The Best Japanese Subscription Boxes, from Snacks to Kawaii (2022)

There's a reason why visiting Japan is on many people's travel bucket lists – it's the home of Pokemon, the coziest outdoor baths, and was the recent host of the 2020 Olympics! In addition to its unique culture, delicious cuisines, and entertaining anime, it's also a country rich in history with tons of innovative inventions. While traveling to Japan may be out of the question – get a head start on your future travel plans with these Japanese subscription boxes you can enjoy right at home.

Whether you're looking for a delicious candy subscription box or kawaii crafts and home decor, each box delivers a unique unboxing experience like no other. Treat yourself and your travel buddy with a subscription service that will take you to introduce you to the many things that make Japan a country worth visiting!

What are the best Japanese subscription boxes?


Japan Crate

From $45.79 per box
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Japan Crate is your all-exclusive access to everything Japanese. Personalize your experience by choosing from six subscription tiers – the Original box with 10 random items, the Umai Crate box featuring instant noodles, the Premium box with full-size Japanese snacks, the Gacha Gacha box with limited-edition capsule toys, the Doki Doki box with kawaii plushies and figurines, or the Ink box with all things stationery.


Craft Kitsune

From $29.99 per box
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Craft Kitsune delivers DIY craft inspo, teaches new techniques, and spreads the joy of crafting. Showcasing different techniques every month, each craft kit showcases a specific medium and includes all the hard-to-find supplies you'll need to create at least 1 unique project. Create fun, trendy kawaii crafts with the help of online tutorials, detailed instructions, and niche Japanese supplies.


Loose Kawaii Stationery Fun Mail

From $17.90 per box
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Upgrade your stationery set with kawaii stationery. Sourced directly from some of Japan's top stationery suppliers, find seasonal stickers, exclusive paper products, animal printed masking tape, and classic favorites like Sanrio in your monthly subscription box. Personalize your next letter or laptop case with high-quality goodies that you can only find at Japanese stationery stores!


Monthly Happibo Japan Subcription Box

From $59.99 per box
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If you have a little one who needs that extra motivation to finish her homework, consider Happibo Japan's "Homework Tanoshii Box" to be her study buddy! This box is translated to "Fun Homework" and includes 7-8 stationery items from brands like Sanrio! Don't fret, there's also a box exclusively for Mom with 7-8 skincare products like face wash, masks, and tea.


Kizuna Lifestyle Box from Japan (includes shipping costs)

From $52.49 per box
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Focusing on the passage of time through seasons and festivities, The Kizuna Box explores Japan's long-standing traditions through lifestyle items, Japanese candy, snacks, and other healthy goodies. With three subscription boxes, stock up your kitchen cabinets with beautiful clay plates, matching chopsticks, popular Tokyo treats, and teacups.


Fangirl Monthly Box

From $18.50 per box
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Stock up don't the cutest Ghibli and Sailor Moon collectibles that you can wear and use as an accessory on your key chain. Fangirl Monthly delivers anime and manga-inspired accessories that you can't find anywhere else. With a different theme each month, get fandom-inspired designs like a Totoro jewelry case to match with a pair of Spirited Away dangly earrings.


Mystery Manga Box

From $40.00 per box
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"Fukubukuro" is a Japanese New Year custom in which retailers sell grab bags filled with various mystery items. Get a taste of this tradition with a subscription to Mystery Manga Box. Each monthly box includes 1 mystery manga, a Japanese drink, snack, sweet anime treats, and a gift. A box that you'll look forward to unboxing every month!


STICKII Monthly Sticker Subscription

From $10.00 per box
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When you join the STICKII Club, you can look forward to getting some high-quality happy mail every month. A kawaii box of a different sort, now you can cover all your favorite school supplies and items in colorful happy stickers! Choose from Cute, Vintage, or Pop options for a selection of 6+ sheets of stickers, a storage insert, and at least 2 stationery items like pens and notepads.


Surprise Japanese Stationery Selection

From $28.00 per box
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Japan is as famous for having adorable stationery and paper products as it is for being a gift-giving culture. Send your friends, family, or pen pals warm wishes on beautifully designed greeting cards and postcards, sealed and embellished with fun stickers all from Neko Neko Post. Each box is curated with seasonal selections that are sure to bring out a smile for both you and anyone you send them to.


Disney Japan Monthly Magic

From $38.99 per box
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Experience the magic of Disney with a crate of cute unique items and plushies you can only find at Disney stores in Japan! Each box includes 3 to 6 rare finds like Tsum Tsum dolls, Mickey Mouse washi tape, and princess hair accessories you can only get from Tokyo Disney Resort. Customize this gift box for a friend by choosing a movie or character they love, and MyKawaiiMouse will do its best to include those specialty items!


Manga Spice Cafe Subscription - Month to Month

From $45.95 per box
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If you've never been to a manga cafe in Japan, make sure to add that to your "must-visit" list. In the meantime, enjoy a subscription box from Manga Spice Cafe that delivers that experience straight to your home. Each box is designed for ages 15 and up and includes 3 newly released manga, tasty Japanese treats, a unique cafe drink, a featured artist info sheet, and a surprise gift!