The Best Travel Subscription Boxes for Wanderlust Travelers (2022)

After staying at home for so many months, wanderlust is bound to take over. There’s nothing like relaxing on a faraway beach, driving through the countryside with the windows down, or celebrating at a festival with the locals. But traveling comes with a high price tag, and being a tourist can be expensive –– even if you can get away for a bit.

Thankfully, travel subscription boxes can offer some solutions!

What is a travel subscription box?

We can't tell you, exactly, what a travel subscription is... because it's so many things! Whether you're looking to bring beachy vibes home, stock up on outdoor gear for future adventures, or try treats and goods from local businesses around the country –– or world –– there's a travel subscription box for that.

What are the best travel subscription boxes?



From $35.00 per box
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PowMau is for lovers of gear for surf, snow and everything in between, all at a great price. Select the activity of choice and appropriate clothing size to unbox 3-5 premium brand products, from apparel and gear, to accessories, power-packed snacks and more each month. At roughly 40% off retail prices, this box is filled with quality goods at top-notch prices.


Glamping & VanLife

From $49.95 per box
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Camping in the great outdoors is a great way to commune with nature, but it also requires plenty of planning. Take the stress out of organizing your next outdoor excursion with the quarterly Out of the Box Camping subscription that sends 8-10 camping-themed products, including camping swag, RV accessories, planning and organizational tools, and plenty of unique items that celebrate the outdoor lifestyle.


Life's a Wave BEACH box

From $45.00 per box
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When you can’t get to the beach, the Life’s a Wave Box can bring the beach to you. Great as a gift for any beach lover or for yourself when you’re needing the rejuvenation of a quick trip to the shore, each monthly box is packed with 5-8 sea-themed items, all handpicked to bring a relaxed beachy vibe your way. Being inspired by all things ocean, proceeds from each box go to support a non-profit dedicated to keeping our oceans clean and healthy.


Safiya’s World Music Playlist

From $30.00 per box
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Travel the world from your living room (or kitchen or home office) with Safiya's World Music Playlist! With 3 monthly subscription boxes to choose from –– Suitcase, Bookbag, and General Admission –– Safiya features a different country, and musical artist, each month. The business partners with independent artisans and musicians in that month's featured country to feature their work in each and every box, from playlists and USB cassettes to home goods, a country travel guide, live performances (over Zoom), and more. Plus, Safiya shares a small commission of partial profits with the featured artist in each box, so you're giving back to support the arts, too.


The Happy Glamper

From $49.75 per box
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If you love outdoor adventures –– but, say, not sleeping in a tent –– the Happy Glamper is one of the best travel subscription boxes out there. Featuring outdoor gear and goodies like picnic blankets, warm socks, drink mixes for sitting around the fire pit, books, and more, this box is perfect for getting cozy and some fresh air, too.


Explore Local Box Monthly

From $35.00 per box
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Missed road trip season? Discover new cities around the USA with Explore Local Box, a travel-themed subscription box that features local goods (and foodie-worthy snacks) from a new destination every month. Enjoy full-sized products like candles, treats, and more from small businesses and local artisans!


SeaCrate Charged on 15th

From $46.00 per box
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When the sea is miles from home, SeaCrate delivers a taste of what you’re craving to tide you over till your next beach adventure. Featuring 5+ items in each month’s box, from beachy home decor items and beach-combed treasures, to delicious coastal recipes and sea-inspired jewels, this box offers the serenity of the sea to all those longing for walks along the beach.


Spice Madam Monthly Subscription

From $18.33 per box
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The perfect gift for the adventurous chef in your family, Spice Madam helps you explore the world's flavors with globally-inspired, curated spice blends. Each box features a new country, with 3 generous bags of spices and spice blends plus travel tips, fun facts, a playlist, and high-quality recipes to feed 6-8 people.


Spicery Recipe Kits

From $13.50 per box
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Perfect for foodies that like to experience the flavors of the world, Spicery Recipe Kits get you prepped to make exciting meals bursting with new, bold flavors. Each box includes 2 recipe kits with colorful recipe cards, simple step-by-step instructions and carefully crafted spice blends. Get to the market for any produce and fresh ingredients needed, then impress friends and family by preparing exotic homemade dishes.


eat2explore explorer subscription box - a family educational food & culture box

From $21.21 per box
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This unique subscription box introduces kids to new cultures and baking, with 3 different recipes designed for you and the kiddo in your life to celebrate a different country every month! Created and curated by professional chefs and culinary educators, eat2explore also includes interactive learning activities, fun collectibles like country-inspired stickers and little passports, kitchen tools, and more.



From $74.99 per box
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Discover the Holy Land with Artza, the only travel subscription box that celebrates Israel. In each box, you'll receive high-quality, full-size products from local businesses and artisans in a new destination across the country, from home decor and crafts to self-care and local foods.


Celebrate States

From $35.00 per box
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Explore the USA with Celebrate States, a monthly subscription box that, well, celebrates each state! Subscribers can discover foods and goodies from small local businesses in a different state each month, from October's "Massa-BOO-setts" box (featuring, of course, Salem) to Florida, Nevada, California and more.


Monthly Mercantile Box

From $45.00 per box
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Love the Appalachian Mountains –– or just curious? Check out the Appalachian Mercantile, a seasonal or monthly subscription box that offers 6-7 full-size products from artisans, makers, and small businesses in the region.