Unique Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes from Motivational to Delicious (2021)

It's a simple fact: businesses big and small simply cannot function without their dedicated employees and administrative professionals. The past couple of years, the country's workforce has had to shuffle around and change things up, but workers are still showing up and diligently getting the job done!

These times provide the perfect opportunity to send unique employee gifts to help boost morale, show your staff appreciation, and keep your hardworking team connected while working from home (or returning to the office). Instead of just the usual employee appreciation ideas––no gift cards here––we set out to create a gift guide of original employee appreciation gift ideas that reward hard work with a little fun.

Recognize your employees' contribution (whether it's Employee Appreciation Day or not) and motivate them to keep moving forward by sending gifts with a personal touch. From artisan chocolates to hands-on fun and games, send your valued team members monthly acts of appreciation like a boss! And if you work for yourself or keep your home running smoothly on the daily, go ahead and treat yourself with these great gifts that say, "Thanks for all you do!"

The best employee appreciation gifts

1. The Adults & Crafts Crate


Price: Starts at $31.00/month

Getting hands-on with The Adults & Crafts Crate can be a great way to destress, making it a great employee appreciation gift box, particularly for team members who are adjusting to remote work. Bringing an all-inclusive monthly craft experience, including materials, tools and how-to's, get on Zoom for a team-building session where you create DIY decor projects to spruce up those home offices.

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2. Plant of the Month


Price: Starts at $36.00/month

Whether your employees work in a shared office, a home office, or even cubicles, trust that a succulent is a welcome gift perfect for sprucing up any workspace. The Plant Club takes great care in helping subscribers grow a charming collection of living decor, complete with healthy, vibrant plants, colorful pots, and potting necessities. This box makes a great team gift––and a great client gift, too!

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3. Finders Seekers Mysteries


Price: Starts at $25.00/month

Remind your team members that life's not supposed to be "all work and no play" with a mystery to solve in their off hours! Finders Seekers is the perfect gift to help make that point by encouraging them to spend time with family and friends in a one-of-a-kind game night experience. Each monthly box immerses players into an intriguing mystery set in a new city and culture, then puts their code-breaking and puzzle-solving skills to the test!

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4. CoachCrate Quarterly


Price: Starts at $42.75/month

Better than an inspiring audiobook or an organizational printable, CoachCrate is a custom gift box that brings a life coach right to the front door every month. Help your employees take on everyday business challenges by gifting them a mix of self-care essentials and personal growth tools, including a book with a reading guide, exclusive online coaching sessions, and an assortment of productivity, relaxation, and wellness items.

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5. Monthly Succulent Box


Price: Starts at $29.00/month

Let's face facts. Gift-giving doesn't always come easy, but with a little help from Succulents Monthly, you can send sweet succulents that are ideal for decorating bookshelves, desktops and windowsills. Skip the company swag and opt for an employee recognition or client appreciation gift that will add a little greenery with low-maintenance cacti and succulents, stylish planters, potting mix, and know-how.

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6. Work • Space • Spark: Your Career Growth & Office Decor Subscription Box


Price: Starts at $47.99/month

Setting your employees up to work from home, whether by choice or out of necessity, is no small undertaking! Work Space Spark is a business gift to help them create a cozy and productive atmosphere for getting stuff done. Every month, they'll unbox fun office decor, productivity and career tools, and a themed mix of goodies, along with access to career videos, webinars, and online training sessions.

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7. Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box


Price: Starts at $30.42/month

Nothing says employee appreciation more than fresh-baked desserts in the staff lounge. When that's not a possibility, deliver the goods by sending a gift basket from Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box. This box is sure to hit the sweet spot, bringing a variety of sugary treats like fresh cookies, macarons, cake, and cake pops, all featuring seasonal flavors and made using top-quality ingredients.

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8. TheraBox


Price: Starts at $30.99/month

Show your employees just how much you value their health and well-being by sending a curated gift box all about self-care! Did you know that happiness and wellness yield as many business benefits as time management? So, whether you've got a remote or in-person team, send them a gentle reminder that it's okay to hit the pause button for a relaxing afternoon filled with organic bath products, aromatherapy, and good vibes.

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9. Hopebox™


Price: Starts at $50.99/month

If you're looking for a gift that will lavish praise on your trusted team, look no further than Hopebox, a care package that specializes in encouragement, warmth and love. This bestseller is described as a treasure chest filled with sweet surprises––and each carefully selected artisanal item carries a story of hope and inspiration, including jewelry, amigurumi, candles, and tea blends.

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10. The Clean Beauty & Skincare Box - by Laurel & Reed


Price: Starts at $43.95/month

Not only does Laurel & Reed offer up a discount code to use at checkout for extra savings, but they guarantee clean beauty products that are good for body and mind. Each deluxe box showcases some of the best skincare products out there, including masks, mists, makeup, serums, and more that have been hand-selected because they're vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

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11. Nature's Wellness Box


Price: Starts at $35.50/month

Help your employees focus on self-care or send a get-well gift packed with high-quality vegan products from Nature's Wellness Box. Featuring clean ingredients and minimalist packaging, unbox aromatherapy and lifestyle accessories that are ideal for health-conscious, small-shop-loving women. Each monthly box features a wide array of cruelty-free products, including essential oils, bath and body goodies, loose leaf teas, and more.

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