The Best Gift Boxes for Musicians, Singers, & Music Lovers Who Can't Carry a Tune

There's something beautiful about the way music vibrates through your body and soul. Proven to help with anxiety, depression and promote relaxation, music is an art form appreciated by all walks of life, from people to animals! Whether you're looking for the perfect gift to give to a musician, theater lover, or audiophile, provide them with a subscription box that can open an entirely new world that matches their eclectic taste.

With streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, we sometimes forget the electric feeling of playing the classics on a record player or coming across a vintage vinyl. Skip the gift cards and the expensive like bose gadgets, and go for something personal gift, unique, and special this year. Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself or the music lover in your life, we created a gift guide tailored to bringing the sounds and soul of music straight to the doormat. With various boxes to choose from, like vinyl collectibles to a broadway goodie box, throw on your noise-canceling headphones and get lost to the tunes that have a way of brightening any dark day.

What are the best subscription box gifts for music lovers?


Broadway Subscription Box

From $35.00 per box
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Send a theater experience straight to the door with a subscription service that will surely entertain! With quarterly, bi-annual, or annual subscription options, send your broadway and theater-loving fans a cool gift filled with Etsy-worthy vintage props or programs, unique merchandise, and access to virtual events to meet actors and industry professionals! Send them a gift that will have your broadway star singing at the top of their lungs or dancing like there’s no tomorrow!


Magic Room Brand | monthly guitar pick plans

From $7.50 per box
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If you're looking to give the guitarist in your life something useful and practical, a collection of guitar picks make for a great gift that they can use whether they're a recreational player or live performer. Choose your pick of preference from thin, medium, or thick that are made from 100% biodegradable materials. Each subscription includes 5 picks and access to a Spotify playlist curated by the guys at Magic Room Brand.


Magic Room Brand | monthly drumstick plans

From $11.67 per box
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If you're a new drummer or an experienced musician with shows under your belt, stock up on your drum sticks made from eco-friendly and biodegradable bamboo. Choose between three different size: 7A, 7A, and 5B that matches your skillset best. Get 1 pair of drumsticks and access to a special Spotify playlist to help inspire you.


Original Vinyl Records - Your Genre Picks - 6 LPs

From $20.00 per box
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Are you looking for a timeless gift that will blow your loved one away? Vinly Record Club delivers 6 original and vintage records from a genre of choice from jazz, musicals, hip hop to EDM that will get them up and dancing. Personalize their holiday or birthday gift with a selection of vinyl records hand-picked and wrapped in quality album covers and jackets.


VINYL POST Record Club

From $4.99 per box
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Uncommon goods usually make for lasting gift impressions. VINYL POST Record Club delivers 5"x 7" postcard sized-records to play on a turntable by up-and-coming indie artists. Each record includes a handwritten note from the artist, lyrics, a bio sheet, a digital download, and original wall art. Discover new talent and find your favorite song of 2022 with this unique and affordable subscription box suited for all collectors and vinyl lovers!


Axe Legends

From $15.99 per box
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When it comes to shopping for the best gifts for music lovers, it's all about remembering the legends. Treat your music lover to a collectible box that all guitar players will appreciate. Each box comes with gifts, pick sets, music guides, and caricature prints of guitar legends like Carlos Santana, Steve Lukather, and Slash. This value-packed gift set includes items cleaning cloths, strap locks, capos, and an enamel guitar pin.


Monthly Coffee and Music Box

From $22.50 per box
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What’s the secret to having a good morning? Good music and good coffee, of course! Kill two birds with one stone with a subscription to a box that delivers a small batch of 10 oz coffee and a new playlist featuring an indie artist. Get ready throw on your AirPods and start unboxing this goodie box on the coffee table with everything you need to start your morning ritual right.


The Gospel Hymn Box, Monthly Subscription - CD, Digital, or Streaming

From $6.67 per box
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Music has a way of appearing in the form of a friend, a lover, a listener, and a teacher, especially when you need it the most. Lean on that teacher with a box of traditional hymns of the church made available in three different listening experiences – CD, digital, or streaming. Connect your Bluetooth speakers and play this collection on Sundays so the entire family can feel uplifted by the comforting sounds of the piano. Get your collection of 8 special albums and nostalgic faith music without having to sift through Amazon.


Travel Through Music

From $145.00 per box
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Take a music fan you know on a world tour with this unique subscription box tailored to whisk them away to a new travel destination through music. Tailor your VIP experience with different tiers that include unique products from the featured destinations, travel items, a curated Spotify playlist, and a guide with links to virtual tours, coupons, and other info. Discover and add new great music that you'll add to your growling playlist. A portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting the featured artist, small businesses, and artisans. The perfect gift idea for travelers and wanderlusters itching to hit the road again!


The 45 rpm Singles Box

From $24.95 per box
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Give a music lover in your life a nostalgic gift to enjoy their old-school favs. With the Singles Mixer box, they’ll receive a box of hand-picked classic vinyl singles from the ’50s through ’80s. With each box, they’ll receive original picture sleeves, promos, and reissues with hits on both sides that they can play on repeat. The perfect gift to give to your parents or in-laws or mother so they can slow dance to their wedding song on repeat.