Gift Guide for Curious Minds: STEM Subscription Boxes for Kids & Teens (2021)

STEM boxes are a fun way to introduce kids to the fascinating world of science, tech, engineering, and math! In our Cratejoy marketplace, we have a list of boxes created by STEM club enthusiasts and professionals that are catered to every type of learner, coder, builder, and crafter. Help your kids experiment learn about the different sciences from fossils to renewable energy to the solar system while introducing them to new tech. These boxes will have them exploring unique careers and new role models to look up to.

While science and math may not be every child’s strongest suit, make these subjects fun again with fun DIY projects paired with easy tutorials that you can build and craft together! Take learning to the next level with at-home robotics experiments and tools your child needs to do solo projects, build with friends, or with the entire family. Pave the way ahead for your child and their wildest dreams with this list of curated STEM boxes!

What are the best STEM subscription boxes for kids?


Club SciKidz Lab Box

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Open your child’s world to all the possible careers in STEM! The Club SciKidz Lab Box brings fun career-related science experiments to the table that will have your young explorers learning a wide range of topics and STEM careers. From climate change to space while learning about astronomers to veterinarians, each crate includes engineering projects, supplies, an activity book, inspiring scientist portfolios, micro-experiments, and fun riddles to decipher!


Creation Crate

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Challenge your tweens and teens with a subscription box that’ll teach them about the extraordinary world of technology and robotics! Creation Crate delivers age-appropriate hands-on projects that are sure to boost self-confidence through the learning of programming skills. Get access to online courses to help guide new lessons and learn unique coding (C++), circuitry, engineering, critical thinking, electronics, and more.


Superpower Academy

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Give your little STEMster a gift that will not only teach them STEM knowledge but other important life skills like leadership, courage, resilience, and empathy! With this interactive science kit from Superpower Academy, your child will get a range of activities to do, comic books, and stories that parents can read together. Past boxes included a Dr. Seuss-inspired box centered around saving trees and the importance of using our voice to speak up for ourselves.


MEL Physics — Science Experiments Subscription Box for Kids DIY Engineering Kit Learning & Education Toys for Boys and Girls STEM Projects Ages 8+

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MEL Physics is a science subscription box that includes three experiments that teach kids the underlying mechanics of science and VR technology. Curated for the 8-12-year old age range, each box dives into unique themes and topics like renewable energy, electric motors, and how to make a DIY mic and speaker. Each project comes with VR lessons, live classes, and access to the MEL mobile app with hundreds of science facts, articles, DIY kits, and news.


Black Girl MATHgic

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Increase your little one's confidence in math with a monthly box from Black Girl MATHgic. As your student progresses in school, math can be a tough subject to tackle. Gift her with a subscription service that will help your rockstar decrease her math anxiety with problem-solving lessons, fun educational items, and a profile of a woman mathematician that she can look up to. Pave the way ahead with a caring adult guide to help you maximize your box experience.


STEMist Series (8+) | Groovy Lab in a Box Monthly Subscription

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What's Included: An ingenious way to enhance problem-solving skills, get inventive and have fun, Groovy Lab in a Box is a STEM club for kids ages 8+ that will send them on monthly science expeditions through DIY hands-on experiments and activities. Themed boxes combine scientific inquiry with the engineering design process and explore a wide variety of STEM themes like circuit-building, sound, and centripetal force.

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Box of Matter

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Take your child's STEM toys to the next level with a deluxe science kit you can't find on Amazon! Box of Matter delivers a collection of prehistoric fossils, scientific tools, and research to help your child nurture their love for interesting artifacts. Get those critical thinking muscles turning with unique and authentic historic artifacts sourced from reputable collectors around the world! Perfect for older kids looking to learn about prehistoric organisms!



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Get all your DIY slime ingredients home delivered. Slime is the perfect gift for young STEMsters and preschoolers to learn more about their sensory skills and color combinations. With 3 subscription tiers, each box includes a wide variety of slime for kids (and adults) to play. Relieve some stress and dig your fingers into this monthly subscription that the kids will surely enjoy!


Beautiful Discovery Box

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What's Included: Beautiful Discovery can enchant and educate kids aged 9+, tweens, teens and even adults on the patterns found in nature. Focusing on STEAM fundamentals for visual learners, each box will help decode the mysteries of the natural world through science and math, bringing a mix of engaging and mentally stimulating coding projects, crafts, eco-games and origami that can be used to simulate stripes, spheres, spirals and more!

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STEM Discovery Boxes - STEM Science for Kids

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STEM Discovery Box by Groovy Lab in a Box will embark your child on a monthly STEM engineering design challenge that will put them to the test. Each box is tailored to a different theme and includes a subject-specific lab notebook and materials to conduct investigations and experiments. Learn new problem-solving skills with 3 projects designed to keep curious kids ages 7-12 entertained.


Messy Play Kits monthly subscription

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Some of the best memories a child could have is getting their hands messy and dirty! Messy Play Kits encourages kids to use their senses with themed science projects that will have them molding, squishing, fizzing, and melting their different projects. Melt a snowman, make slime, erupt volcanoes, and hatch dinosaur eggs together with this educational STEAM box made for kids ages 3-8 years old.



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Make coding fun with a special box dedicated to teaching kids this complex but equally entertaining skill set. Each box guides kids ages 6-12 through the various steps in coding video games, simulations, greeting cards, and more! Build their confidence with this one-of-a-kind subscription service and watch their coding projects come to life on your mobile device!


Green Kid Crafts STEAM Box

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Answer their science questions by nurturing their creative sides with a subscription from Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box! Get your child learning about the fascinating world of science early on with hands-on craft projects they will love digging their hands into. Curated by a scientist-mom, each box includes 4-6 STEAM projects that will nurture the curious minds of young scientists and math wizzes that are both educational and imaginative. Choose your subscription tiers from two age groups and learn about the human body, nature, and the solar system together!