The Best Smoking Accessories Subscription Boxes for Weed & CBD

For the connoisseur, finding quality smoking accessories can take a lot of work and a lot of cash. To help you on your quest for the best, we’ve curated a list of must-have monthly subscription boxes just for you!

Smoking subscription boxes deliver all the smoking supplies you need and want for your favorite pastime. Subscription services bring everything from glass pieces, rolling papers, high-quality grinders, and even snacks for late-night cravings, delivering you the ultimate smoking experience. There’s even a couple of girly stoner boxes for all you weed-lovin' ladies!

The best weed subscription boxes not only deliver essential marijuana products priced below retail value, but allow members of the daily high club to cut down on trips to the gas station to re-up on papers, quit aimlessly wandering around the head shop waiting for something to spark their interest, or eliminate analysis paralysis at the local dispensary. Curated marijuana subscription boxes deliver all your THC necessities right to the front door in discreet packaging, ensuring that your privacy is well-maintained!

_Note: Sadly, these boxes do not deliver weed to your doorstep. This is, of course, for legal reasons.


The Stoney Babe Box

From $30.00 per box
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Stoner girls unite! Ideal for hempers who are looking for cute and colorful cannabis-themed smoking accessories, the Stoney Babe Box delivers a monthly assortment of artisan-made goodies, from grinders to CBD products, flavored papers, and crystals to help you meditate and center yourself. Sourced from small, women-owned businesses and valued at at least double the price, you know you're getting a bargain!


SensiBox by Spiced UP

From $20.50 per box
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The SensiBox is like having your very own personal weed shopper. Bringing a custom touch to every curated box, choose between 2 box options, the Original or SensiLight, for an artisan-made ceramic bowl or glass piece and smoking essentials, like all-natural hemp products, grinders, vape accessories and munchies, too. Past boxes have brought the fun with exclusively-designed pieces like donut- and starfish-shaped pipes!


The Economist 3-Pack by Dank Box - Premium Rolling Papers Subscription

From $3.92 per box
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Never run out of rolling papers again when you let Dank Box deliver your necessities on autopilot! Available in 6 different subscription options, choose to get anywhere from 3 to 25 packs of lightweight, slow-burning papers each month, or opt for a gift box option, such as the Loaded n' Rollin or the personalized Stoner Bundle Gift Set, for an assortment of smoking accessories and customized art.


The Puff Pack

From $4.17 per box
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Ensuring great packaging, shipping, and quality products, take your smoking experience to the next level with The Puff Pack. Available in 2 budget-friendly subscription options, select The Economist monthly box for all-natural rolling papers, filter tips and matches, or upgrade to The Mediator to add hemp wraps, lighters and other bonus products, such as hemp wicks and party favors!


The Party Favor

From $4.00 per box
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Turn your everyday indulgence into a high-class habit with a little help from the Hippie Butler box. This monthly gift box is at your service, saving you a trip to the head shop by discreetly delivering your smoking essentials. Opt for the Party Favor for a monthly pack of top-shelf papers, matches and stickers, or join the Rollers Club for a mix of papers and wraps, rolling trays and smoking accessories, all customized to your smoking style.


Hakuna Supply

From $36.67 per box
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Whether you're doing a trial run or picking up a months-long subscription, the Hakuna Supply Stoner Box centers around a problem-free philosophy of ensuring quality and privacy to all subscribers. The first month brings a bamboo box with an engraving of your choosing, plus an assortment of rolling paper packs, hemp wick rolls, hemp wraps, and other themed goodies, all made from sustainable materials and backed by a satisfaction guarantee.


Vannah Subscription Box (Made in North America)

From $39.99 per box
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Featuring North American-made CBD topicals that have undergone independent lab testing, the Vannah box by Half Baked Bus is a CBD discovery box that celebrates both a hippie outlook and the freedoms of van life. Offering 2 different subscription sizes, get anywhere from 3 to 10 different CBD items including soaps, roll-ons and other topicals, plus fun extras!


Surprise Stoner Boxes

From $35.96 per box
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It doesn't matter if you reach for the bong, bubbler, dab rig, pipe or papers, because it all smokes the same way! What really matters is that you've got all the other goodies you need to round out your smoking experience, and one of the best cannabis subscription boxes to provide it is CloudNine's Surprise Stoner Boxes. Why's that, you ask? Because every box is packed with 14 different items -- a pipe, accessories and swag.