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7 Best Keto Subscription Boxes For Low-Carb Snacks

If you're looking for a keto subscription box that probably means you've already done a little bit of your homework researching what the heck a keto diet actually is, but if not let me give you the basics. A keto (or ketogenic) diet is one in which you restrict your carb intake and instead get most of your daily calories from healthy fats and protein. When you restrict carbs this way, your body then uses stored fat for energy, thus resulting in weight loss. There are loads of other potential benefits, but it's one of the most popular diets for weight loss right now.

And sure, it might be relatively easy to follow a keto-friendly diet when you're at home cooking for yourself all the time but what about the majority of the day when you need to keep keto-friendly snacks on hand to fuel yourself throughout the day. Enter, the keto subscription box. These healthy snack subscriptions boast keto-friendly foods like protein bars and cookies, low-carb snacks, all-natural jerky, and more!

From paleo to gluten-free to veganism, we see new weight-loss or health-focused diets popping up every month. However, the ketogenic diet has been trending for the past year and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Keto subscription boxes can keep you on track with your monthly goals. See our top picks below to curb your appetite, fuel your workouts, and help you on your weight loss journey.

1. My Keto Snack Box


Price: Starts at $38.00/mo

What You’ll Get: So, you’ve committed to a ketogenic diet, but you’re not sure where to start? My Keto Snack Box is the keto subscription to keep you on track every month. You’ll receive 6-8 high protein, low carb snacks to fuel you

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 7th of every month

Verified Review: “Great mix! Just got my first box and a bunch of different variety of stuff! A bunch of the items I hadn’t been aware of.”

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2. The Keto Box


Price: $40.00/mo

What You’ll Get: If you’re looking for a tried-and-true weight loss subscription, The Keto Box chooses 5-8 treats that you can’t find just anywhere and will seamlessly fit into your ketogenic diet.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S. and Canada by the 5th of every month

Verified Review: “Love it! I’ve found really great products through the keto box, and I can’t wait for it to be delivered even month! It’s a fantastic way to discover new keto foods that I wouldn’t normally try – like biltong or beef tallow!”

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3. KetoCan Subscription Box


Price: $59.99 CAD/mo

What You’ll Get: Support your new lifestyle change with high fat snacks from local (Canadian) suppliers who know all about the ketogenic way of living. This is perfect for beginners or those who are already familiar with keto subscriptions!

Shipping: Ships worldwide by the 12th

Verified Review: “This is now my 2nd box and I am loving everything. I have to pace myself though out the month be sure to have everything last till the next one comes in. Great products and loving the extra bonus of getting discount codes from some of the suppliers. So so happy we finally have a Keto box available in Canada.”

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4. Louisville Vegan Jerky Of The Month Club


Price: $19.99/mo

What You’ll Get: You can branch out past just keto-specific snacks. Jerky (vegan or beef or turkey!) is also a keto friendly subscription box option. Louisville Vegan Jerky chooses 3 bags of totally gluten-free, meat-free, flavorful vegan jerky from Kentucky.

Shipping: Ships worldwide by the 14th of every month

Verified Review: “I tried many different brands of Vegan jerky & have given my non vegan friends a sample…they ALL love this jerky. I am a very big fan & thought the limited edition Abodo one was fantastic!”

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5. BarHopperBox


Price: Starts at $35.99/month

What You’ll Get: Every month BarHopperBox delivers 12 full-sized nutritional protein snacks like protein bars and cookies. Choose from 7 different subscription options based on your dietary needs -- vegan? Kosher? They have you covered!

Shipping: Only ships to the U.S. within 24 hours after your order is placed

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6. Keto Delivered


Price: Starts at $39.99/month

What You’ll Get: Keto Delivered is on a mission to not only deliver delicious keto-friendly snacks, but to keep subscribers motivated to hit their goals. Each month's box includes full-sized and grab-and-go keto snacks, plus new recipes and cooking goodies.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. between the 15th-25th of each month

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7. Sugar Smart Box


Price: Starts at $29.95/month

What You’ll Get: Healthy snacks can taste great too and that's exactly what Sugar Smart box delivers. Subscribers can choose between the Mini box for 5-7 low-sugar and low-carb snacks, or their full-sized box for 8+ snacks each month. All snacks have fewer than 5 grams of sugar and keto compliant.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 10th of each month

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