Make Date Night at Home Great with Fun, Creative Subscription Boxes

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If you’re planning the perfect date night right now, chances are it’ll be a date night in. During the pandemic, staying in has become the new going out. Couples and single people alike are looking for new and different ways to play a creative date night –– preferably one that doesn’t involve the TV or other routine activities.

That’s why date night subscription boxes are a great choice for couples in all relationship stages. Cratejoy offers a huge variety of activities, projects, and crafts to make your date night in a box a fun and new experience for everyone involved. You can choose from escape room or murder mystery boxes, board games, fun-filled conversation starters, cocktails, cooking, or crafts, and enjoy a set of pre-planned, easy-to-follow activities right from the comfort of your living room.

Date night boxes can take you places you’ve never been to before. Want to travel virtually or explore local foods from around the world safely during COVID? With an at-home date night box, a world of globe-trotting fun can be delivered to your doorstep every month. Since no two monthly boxes are the same, you’re guaranteed to have something new and different to enjoy with every date night box.

So What Are Date Night Subscription Boxes, Anyway?


You may have heard of cooking subscription boxes, clothing subscription boxes, or Cratejoy’s other popular monthly boxes. An at-home date night box is a very similar concept, only it’s designed for two people to enjoy!

Date night subscription boxes are an enjoyable and innovative way to try something new with your partner or enjoy a favorite activity that you both already love. In addition to being great conversation starters, these boxes are also safe to enjoy during the pandemic. Each box comes filled with activities that are already planned out and easy to follow, saving you the time and energy of having to decide what to do on your date. These monthly boxes are designed specifically for couples’ nights, so you focus intentionally on your partner while avoiding the stress and pressure of coming up with an activity to do together. Some monthly boxes are even designed by marriage and family therapists who have clinical expertise in couples’ dynamics and how they work.

The best date night subscription boxes offer a unique, one-of-a-kind way to spend time and make memories with your partner, even in your living room. You can select from a wide variety of boxes and opt for a monthly subscription, ensuring that a brand-new box arrives every month for a date night in. Or for more variety, sign up for a few different subscription boxes and keep the fun going weekly –– or even a few times a week!

Cratejoy is proud to offer subscription boxes that meet a wide variety of price points. Whether you’re looking to splurge and invest in a high-quality luxury date night box or find an economical option, there’s a date box for you that’s packed with fun.

Date Night In: The New Going Out


Even before the pandemic, planning a fun date night often meant staying in if you were trying to save money or, for those with kids, if you couldn’t find a babysitter. But married couples and people who have been dating their significant other for a while can feel like they’re in a rut if every date night is a home date night. It gets all too easy to kick back and watch TV or a movie instead of interacting with each other –– especially when you’re stuck at home and don’t have a lot of new and interesting conversation topics to share.

If you’ve got young kids living at home, you can cut the costs of hiring a babysitter by ordering a date night subscription box . These themed boxes deliver everything needed, making it easy for you and your partner to participate in a neat activity. All of the supplies and instructions are provided for you –– and you don’t even have to leave the house. (Though if one of you needs to put the fun on hold for a minute to check on the kids, that’s no problem.)

Another reason why couples love subscribing to the best date night boxes is that they get to explore new activities from the comfort of home. These boxes are perfect for people who aren’t able to commit time to sign up for classes or who feel nervous about creating art or cooking a dish in front of strangers. Cratejoy’s specially curated date night activity boxes give you an innovative way to try something totally new with your partner –– novel activities that will spark new conversations while rekindling the sparks in your relationship.

Conversely, some couples find a lot of relaxation in enjoying their favorite, time-honored hobbies and want a taste of that familiar fun during the stress of COVID. With the hand-picked activities in a date box, you and your partner can relish your favorite hobbies with a neat new twist. Whether you’re a board game fanatic, an arts and crafts connoisseur, or a seasoned mixologist, you can find an at-home date night box that can help you plan a unique experience and break out of your usual routine.

Want to take your date night in to the next level? How about creating a playlist just for the two of you? It can feature your favorite romantic songs to set the mood, fun and upbeat dance music to keep your energy going, or the memorable tunes you loved when you first started dating. Another option is to create a playlist themed to your at-home date night box. Include thrilling music or famous movie scores for an escape room box, classical favorites or jazz standards for a wine tasting or cocktail night, or songs about food for cooking or baking. Every time you hear one of those songs in the future, you’ll think about your awesome evening with a date night box!

Date Night Ideas: Unbox Unforgettable Fun


Cratejoy features so many different choices for date night in a box that you’re sure to find at least one that will give you great memories to last for years. While we regularly update our list of the best subscription boxes for couples , below is a shorter list of current customer favorites. This curated list can help you find a home date night box that’s just right for the two of you!

Escape Room and Murder Mystery Boxes. Cratejoy’s escape room and murder mystery boxes are some of our most popular and award-winning month subscription boxes. These monthly boxes are perfect for couples who love the puzzle of solving a mystery. With escape room subscription boxes , you can travel virtually to a new destination and put together clues to solve the riddles. Enjoy a stand-alone box with all the info you need to solve the mystery within hours, or sign up for a subscription to a mystery series that keeps the entertainment going for several months. While most are geared specifically for couples, many of them are family-friendly, too.

Board Game and Puzzle Boxes. Games have been a classic staple of couples’ nights for decades, and trying a new game can be a real treat for tabletop and board game fans . It’s easy to make time for game night with an affordable game night box . If you want to play with friends, check out subscription boxes perfect for virtual gaming .

Conversation Starters . Explore something you love or have always been interested in together and have a creative date night. Cratejoy offers couples’ boxes for those devoted to faith and religion , those who want to unbox decadent luxury items , those who love local artisan products and supporting a cause , and those who want to reconnect with one another on date night.

Arts and Crafts Boxes. Want to give your date night activity a cool DIY twist ? Team up with your partner to hand-make Instagram-worthy crafts. These arts and crafts subscription boxes contain all you need to make some of the trendy and beautiful crafts you’ve seen and love. You’ll have memorable fun while putting together your hand-crafted items.

Wine Tasting and Beer Sampling Boxes. Toast your perfect date night with beer and wine subscription boxes ! Kick back and sip some wine or other alcoholic beverages with your significant other, and find a new drink you’re both bound to love.

Craft Cocktails. Learn to make DIY cocktails, then drink the delicious results with cocktail and alcohol subscription boxes . Together, you and your partner can try out cocktail recipes to share at your next get-together or find a new favorite drink for your date nights in.

Food and Cooking Boxes. With the best food subscription boxes , making a meal has never been more fun and home date night has never been tastier. You can receive incredible spice kits and explore mouth-watering sauces that will add a world of flavors to your food. Get a themed box for the grilling and BBQ fan in your life.

Baking Boxes. Sweeten things up for your significant over by baking a decadent dessert with the best baking subscription boxes . Together, you can learn to make treats that taste and look great. If you want to make date night twice as fun, pair the results of a dessert or cooking subscription box with the games in an activity box.

Virtual Travel Boxes. With a monthly subscription for travel boxes , you can see the world without packing a suitcase. Explore a themed box that brings you flavors from different regions or unique seasonal items, and learn how you can enjoy virtual travel while staying safe at home.

Redefine Date Night Each Month


Planning a creative date night doesn’t have to involve a lot of time, effort, or stress. Cratejoy makes it easy to invest in your relationship with an at-home date night box . With a huge list of monthly subscription boxes to choose from, you’re certain to find the perfect date box for you and your partner. And since each month brings a completely new date night in a box, you won’t find yourselves getting into a rut by doing the same activity every month.

Remember that a date box also makes a great gift to the couples in your life. It’s a fantastic and pandemic-safe way to show that you’re thinking of them and you wanted to treat them. With a date night activity delivered from Cratejoy, you are giving all the fun of a restaurant or movie gift certificate, only with the added bonus of safety during COVID. Another great gift idea is to send the same date night box to your coupled friends, so everyone can enjoy the same activity together on the same night.

Give yourself and your significant other the gift of new conversation starters, unforgettable activities, and memories made from your living room. Pick a date night subscription box from Cratejoy, and unbox the best and most fun date night in that you’ve ever had.

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