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Boxed Locks

Monthly clues-and-hints box packed with excitement, great for a games' night or rainy afternoon!

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£25.00+ GBP / month
Product Overview
  • We will ship your box on or before the 4th of every month. For special requests such as birthdays, personalised engraving, padlock colours, messages, etc., please e-mail us!
  • Ships to select countries from United Kingdom
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Find. Solve. Unlock.
Subscription box for anyone who loves discovery and puzzle solving. Each box contains a mixture of clues and props for you to navigate and discover the final code to unlock your chest! Don't worry, hints and solutions are included. Each box has been carefully designed personally. Suitable for adults and children aged 10+ when supervised by an adult
  • A new challenge each month
  • Several items you will want to keep after use
  • Option to order past boxes if you miss a box
  • Find. Solve. Unlock
  • Hint card so you can never get too lost!

Subscriber Reviews

by Laura, Aug 29, 2018

Bought a box as my dad's birthday present. Nothing was too much trouble for this company and even personalised it inside for free. This was a lovely extra touch which my dad was really pleased with. They both thoroughly enjoyed playing the box. All the ideas were well thought out and worked well. Took them about 2 hours to complete. We would all highly recommend these boxes and will be buying more in the future.

Verified Purchase

Ingenious game for everyone

by Natasha, Aug 27, 2018

Boxed locks is an innovative and extremely motivational game which has you sucked in from the start. From the moment this box arrived I was excited with my gift wrapped packaged item, which intrigued me immediately. From the start we were all hooked on working out the ingenious clues. I particularly like that you can enjoy this fun creation within the comfort of your own home. Everything about the game is amazing, from the intricate detail of the items, to the brain challenging cryptic clues whereby the excitement leaves you eager to solve the next clue. This game can be enjoyed in small or large groups of mixed ages. The hint cards provide you with that additional support when your unable to work out what is right in front of you!! I would certainly recommend this item for families and groups of friends. My 11 year old was able to work out some of the clues when some of the adults in the group became befuddled. A fun and captivating game, which certainly challenges your thinking! Fantastic.

Verified Purchase

A well rounded escape box game

by Shaundra, Aug 02, 2018

Theme and Appearance: From the moment I opened locked boxes's first box, I was enamoured by the level of detail and attention given to this box. The theme is Pirates. Who doesn't love pirates? It wasn't even super pirate-y but enough that I enjoyed the theme to make itself unique. The box, the dice, the prize, all fit well into the Theme. I give it a 9/10 on theme. The next one is a dollhouse. I'm in! and thankful that so many of the science fiction escape rooms are not as big of an element here. There's only so many secret labs I can and want to escape from. That's what for me sets Locked Boxed escape rooms apart: Fantasy themes. I hope they continue is this vein of themes. Game Play My group of 4 people sat down and it took us about 1.5 hrs to finish the game. We enjoyed how the game started off easy, falsifying our confidence and then hitting us with a hard puzzle or two. Part of the reason it took us so long is that we are a stubborn group who demands exploring all options before accepting we needed a hint. For the most part I enjoyed the game play. The rules were well laid out aside from the "shelter" puzzle of box 1 where we were uncertain how to proceed. Despite that, the rest of box 1 worked for me. 8/10 Difficulty 8/10 This wasn't the easiest escape puzzle nor the hardest. I expect an escape room to be difficult, tricky and sometimes a little unfair. If i solved all the puzzles would I have enjoyed the game as much? Not sure, I haven't gotten there yet. The difficulty for Loxed Boxes was nicely in the middle of two. The team worked hard to strike that balance.By far, have i found it one of the most fun nights I have had in a long time. We left with smiles on our faces each pocketing our hard won bounty and made plans to play the next one. I think it's best played with middle aged teens and adults. Keep up the good work Locked Boxes.

Verified Purchase
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