10 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes That Ship to Canada

Ever have a kerfuffle with yourself in the morning because you’re not finding the look you’re going for? Maybe it’s time to bring some new duds into your life. Whether you’re a jeans and T-shirt kind of of person or you're looking to step up your style game, we’ve got you covered with some of our best clothing subscription boxes.

Why consider a clothing subscription service? Not only is it simple and convenient, but subscribers are often surprised to find that they really dig items that they wouldn't have necessarily chosen for themselves. Some monthly boxes are like having a personal stylist without the hefty styling fee!

For your shopping pleasure, we've rounded up some monthly subscriptions that'll take your personal style to the next level. Every box of style listed here guarantees shipping to Canada, and offers everything from personalized style picks to jewelry and accessories. Our idea of a great clothing subscription is as unique and diverse as you are, so read on to find your perfect fit!

1. Smartass and Sass


Price: Starts at $13.95/month

What You’ll Get: Are you that special type of person who loves to put a snarky slant on things and keep it all in perspective? Smartass and Sass is right up your alley, providing sassy graphic tees and lighthearted accessories that'll help you put your thoughts front and center. Choose from 3 subscription options, including box only, T-shirt only, or tee plus box to get a mix of humorous, handpicked, and stylish goodies from artists and small businesses.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.S. on the 18th of every month

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2. Glamour Jewelry


Price: Starts at $34.00/month

What You’ll Get: When working on a new style plan, don't forget to accessorize! Glamour Jewelry is here to top off any outfit with simple and elegant jewelry. Each monthly box brings a selection of 3 trendy jewelry pieces that carry a retail value of $55+. With these finely crafted earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, indulge in accessories that range from light and airy to ornate and sparkly.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.S. within 2 days of ordering

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Price: Starts at $12.99/month

What You’ll Get: Step up your most stylish outfit by accessorizing it with the perfect final touch with WRISTBABE, a monthly box all about beautiful bracelets and wristwatches. After taking a questionnaire that will create your personalized style profile, let the professionals choose a piece that suits your tastes. Choose to get a watch, a bracelet, or both delivered directly to your doorstep each month.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. by the 4th of each month

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4. Spiffy Socks Subscription


Price: Starts at $9.92/month

What You’ll Get: Whether you're on your feet all day or kickin' it at a desk job, never underestimate the value of a high-quality sock! An easy way to maximize comfort and make your wardrobe basics work for you, the Spiffy Socks Subscription delivers socks that are twice as soft as cotton. Made exclusively from sustainable bamboo fiber, each pair is colorful, naturally antibacterial, sweat-wicking and super durable –– what more could you ask for?

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. around the 22nd of each month

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5. Scarlet Boutique


Price: Starts at $14.00 CAD/month

What You’ll Get: Offering 5 different subscription options in a price range that will work for any budget, Scarlet Lingerie is a monthly box that's ready to send sexy surprises to empower women and make them look and feel great. A Canadian-based subscription, each monthly box features new lingerie designs made from high-quality fabrics. Fill your top drawer with lace and frills in the styles and colors you like best.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from Canada on the 7th of the following month

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6. Enjoy Leggings


Price: Starts at $16.41/month

What You’ll Get: Leggings are an easy fashionable go-to today, able to be dressed up and down with ease, but we all know the truth –– not all leggings are created equal! Enjoy Leggings is a monthly subscription box that offers affordable pricing and sends nothing but high-quality leggings. Guaranteed to be made from durable material that's not see-through thin, you can add fun patterned, grab-and-go pieces to your ever-expanding collection.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 18th of every month

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7. Style & Grace Second Hand Pre-Loved Subscription Women's Clothing Box


Price: Starts at $30.00 CAD/month

What You’ll Get: Buying secondhand is a great way to shop sustainably, get high-end brands for less, and try new styles without making a big investment. That's the mission of Style & Grace, a women's clothing box that sends a collection of pre-loved clothing pieces in like-new condition. Budget-friendly and fun, simply share your size and get a selection of 5 pieces picked for you to wear and enjoy.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from Canada before the 14th of the month

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8. SpandexBox


Price: Starts at $22.99/month

What You’ll Get: Sitting pretty right at that athleisure intersection is the SpandexBox. Support a stylish, fit, and active lifestyle with a unique pair of premium leggings every month. Whether you're throwing on your favorite hoodie to run errands or a sports bra and tee to hit the gym, each box delivers bold, colorful and trendy designs in a wide variety of patterns and styles!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. in the 2nd week of the month

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9. Dressopedia


Price: Starts at $45.00/month

What You’ll Get: Dressopedia asks the all-important question, "Why pay full price when you don't have to?" Perfect for sensibly stylish women, Dressopedia has a personal stylist curate for you a selection of fashionable pieces, outfits, or outfits plus accessories from a wide range of brands. Catering to sizes from XS to 4XL, get everything from workwear basics and trendy pieces to accessories like high-quality shoes and bags.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. by the 14th of every month

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