, #5, #6, #7: The Clues

With no other written instructions, we were left with two card stock images, an illustration of a constellation, a small piece of plastic, and a paper souffle cup. What in the world? We racked our brains for twenty minutes trying to piece everything together. To be honest, we were pretty lost. Where do we go from here?

hunt a killer review