Best Cheap Book Subscription Boxes to Feed a Healthy Reading Habit

Budget-conscious book lovers can rejoice with some of the best monthly subscription boxes out there! Find your favorite reading nook and cozy up with a well-written book, because now it’s easier and cheaper than ever before to join a monthly book club from the comforts of your own home.

What is a cheap book subscription box?

In the words of Kacey Musgraves, “Just because it doesn’t cost a lot, that doesn’t mean it’s cheap.” These book subscription boxes are designed to be affordable while still offering high-quality stories and services. What’s included can run the gamut, from children’s books and classic literature to brand-new adult fiction and pre-loved picture books. The best part? It’s all under $30.

Depending on which one you choose, monthly book subscriptions can center around a particular genre, treat subscribers to new releases with a side of self-care, or go for the simple book-only approach, sending a read-worthy hardcover or paperback book every month.

What are the benefits of a book subscription box?

For the biggest readers among us, going to the bookstore can be fraught with temptation and unmet reading goals. Many of us already have a daunting TBR stack pilling higher and higher beside our nightstands. And with an endless flow of book recommendations, being a book lover can be expensive and downright overwhelming. Book subscription services can save avid readers from the throes of decision paralysis, and save them money, too!

So, whether you’re looking to indulge your love of books, grab an ‘easy-on-the-wallet’ gift for a fellow bibliophile, or encourage yourself to read more, the Cratejoy marketplace has a month-to-month subscription box with your name on it for under $30.


Used Books Monthly

From $8.49 per box
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With 3 different subscription options to choose from, 2 coming in at under $15, Used Books Monthly offers a great way to enjoy amazing titles for less. Make monthly reading affordable by selecting either the 1- or 2-book Envelope or the 4-book Box, then choosing your preferred genres (like mystery, romance, or nonfiction) to get randomly selected, gently used, high-quality books delivered each month.

Shipping: Ships within the United States within 10 business days from ordering.

Why Subscribers Love It: “So far, Used Books Monthly has been great! I’ve received my first box, which came very fast, and had a great selection. Three out of four of my books were brand new, which was a nice little surprise. The books I received fit my genre choices well, and I just finished reading on of them, which I liked a lot! This is a great service that id environmentally conscious and affordable. It’s also nice not knowing what you’re getting each month.” – Raegan R.


The Book Drop: Adult Readers

From $24.99 per box
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The Book Drop is a cheap book-of-the-month club that is striving to deliver the spirit of the indie bookstore in every box. Selecting a “hidden gem” from off the shelves, each monthly box delivers a celebration-worthy title that may not have been discovered otherwise. Hand-wrapped and packaged in eco-friendly shipping materials, each book selection supports small businesses.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States except for select countries between the 15th and the 21st of the month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I started a subscription in May and I have really enjoyed the selections! They have been books I have wanted to read. Love getting the author's note, receiving a bookmark as well as supporting an indie bookstore.” – Shana F.


Books & Treasures Box

From $33.08 per box
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One of the best subscription boxes for book lovers, Books & Treasures offers 2 budget-friendly monthly subscriptions. Select the Just a Book option for a book and a handmade bookmark, or select the Books & Treasures option for a book, a handmade bookmark, tea, and other bookish goodies, like stickers, pins, and candles. Choose a favorite genre or opt for a mystery box, and start growing a collection of high-quality reads.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States between the 4th and the 6th of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I am in love with this subscription!! I've gotten one monthly box and one that I purchased from the shop, and both have been wonderful. I got both of them very quickly after the shipping notification, and they were beautifully packaged. This is definitely one to subscribe to if you love interesting reads and cool, bookish items!! I love that they support small businesses as well.” – Adrienne L.


*Individual Signed Romance Book (No frills)*

From $13.95 per box
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Join the growing number of fans of the Reveal Book Box. This bestseller features autographed copies of popular romance novels, along with swag curated specifically for book lovers, including tea lights, literary adult coloring cards, sweet treats, and other bookish items. Choose to receive 1, 2, or 4 signed books in every box and get a fun subscription that delivers steamy page-turners for a great price.

Shipping: Ships within the United States within 10 business days from ordering.

Why Subscribers Love It: “This box is definitely worth the money. Great books and fun swag. I never had shipping or other issues. Definitely go with this box instead of other ones that are run by "famous" authors or are popular on Instagram. I've found that those other boxes are run by teams that are too small and inexperienced to run a business professionally. Never had that issue with Reveal!” – Sarah J.


Surprise Book Box Subscription

From $16.67 per box
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Just as the name would suggest, the JustBooksBox strives to send out good books, and nothing but good books, each and every month. They've opted to forego fillers and deliver solid stories for less. Choose one of many Little Boxes for 2 thoughtfully selected books in a range of genres, including Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Classic Nonfiction, Romance, YA books, and more. Or, opt for the Big Box for a 4-title book hookup.

Shipping: Ships within the United States on the 15th of the month each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I purchased a 6-month subscription for my grandmother, who has been quarantined alone for most of the past year. She is an avid reader and absolutely loves getting the books each month. She has read every book she's received, and has enjoyed the variety of "whodunits." From Sherlockian mysteries to more modern or futuristic novels, she's told me how good the books are. For the price, this is a great deal. I'm planning to renew the subscription once the initial 6 months runs out. Would recommend!” – Allison C.


Coloring And Classics

From $15.00 per box
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Devoting just 30 minutes a day to a calming activity can do wonders for reducing stress levels, and the affordable Coloring And Classics offers plenty of downtime options. Each month delivers a great combo of imagination, creativity, and problem-solving, sending a new hardcover book in your favorite genre, an adult coloring book, and an activity book of challenging mazes, intricate dot-to-dots, drawing how-tos, and more.

Shipping: Ships within the United States within 2 business days of order, and then on the 1st of the month for all additional orders.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I am very impressed with my coloring and classics box! The coffee is delicious, I am loving my sci fi fantasy book, and am over the moon with the lunar chronicles coloring book! This box is a great value and the company has excellent customer service!! I am now subscribed to three of their boxes: my coffee and reading club, coloring and classics, and my thrill club! Highly recommend!” – Danielle I.


A Book and a Bonus

From $12.33 per box
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Treating book lovers to a wholesome read each month, A Book and a Bonus is determined to deliver an inspirational new book in every box. Along with 1 book, unpack a magnetic bookmark and a bonus gift item, like jewelry and other small keepsakes. Perfect for fans of adult fiction novels, each box is curated specifically to bring a story that warms the heart.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States on the 7th of the month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I love this box subscription. It is just wonderful.” – Krystle A.