The Best "Succulent of the Month Club" Subscription Boxes (2022)

On the lookout for a monthly plant club that’s both low-maintenance and practically indestructible? You’re in the right place, because succulent arrangements are the perfect plant for beginners.

Gorgeously unique succulents, cacti, and air plants require water only once a week and can last for nearly 10 years when cared for properly. Small but mighty, varieties of succulent plants like echeveria offer a subtle charm as decorative home decor on bookshelves, windowsills, desktops and countertops.

If you need a little green in your life or you’re searching for a unique gift that’s sure to deliver a monthly smile, check out our roundup of amazing succulent subscription boxes and say aloe to your new thriving collection of succulents.

What are the best succulent subscription boxes?


Succulents of the Month

From $27.00 per box
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The Succulent Source is a beloved plant shop that sends five handpicked succulents each month. With over 60 varieties available from the first box on, new plants arrive with an easy care guide and more plant care information available on the website to treat your new frond friend like a loved one. Reviewers rave about the health of the shipments from this plant subscription box.


Potted Succulent Plant

From $10.00 per box
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Begin building a succulent garden or terrarium with Succulent Lovers, a monthly box that's budget-friendly and focused on variety. Offering 3 different subscription options, choose to receive either cuttings or potted succulents that are perfect for sprucing up your home or office. Looking to try hand at plant sustainability? Choose the cuttings box from the planter. If you're brand-new to the wide world of cacti, you can opt for a DIY arrangement planter kit that includes 2 different varieties of plants.


Succulents Box

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From new succulents to old succulents, no matter how long they've been around, succulents are a great addition to any room. Start or add to your existing collection with the Succulents Box, a subscription that sends a variety of different succulents in 2-inch pots. Choose to get between 1 to 4 plants each month, and whether you're a first-timer or you have a time-tested green thumb, each month's box is sure to bring something new.


Air Plants Monthly

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Dive into the wide world of air plants, learning the lingo of expert growers each month as you amass a collection of clumps, blooming plants, and plants with pups. The Air Plants Monthly Club Box is ideal for flower and plant lovers who aren't green thumb-gifted, sending at least 4 fresh, healthy plants of moderate size in a wide array of colors and varieties. Just give them a quick soak every couple of weeks, and they'll be good to go!